Tuesday, 16 January 2018

No more money for the French

T' May's lets be nice to the EU tactics are clearly not working. May has already given up far r to much of our money and interests to the EU. The EU have pocketed this largess and are now back, like Oliver Twist, asking for more. All very rational Why give a sucker  like May an even break?

One hour uninterrupted  Soubry this lunch time. Cockburn only interrupts Leavers. Soubry and other Remainers are never interrupted.

Starmer, the DPP who failed to prosecute rapist  taxi diver Worboys for most of his alleged offences is using  very duplicitous  tactics to try and keep us in the EU.

The EU are just lapping up what Grieve and his Tory chums are saying. They are making things as horrible as possible for Mrs May and they are supposed to be on her side. Barnier does not have to do anything!

The French are trying to blackmail us, demanding payment for their immigrant problems. Is that not an EU problem? I do hope May remembers what happened to John Major  when he gave up half our rebate fora promise to reform the CAP. Another broken French promise.

Play hardball Mrs May just like the EU or you will be shafted. Don't give the French any more money.


Stephen Harness said...

Was it not Blair that gave away our rebate on an empty promise. Major gave away a great deal by signing Maasthrict.

Niall Warry said...

You beat me to it!

Eric Edmond said...

You may be right but I remember Brown giving a big speech on how it was the poorer EU countries who were paying for our rebate.I can't remember if he was Chancellor or PM at the time.

Stephen Harness said...

I am sure you are right. Blair gave away a third of the rebate in return for CAP reform and EU enlargement was an issue.
On the Channel 4 'The World's Busiest Waterway' before Xmas we saw how the present system at Calais was making immigration more difficult and how a UK entrepreneur had opened a secure lorry park offering searches before the vehicles approached the port. Somebody always profits from misery.
The UK does have a certain responsibility following the wars in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya followed by the Syria disaster. Blair and Cameron displaying stupidity.
The EU immigration policy is also to blame and Merkel as well.
I am sure Macron would love to see the UK take all the migrants in exchange for a better Brexit deal. I have some sympathy for this outcome, if I were French. I am not and somehow, May must resist a Mode 4 immigration for Brexit deal.