Tuesday, 10 July 2018

Its not over until the thin lady departs

Another heart warming piece from AEP in today's DT


May has over reached herself is AEP's thesis. I think its worse.May is  a German poodle viz her visit to Merkel to get her draft white paper approved by the frau Dr before she had shown it to her cabinet. Just like Chamberlain and Hitler

What price parliament negotiating an EU withdrawal? Just send Oily to Berlin to get his final draft signed off by Angela and cut out the whole UK government and all MPs of course.

We are already a vassal state Mr Mogg you just have not noticed it yet..

May is not our PM, EU legate/proconsul ruling the UK is a more accurate description of her function.

Her Chequers deal has more holes in it than a colander all placed by Oily to. slither out when he needs.

The  back page of the DT business today lists 7 big holes.

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Edward Spalton said...

Except, of course, Mr Chamberlain enjoyed rapturous public approval for bringing back " Peace in out time" from Munich. The newsreel,pictures show huge,ecstatic crowds. My father told me that one of his farmer customers said " I reckon that
for five and twenty minutes, we were on the brink of the abcess" ( He meant " abyss" of course, which was what made this very
generally held opinion stick in Dad's mind). Chamberlain was also aware that he ran the government of a democracy where
opinion was very deeply divided and with a strong Peace party. By the time Hitler occupied the rest of Czechoslovakia, a more
sober, realistic public mood had asserted itself. But, just like today, nobody was then working with benefit of hindsight.