Saturday, 8 September 2018

Theresa the delayer. Oily the obfuscator

The establishment strategy to stop Brexit has not changed since 24 June 2016 and has been dictated by the EU.

First get a remainer PM anointed and thus ensure a remainer dominated UK cabinet. Mobilise the pro EU majority in the media, academe, big business, HoC& HoL to dominate TV  radio, twitter etc

The delay, obfuscate and waste time until there is no negotiating time left and we have to take what the EU dishes out, ie nothing, whilst the EU useful idiots drone on about the disaster that will befall us if we leave on WTO terms which the remoaners call a cliff edge that 92% of world trade uses. That is the big lie. Under WTO rules we win, the EU loses.

Wednesday, 5 September 2018

The disingenuous Mrs May

Mrs May's statement on the Salisbury Russian poisoners was to say the least well  and uncritically received by the Westminster press corps an all to common response.She reiterated the dodgy Cressida Dick shut down line that the suspects used aliases end of story. That is unbelievable. Numerous good CCTV pictures of the two suspects were shown. Every Western intelligence agency keeps a large dossier of photos of every other agencies operatives. It is inconceivable MI6 does not have photos of all known GRU operatives.Would the GRU use clean skins for such an operation. Unlikely I would say given the photos show the suspects aged around 40 so given it takes 20 years to recruit and train spooks. They must be on MI6 files.

No it won't wash Mrs May. Name these people and stop being economical with the truth. What other truths are you hiding from us Mrs May ?

Monday, 3 September 2018

Its elite rulers versus the plebian ruled not Brexiters vs Remainers that divides our country.

Its the same as at the end of the Roman republic plebs vs patricians or during the French revolution aristos versus the sans culottes. What is really driving our political elite is that the plebs in June2015 did not vote the way their political leaders instructed them to so its class war, bien pensants versus workers and not before time.

The French church around 1790 and the aristos enjoyed huge tax breaks. We have the BBC and the political elite doing the same today with their salaries paid into basically tax tax shelters whilst the plebs, on PAYE have no such breaks. As in 1790 France this leaves the plebs to shoulder an unfair proportion of the tax burden.

Have you ever seen a poor politician?

Then there are all the nice little earners they get from their the financial influence their elected position gives them to say nothing of hosting lucrative corporate events on the Westminster terrace on the bank of the Thames. A very nice perk for the political elite that can be, and is, easily  hidden from the tax man.

That is why the elite are fighting so hard to discredit Brexit , the love of money pure and simple.

Wednesday, 29 August 2018

How politicians views change so quickly

My near neighbour Paddy Ashdown and all Lib Dems are dab hands at screeching policy U turns. Paddy's views changed by 180 degrees on a second referendum in leess than 24 hours. This must be something of a record even for a LibDem..

This sort of behaviour is sadly all too typical of our so called political elite.and we are going to see a lot more of this behaviour. as depicted in this clip. Goodness knows what will happen as our leaving date looms closer and the Remainers become increasingly desperate. led by the BBC. Thank goodness I will be out of the country mid Nov to early March. I fully expect the Maybot will still to be in post for my return but her views may have done a 180 degree flip. That woman would survive the great flood.

Monday, 27 August 2018

This is how the establishment will keep us tied to the EU

About 2 years ago pre the 2016 referendum vote I debated in our village hall before a hundred villagers or so with Paddy Ashdown the pros & cons of leaving the EU. One of Paddy's dodgy killer facts was that our Civil Service gold plated  and expanded perfectly  good concise  EU rules. I  explained to Paddy that EU rules were so concise because they were so vague and left all decisions up to ECJ judges who see it as their duty to support the EU commission's  decisions.. Our tradition is to draft legislation tightly to  make our parliament and  law superior to judge law.

It is now clear that Mrs May and her controller Oily will sign up to a vague meaningless common rule book that will require frequent references to the ECJ for interpretation which will of course always favour the EU Commission's view and keep us locked into the EU but enable Mrs May to claim she is respecting the result of our referendum.These frequent references to the ECJ, will take much time in the true Mrs May pattern and of course only the ECJ will be able to rule on such matters.

How can we escape from this smothering plan? Not under this PM whose plan this of course is., We need a different PM who will implement the spirit as well as the letter of Brexit ho . Let us hope it will be cometh the hour cometh the man who can free us from the EU's web.

Friday, 24 August 2018

The love of obsessing about money is the root of all evil

I paraphrase\St Paul. Our politicos worship at the temple of Mammon which they call economic growth.Its an unchallenged article of faith..Any who demur are branded fascist racists by the bien pensants of the BBC, Guardian etc. It is economic output per capita that measures a countries wealth not GDP so beloved of the BBC.

Freedom and self determination are far more important than money. Some Roman slaves became very wealthy but they remained slaves obedient to their owners. That  will be our fate if the remainers  succeed in keeping us an EU colony.

Without freedom we have nothing. Money only gilds the prison bars.

Wednesday, 22 August 2018

The EU does not want to negotiate, domination and humiliation of the UK is their aim

Yesterday Barnier again laid out the EU will not shift or concede anything to the UK. It suits Rabb and his boss May not to hear this clear and unambiguous statement. They are again driven by domestic UK politics. Corbyn says he will negotiate a deal which will protect  UK jobs. Everyone knows this hogwash but Rabb has to pretend he is negotiating with Barnier, another fantasy so he can pretend that May's dance of the seven veils has something behind the veils. Another smoke and mirrors job. .The woman May is an empty barrel we need to discard as soon as possible to save what is left of our country.

We have to see things as they are not what May's propaganda machine wants us to believe. There are only two possible outcomes to this rerun Greek tragedy We either submit to the EU's will and become a vassal state or we leave on March 29th under WTO rules and resume our place in the world as an independent country with a permanent seat on the UN security council. This should be put clearly to the British people by our political elite, freedom or bondage to a Franco Prussian ruling class. Napoleon and Hitler both failed in this ambition to enslave us but I fear may and Oily may succeed.

Remember the words of Rule Britannia which will be sung by the Remain dominated audience at the last night of the proms this autumn.

Its a political power struggle but, we the British, people currently don't have a dog in the fight. We have to get one very soon.