Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Some of Mrs May's big mistakes

There are so many to choose from. I list the first few. Major Harrogate has 3.5 months to note the ones I have missed out.

Big mistakes invariably occur right at the start of negotiations. May's first was to agree to the EU dictated timetable at the start.This comes from her wish that we should not leave the EU and if we agree to every thing they ask then when the tide of UK public opinion turns they will give us a smooth re-entry to her beloved place at the EU top table. This has always been  UK FCO's top priority. Place settings are very important to FCO types. Johnny Foreigner of course knows we rank way behind the US, China, Russia, Japan, India, Germany and France. The FCO however lives in ts own little Palmerstonian world obsessed  with its own importance but alas only the cat is left. 

So the EU was able to wind down the clock not discussing trade whilst Mrs May did her dance of the seven veils all over Europe's capitals wasting endless time and getting us absolutely nowhere. Guess what she now wants more time. What for? She won't win Strictly with Barnier as judge however long she has.

It remind me of the Congress of Vienna,1814-15. When a diplomat was   asked how its work was going he replied, in French of course. Le congress ne marche pas,  il danse. Better dancing  than Mrs May's. I hope.

Major Dundee did well in Dancing with Wolves but  Major Harrogate is just Mrs May.  with epaulettes. I hope he dances better.  Officers in Highland regiments had to get up half an hour early twice a week to practise their dancing under the eagle eye of the pipe major.The Black Watch  was renowned for its dancing. I will be sailing on a ship called the Black Watch so  I hope they put on a good show

May's second howler was of course to offer to pay the £39bn up front of any trade deal. This must come straight out of the FCO deal making for idiots manual.

Her third howler was to agree to this backstop deal without understanding what it was or asking advice from those who do understand its traps. Oily will tell Mrs May what she wants to hear but who will tell her what she needs to hear? Palmerston the cat perhaps?


Niall Warry said...

Let me comment on your three points:-

1. Mrs May or any PM, who wished to leave the EU, that respected international treaty law, and wished to keep the UK as a respectable law abiding state, had to exit the EU via Article 50 with its two year time limit. That she has wasted those two years I agree 100%

2. Whether she should have agreed to pay £39 billion I cannot say but I do know that trade deals of one product with one country costs money and so the costs of trading within the Single Market in a multitude of goods and services with 27 other countries could not be done for nothing. Remember our trade with the EU 27 is worth £270 billion a year so £39 billion represents 14%.

3. I confess to getting confused to the NI 'Backstop issue' but suffice to say if the UK leaves the EU's Single Market one does not need to be a genius to work out that problems will be created on the Eire/NI border. the Efta/EEA interim solution would have solved this problem and kept our frictionless trade with all 27 EU countries while, importantly, leaving ALL the EU's politics behind.

Anonymous said...

Major Warry I hope you are not sharing a cabin with this guy all the way to Auckland.Something tells me he does not like your views.

Niall Warry said...

Anon, give him time he'll see sense ;-)

NFYeah said...

BIIIIIIG KNOCKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!