Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Why were chemical nerve agents used in the UK at this time?

The Russians have seen how easily the EU has bullied us and how weak our response has been. Putin is a bully and bullies like to kick people when they are down.. The problem is we just lie down and allow Barnier, Juncker and now the arch bully Selmayr to kick us. Selmayr's grandfather was one of Hitler's generals, sentenced to 15 years for war crimes in 1950 and mysteriously pardoned. Why?

This is  the price we are paying for Soubry and her ilk undermining T May, the weak and wobbly one. Putin has chosen to attack the EU at is weakest spot. Are we in the EU? Well we are certainly not out of it and if Soubry and Hammond have their way we will never leave the EU and will continue to be Putin's softest target.

Putin is a very good chess player and clearly sees us as the weak spot in the NATO defence of Western Europe so that is   why we are being attacked. I have played chess against enough Russians to know how they think. Putin's tactics are spot on for Russia to further its aims and his people will be right behind him. You cannot say that about our weak and divided nation. To achieve national unity we  need to leave the EU on 30th March next year. Asking for a 'transition'period as May has done is a huge strategic mistake showing our weakness and internal divisions . Putin the chess player sees this all too clearly. Our BBC led political elite are  blind to this danger and driven by their financial self interest linked to wealthy London based Russsians with children at English public schools. Kidnapping next?


Blind stoat said...

Eric, in answer to your question, here are three simple reasons:

1. because he can
2. because it is a cheap and effective way of intimidating and silencing opposition both at home and abroad.
3. because it bolsters his image in the eyes of ordinary Russians ahead of the elections.

Blind stoat said...

....and if you want the fundamental reason go back and look at the case of Kim Philby. Kim Philby should have been exposed as the traitor he was and then confined to Her Majesty's Pleasure for the remaining forty odd years of his life - either that or supplied with eight feet of rope.

Instead what did we do?

HMG sent one, Elliott, an effete, ineffectual ex-Etonian idiot if ever there was to Beirut to 'debrief' him. Whereupon Philby was promptly allowed ("invited") to defect to Moscow and live out the life of Reilly.

....and we wonder why Putin thinks he can nobble ex-KGB spooks on park benches in English cathedral cities and no one will dare smack him for being a naughty boy.......

Eric Edmond said...

Agreed Mr Stoat

Blind stoat said...

1. Cut off all diplomatic relations
2. Freeze all Russian assets
3. Impose immediate restrictions on all Russians wishing to visit the UK - i.e. minimum nine month wait for temporary visas (and that includes offspring currently at either school or university in the UK).

Yes - there will be squeals from the City / hedge funds / money laundering operations
Yes - there will be squeals from Wellington and Charterhouse.

SO WHAT??!!!

rapscallion said...

Do we actually have any real EVIDENCE that the Russians are responsible. We only have DIS May's word for it.

It seems Russia is the scapegoat de jour these days. Brexit, Trump, Italian Elections . . .

L fairfax said...

Actually we first showed that we are weak 14th Feb 1989 and the Salman Rushdie affair.

Blind stoat said...

^ Rapscallion, no, we do not have any evidence that proves Russian responsibility - nor are we ever likely to find that 'evidence' - short of Putin himself making a public confession.

And therein lies the rub.

Putin expects us to tie ourselves in knots, conducting lengthy and expensive police investigations and then conducting even lengthier and even more expensive public 'inquiries', just so m'learned friends can trouser yet more ££££ at the taxpayers' expense. And why? Because we're British and that's the normal default idiot reaction from people like Amber Rudd.

But to achieve what exactly?

Answer: nothing that we don't already know - namely that the Russians dunnit!!

So no, we do not need 'evidence'. Johnson is right. The Russians are guilty - so kick 'em out - and to hell with the consequences.

Henry IX said...

If it wasn't the Russians, who on earth would it be - and with the means to this type of attack??

What makes it so odd is that Russia is so weak (stagnant economy, old military etc) but yet seems so keen for conflict.... shame we never nuked them back in the day when we had the chance!!

Stephen Harness said...

We still have mystery surrounding the death of one of our own - Dr David Kelly in 2003.

Eric Edmond said...

Good point Mr Harness but you won't get an answer

Russian state or Russian mafia Henry? They have links but they are not the same thing.

Henry IX said...

Oh yes they are, Derick!!! One big mafia state!!