Monday, 27 May 2013

Farage's latest Tory deal - deja vu all over again!

Back in 2010 when Farage had resigned as leader in order to come third in the Bucks seat to dwarf Bercow and almost get himself killed in a plane crash, his stooge leader Pearson produced his whizzo electoral pact plan in the South West that UKIP candidates should stand down in about 6 seats where there was an avowedly Eurosceptic Tory candidate to avoid spliting the right wing vote. Pearson was the UKIP leader who had not bothered to read his own General Election manifesto and resigned shortly after the May 2010 UKIP electoral failure to allow Nigel to return from his temporary Bucks exile. Pearson's proposals were not well received by the UKIP activists in the South West. Let us hope the Hamiltons meet the same frosty reception in 2014.

Roll on 3 years to the run up to the 2015 general election and I read in today's DT, "Farage in talks on deal with 20 Eurosceptic MPs", is the headline. As it says in Eccelesiastes the sun rises and the sun sets and there is nothing new under the sun even the one that shines out of Farage's bum on the poor saps in UKIP. Click on to read the piece now entitled, "I  can do deals with 20 Conservative MPs at next election". Why only 20 Nigel, why not the 100 who are currently feeling their majorities. That's the figure Nads mentions in her Sunday paper piece.

The DT piece also reveals that follwing his less than successful visit to Scotland Nigel has had to hire a team of bodyguards to protect himself in Westminster. How much is this costing UKIP? Nigel does not do paying but he is quoted that UKIP is mounting a fresh drive to recruit more white working class Labour voters. Are these the bodyguards referred to in the previous paragraph?

What will the deal be to support these untrustworthy Tories? What will be the payback to UKIP? There will of course be no details that the UKIP NEC will see because the deal will be between Farage and the Tories not UKIP and the Tories. Farage has long craved the warm feeling of red leather on his bum. That would allow him to maintain his lucrative position as MEP and obergruppenfurher in Brussels. Its a win win situation for Nigel.but on his own figures 20 UKIP activists will be shafted. Clearly a price worth paying as Nigel does not have to do the paying. Lord Farage of Brussels or even Waterloo only a few miles away.

The real politik is that Pearson has a valid point. In 2010 in Wells the LibDem Tessa Munt defeated the Euro sceptic Heathcote Amory by 800 votes with the UKIP candidate who in losing his deposited polled 1710 votes more than twice La Munt's majority. The same thing happened at Eastleigh where if the Tories had stood down in favour of Mrs James she would have been elected as MP with a 10000+ majority and would be headed to be UKIP leader by acclamation at the next Sept conference.

The problem is one can never trust the Tories or ex-Tory Nigel Farage. My word is my bond used to be the dictum in the City but not any more. It is a conumdrum that I can see no way out of without breaching electoral law. Cameron did his sordid deal wih Clegg not for the good of the country but to get into Downing Street. Clegg did it to get his bum into the Cabinet with his dodgy cronies like Huhne and Laws. It was for the good of the country they cry. Bollocks I say self interest rules OK in politics, always has always will. It was the same when Farage tried to tell me many Tory MPs entered parliament to serve their country. I laughed. MPs serve themselves and help themselves to as much public money as they can get without going to gaol.

Clegg signed a pledge to the students in public before the last election. After he had their votes that pledge was not worth the paper it was written on. Note how that other LibDem pledge on giving constituents the power to recall MPs who break their election promised has mysteriously disappeared from the political landscape. I wonder why?

It can't be done within our current system of  party dominated representative democracy. The only way out is the Swiss referendum way. If 10% of the electorate in a constituency demand their MP resign and contest a by-election then it happens. That would be a stiff test to pass given only 60% of the electorate bother to vote but it would provide a real discpline on our sordid MPs who get elected and thenwave two fingers at the electorate for the next 4 years.

I can hear the criticism now, its not the British way, what about the Queen etc. Well it seems to work jolly well for the Swiss who have created a great country and they don't even have a Queen. Note however our royal family are very fond of holidays in Switzerland and ask yourself why? Even Mrs T used to go on holiday there. Its nice to stay in a country that works and lacks diversity.


Mike Bridgeman said...

That is exactly why I resigned from Ukip after the 2010 fiasco.
Who wants to be in a pressure group?

Anonymous said...

It's not so much that UKIP is just a pressure group as the problwem that it claims its not! Everyone knows that UKIP would implode without the EU issue. Of course the professional politicos who are now coming to UKIP in the hope of a lucrative career would not like to see that happen. Hence UKIP's repositioning away from the EU and towards immigration as its main platform.

ALAN WOOD said...

Plenty of room for a cross-party party of independents now.

ALAN WOOD said...

UKIP has always had the EU issue at the head of its mission.
Immigration has been a major cause of UK discontent which has been highlighted by UKIP, thanks to the money of Alan Bown providing literature for the public. It will grow as the inability of UK to prevent excessive and uncontrolled immigration from the EU grows. These two subjects are mutually entangled.

The same applies to every subject area covered by EU legislation.

The problem for UKIP is that the Parliamentary MP election system favours incumbents and the two-party system, a fact recognised by the Electoral Reform Society. It is said today that UKIP will get 20% of the 2015 vote, but no seats.

It may win the 2014 European elections but this will be ignored in Brussels where the MEP's from other countries will outnumber UKIP MEP's by at least 25:1.

The principle of Democracy does not really exist in UK except at Parish Council level where virtually all Parish Councillors are almost independent of political party influence.

As the UK is strangled by the EU and its inept politicians, the EU itself will be strangled by the economic, and eventually military, muscle of Asia.

There is a lot more pain to come but the politicians and the public cannot, or will not, accept that the British Empire is deceased and the European empire is not far behind.