Saturday, 14 December 2019

BoJo vists Sedgefield to rub Tony's nose in it

It is the act of the consummate politician BoJo is to visit the scene of his great Northern victory. He visited Sedgefield first to show Tony that he, BOJO, is now top dog and Tony is history. I hope John Major andHezza also get the message that they are has-beens that no one is in the slightest interested in their carping views.

I hope he pours money into the North and leaves Islington to fend for itself. under Corbyn A bit of money spent up North will produce far greater benefit for the UK than London centred vanity projects like HS2 and will secure us afar more balanced and prosperous country.

When the Palace of Westminster is deemed no longer habitable by our political elite I hope he transfers the seat of Government to somewhere central like Harrogate. That really would unite the nation and might even please Geoffrey Boycott's mother.

Thursday, 5 December 2019

Farage does well against AF Neil tonight

Farage showed tonight what a good debater he is. He was only caught out on not knowing the call for second referendum to revokearticle50 had attracted over 5 million votes otherwise it was a very good performance.

Farage's weakness is his poor choice of people. A  Mogg was always aTory who only wanted the MEP title and salary and would jump ship when she had it. I have seen it many times before in UKIP.
It is the PBI who has been conned again into supporting a traitor. Mogg keeps her large MEP salary and expenses. Nice work if you can get it.

Friday, 29 November 2019

Waitrose's poor service

Today I  visited Waitrose in Sherborne. I waited 40 mins for a cup of  coffee which was supposed to be free with my purchase of £40 of groceries. When I complained of this wait I was told to be patient. The regulars simply shrugged their shoulders and said its always like this. I asked  for a complaints form to be told these were only  available on their web site.Given the average age of customers at that shop must be around 75 and not regular users of the web that is not a lot of use. Its just away to fob people off.

I went on their web site and this is what I found,

Buy quality groceries and wine from Waitrose & Partners. Free delivery on every online order. Over 6000 recipes and local store information.


Visit the Groceries section at Waitrose & Partners today to ...


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Shopping online

Find information regarding Shopping online at Waitrose ...

Branch Finder

Waitrose Store Locator - Check opening hours, store details ...

Sign in

Buy quality groceries and wine from Waitrose & Partners. Free ...

Waitrose Grocery Voucher ...

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  No obvious complaints  link How can elderly people navigate through this swamp.

No wonder Waitrose is not doing well. 

Wednesday, 20 November 2019

ITV do Lib Dems a favour

Swinson is an even bigger electoral liability than Corbyn. Keeping her off the TV leaders debate therefore helped did the Lib Dem's cause. Swinson of course does not see it this way but she is a very stupid woman and proves it every time she opens her mouth. her EU policy is a surefire vote loser. Keeping her off the TV debate must have boosted the LibDem vote just as former Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe not testifying at his trial got him off. It avoided awkward questions

Perhaps the Duke of York could learn that lesson as well.


Last nights leader's Q&A session showed my comments on Swinson accurate

Tuesday, 12 November 2019

Farage's duplicity

Click above to read a great piece in Conservative Woman entitled

How could Farage do this to me and 316 other willing candidates?

Those of us who knew Farage in UKIP and were knifed and smeared by him and his associates were not surprised. The leopard does not change his spots but is he any worse than all the other lying politicians?

Honesty and decency don't exist in UK politics. They never have. Oxford has its own degree, PPE, in the subject.

Monday, 11 November 2019

Farage graciously puts country before party

Farage's graciously delivered decision today to stand down Brexit  MP candidates in Tory held seats is a masterstroke. He can now trumpet his country before party credentials up and down the land. He has turned a negative into a positive put BoJo on the back foot and holed Corbyn and self selected PM elect Swinson below the water line.

He has pit Peterborough and Radnor in jeopardy for Labour and the LibDems, an excellent result.

He can now wrap himself in the Union Jack and attack as unpatriotic  Labour and the LibDems. He has done just what Corbyn and Swinson did not want and made their problems a whole lot bigger.

If he can now scupper Queen Nicola he will rival a political operator.and concentrate his forces like Napoleon.

Nothing like making a virtue out of necessity

Sunday, 10 November 2019

What is the Remain option?

Those calling for a second EU glibly  demand that Remain must be an option in the ballot paper we vote on but what is this option things have changed drastically since we voted on 23rd June 2016. The Lisbon treaty was signed 13th Dec 2007. The full effects of this treaty have not  as yet fully worked their way into UK law but between 23rd June 1916 to date a lot could have happened .

I quote some of the main points affecting the UK as given in Wikepedia

'Prominent changes included the move from unanimity to qualified majority voting in at least 45 policy areas in the Council of Ministers, a change in calculating such a majority to a new double majority, a more powerful European Parliament forming a bicameral legislature alongside the Council of Ministers under the ordinary legislative procedure, a consolidated legal personality for the EU and the creation of a long-term President of the European Council and a High Representative of the Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy. The Treaty also made the Union's bill of rights, the Charter of Fundamental Rights, legally binding. The Treaty for the first time gave member states the explicit legal right to leave the EU, and established a procedure by which to do so.
The stated aim of the treaty was to "complete the process started by the Treaty of Amsterdam [1997] and by the Treaty of Nice [2001] with a view to enhancing the efficiency and democratic legitimacy of the Union and to improving the coherence of its action".[4] Opponents of the Treaty of Lisbon, such as former Danish Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Jens-Peter Bonde, argued that it would centralize the EU,[5] and weaken democracy by "moving power away" from national electorates.[6] Supporters argue that it brings more checks and balances into the EU system, with stronger powers for the European Parliament and a new role for national parliaments'

This treaty waters down the powers  of national parliaments and increases the power of the Brussels bureaucracy.Its the same old con but it never gets called out by the BBC EU philes who get lots of our dosh from the EU. Something they like to keep quiet about. The  BBC is very hot on exposing  others conflicts  of interests but not on exposing their own. The BBC clearly needs a drastic reform and clear out

So when the elite demand remain must be kept on the table but leave with no deal removed you now know why. It all comes back to money for the elite and blame for us plebs. Please ask your EU phile MP what are we being asked to Remain in the and  how much do they receive from the EU directly or indirectly?