Thursday, 26 October 2017

The EU hold all the cards but who gave them the cards?

One of the ultimate bien pensants, one Matthew Taylor CEO of the RSA was the latest of a long line of luminaries to opine the EU held all the cards in our Brexit negotiation and we should accept this. as a fact .He did so uninterrupted on the Cockburn woman's Daily Politics today. Brexit speakers are interrupted incessantly by Cockburn who is the most irritating woman currently on TV.

II am not so sure we do not have a few cards, around 12 bn Euros in fact. If Taylor is correct then we must ask the question how did the EU obtain all these good cards. Only one place they could have got them from is the FCO who gave them these cards with or often without HMG instructions. There was certainly no binding vote. It was not even discussed in parliament.

There was a parliamentary discussion in 72/73 when Heath assured us that joining the EEC did not mean we lost any part of our sovereignty. This was a complete lie. We accepted that the ECJ would have the ultimate say in ruling our country! Heath gave the EEC the complete pack of cards including the Jokers, the ECJ judges..

The next time I can remember a debate was during the Maastricht treaty debate which gave away another chunk of our country to the EU with the mild mannered John Major describing those who opposed him as complete bastards. Thank goodness there are still a few of these Maastricht rebels left in Parliament.

Our parliamentarians have now developed a great love of proper parliamentary procedure. They have put down almost 400 amendments to try sabotage us leaving the EU. Here are a list of the traitors and their so called improvements to the EU withdrawal bill. Its a long tedious list drawn up by people who just love the sound of their own voices..

Where were they, all these people when powers were being taken away from the British people? Too busy filling in their expense claims I bet!

Do not think the selection of Jared O'Mara was a procedural error. It is very typical of how parly candidates are selected in all parties ie by a small in group off less than half a dozen. That is why we have a lick spittle parliament of  largely third raters. There are a few good ones but as in the old Victorian song a very, very few. I suggest open primaries for all parties. That produced Dr Woolaston, not my cup of tea, too full of her own importance as a GP. Married as I am to a NHS consultant I know where the real done in the NHS, care delivered  and  long hours worked. Still Dr W is not a party apparatchik.


Stephen Harness said...

The good news is that we have had a referendum and won. This seemed impossible several years ago and Farage deserves credit for leading the battle to secure a referendum.
The general election has made the task of actually leaving much more difficult. Corbyn has his name all over the amendments and he, and his party, see an opening to No. 10 even if it means everlasting EU membership.
Jacob Rees-Mogg continues to do speak intelligently on the situation. There is light at the end of the tunnel. I think.

Stephen Harness said...

Barry Sheerman MP for Huddersfield stated on Daily Politics today "Better educated people voted for Remain" in the EU Referendum. How patronising can politicians get?

Eric Edmond said...

Barry Sheerman was at LSE in the early sixties, a hotbed of left wing political activism

L fairfax said...

Are you saying it is the consultants that provide care and the GPs are not so important? I don't work in the NHS so am interested in hearing such views.