Thursday, 17 August 2017

The realpolitik between Muslims & the Labour party

The British electoral system of first past the post constituencies has been well exploited by Labour Muslim MPs. The system rewards geographic concentration of votes in small areas. Thus UKIP polled over 4 million votes in one General Election and got one MP because their votes were spread evenly over the whole country. I am not sure how many Muslim MPs there are now but is certainly many more than one.

Muslim's have been encouraged by their Imans and culture to live in densely packed ghetto like groups centred around their mosques. Labour know this and pander to the Muslim vote because it punches above its electoral weight. Hence Muslim organisations have a magnified influence in the Labour party.

That is why Sarah Champion had to go. She spoke the plain unvarnished truth and risked losing over 10 Labour seats where Muslim exploitation of young white girls had rightly given rise to criminal convictions. Corbyn is a much more effective campaigner than May. He could scarcely be less effective. He knows where his core vote is and looks after it unlike butterfingers May and the man from Mars, Nick Timothy.

The Labour vote no longer comes from the British working man but from a series of special interest groups that Labour assiduously cultivates, LGBT, Council House tenants eg  Grenfell Tower victims, benefit claimants of various sorts etc. Jezza Corbyn and his Momentum troops assiduously look after these groups which tend to be geographically concentrated but not as clearly as the Muslims.. He has put together a formidable alliance of such groups that the Tories will find difficult to defeat. It is a huge tribute to BoJo that he triumphed over this alliance twice in London. On the other side Labour won in K &C the wealthiest part of  London because of these special interest groups

Its the same effect in Northern Ireland were there are no Labour MPs just Unionist and Sinn Fein because of the constituency system.

Much has been made of the concessions the DUP have extracted from May for their support. The same will happen for the Grenfell Tower victims although a number were clearly illegal immigrants and a number of the flats were illegally sublet.

If the Tories want to win next time they have to be much better than they were last time at looking after their supporters otherwise Jezza wil be in No10.

In real politik its bums on Green leather that count.

Here is Tory Boy Pierce's take on things. What he describes is the way Farage ran UKIP where if you were not a sycophant you were trashed. I can't have any sympathy for Ms Champion. She and other Labour MPs behaved very badly to the UKIP MEP who tried to raise the Rotherham Pakistani problem some years ago.


Stephen Harness said...

In truth Jane Collins was foolhardy to deliver her conference speech as she did. I was there and thought straight away I thought hope you have proof. The gamble failed as she did not become the Rotherham MP. The game Labour are playing will not last forever before they are rumbled. Any decent prospective PM would have destroyed Corbyn in the last GE but May failed to deliver any blows and failed to attend the televised hustings after calling the election. That said Labour are a as loyal a political party as can be found and rally the troops when it matters. Trump finds it difficult to blame both sides but Corbyn makes an art form of it. It will not last.

Eric Edmond said...

I agree Mr Harness. I don't know Jane Collins she was after my time in UKIP. A lot of UKIP's MEP candidates at that time were not very good. Farage had got rid of most of the decent ones.

Stephen Harness said...

I had better not give my opinion of UKIP on the North Bank of the Humber. In our patch of North East Lincolnshire, we reached a zenith of nine councillors. The UKIP councillor bereft north bank of the Humber never once asked us how we had achieved this. Of course they were jealous and always knew better than us, split our branch and kicked us into oblivion and the MEPs failed to uphold behaviour becoming of the position.

Eric Edmond said...

Exactly the same down here. We got 3 County Councillors elected then the Faragistas were shipped in and the old committee shipped out. Next time zilch elected.

Stephen Harness said...

Eric it is a touch worse. This area has lost nearly every working man job opportunities. Fishing, factories etc. Then renewables arrived in the guise of off-shore wind turbines. Not my favorite way of making electricity but hey..
UKIP opposed renewables but I stood up in the council chamber and supported the industry because it offered jobs to the area. Yes I received a loud response of laughter and jeers. I did point out that we had two oil refineries that they would close but would support the renewables. I did such a good job that the next time we were ambushed on the subject I repeated the medicine and even the Labour leader asked why we were debating the issue. Farage rolls into town to support the Grimsby candidate and declared an opposition to the renewable industry. Stupid. Take that away and we are a third world town.