Sunday, 3 September 2017

Brexit will benefit the poor

One of the inconvenient facts ignored by HMG in 1972/73 when Heath dragged us into the Common Market supported by the votes of the bien pensants like Shirley Williams and Roy Jenkins later the very well paid head of the EU commission was the forecast that the cost of food would rocket as we lost cheap supplies from the Commonwealth and had to buy expensive European food. I well remember how difficult my friends mothers from our poor part of Edinburgh found it to feed their families in the years 73-76. The poor have to spend proportionately more of their income on food to stay alive than the claret quaffing Jenkins or the great dynastic socialist Williams.

This was no scaremongering. I give the RPI index percentage increase for the years 72 to 76  which clearly shows the effect of Common Market entry on the cost of living.


The cost of living measured correctly by the RPI almost doubled in years following the tabling of the Common Market entry Bill. It set off an inflationary spiral leading eventually to the collapse of the Callaghan government and Thatcher becoming PM.

(Note for Paddy Ashdown these are official government figures and therefore fact not LibDem dodgy forecasts)

We will see the reverse when we leave the EU as noted in today's Sunday Telegraph in a piece by Edward Malnick sourced from a Labour leave group of economists and therefore opinion Paddy It is entitled:

Poorest families could save £36 per week after leaving EU

The £36 is for the lowest decile. The second lowest decile, 60% of the median  would gain£44 per week. Now these are estimates but I doubt they will be far out.

The piece adds , "Unskilled immigrants settle in poor communities which therefore carry  a disproportionate  cost in public services as well as suffering from a fall in wages" None of these affect fat Tom or fat Di both of whom look well fed and sleek. True socialists do not care about the poor up North where they never go. Out of sight out of mind as they say in North London.

The EU has exacerbated the huge North South social divided in our country which will eventually fracture our country apart but in Islington no one cares.

Brexit will be very good for the poor if its given a chance and not strangled at birth by the bien pensants who think only of themselves.


Stephen Harness said...

Government refused to do a cost/benefit study of EU membership for the UK. True it would have been bias and perhaps Prof. Tim Congdon produced a biased one to flatter the argument to leave. My mind returns to a speech by Peter Shore in a 1975 Oxford Union Common Market referendum debate. He pointed out the balance of payment trend after only two years of membership. As he said or pleaded "the whole thing is an absurdity". Peter Shore did warn about food and agriculture. Whenever I weaken on my desire to leave the EU, it is this speech and Tony Benn five tests for a democracy that restores my passion. Yes two socialists.

Eric Edmond said...

I remember listening to both Shore and Benn in the HoC. At one time Shore was seen as the next leader of Labour instead they ended up with Callaghan coming thru the middle like the Maybot. Never ends well.

Stephen Harness said...

May says she will fight the next general election. Pity she did not fight the last one.

Steve said...

The most ardent support to LEAVE the EU came from Leftists, old school socialists of the Labour party in the 1970's.

Particularly Tony Benn (cause leader?), but Dennis Skinner, Peter Shore as mentioned, Barbara Castle, and Ian Mikado. These where among the people who bought in the Race Relations Act of 1976 - Remainiac morons are still accusing Leave voters of being xenophobes and racists.

You would think - wouldn't you? - that if something like this is printed in the Leftists daily bible, they would take pause for thought? Very clearly not - like all of money, finance and fiscal responsibility, perhaps it needs explaining to them in 'Janet and John' terms.