Monday, 16 July 2018

Marr is softest political interviewer hence he is favoured by T May

I have often felt Marr is a patsy interviewer who avoids as king politicians difficult questions which look like they have been leaked to May in advance. This has been confirmed by Guido today

Since the election, May has only done Sunday interviews with Marr, completely shunning every other broadcaster…
15 July 2018 – Marr
17 June 2018 – Marr Pre-rec
4 March 2018 – Marr – Pre-rec
7 January 2018 – Marr – Pre-rec
1 October 2017 – Marr
30 April 2017 – Marr
22 January 2017 – Marr
2 October 2016 – Marr
4 September 2016 – Marr – Pre-rec
30 April 2017 – Peston
8 January 2017 – Ridge
Ridge has been in the penalty box ever since she – rightly – embarrassed May with the Trump “pussy” quote. Remember her face

The toughest, best prepared and most forensic political interviewer is of course Andrew Neil. May is clearly running scared of him and is sticking with patsy Marr, public school and Cambridge rather than Neil, Paisley Grammar and Glasgow. Neil is tough  but very fair. His talent was recognised   by Rupert Murdoch who made him editor of the prestigious Sunday Times. I quote from Wikepedia
"Neil was editor of The Sunday Times from 1983 to 1994. His hiring was controversial. It was argued that he was appointe by Rupert Murdoch over more experienced colleagues, such as Hugo Young and Brian MacArthur.[9]
Opposition to perceived public school and Oxbridge attitudes was a hallmark of Neil's Sunday Times editorship. "

May prefers public school Oxbridge  interviewers favoured by the BBC to clever, well prepared Paisley hard men. No wonder she is a pushover for the EU.

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