Saturday, 15 December 2018

French Polynesia

Sat, 15th Dec. Hellish hot. Glad you areall freezing back in the UK. Justwhen I think Brexit cannot get worse it does

Private Edmond

Monday, 26 November 2018


Just visited slave quarters here. I have put my name down for one

Saturday, 17 November 2018

This is as bad as slavery

Written from MacDs in Funchal

I look forward to Major Major's revised plan

He and his Harrogate friends never realised they were in a war. They know now.

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Relative death rates of Empire countries in WWI

I just switched on TV to see a  memorial service from Glasgow cathedral. The commentator said 135000 Scottish soldiers had been killed in WWI  I guess the population of Scotland was around 4 million in 1914 so the death rate was 3% of the total population. The ANZAC death rate was even higher. The NI rate was roughly the same as Scotland's

I would be grateful if Major Harrogate could supply the comparative figures for English regiments by region if possible.

Wednesday, 7 November 2018

Some of Mrs May's big mistakes

There are so many to choose from. I list the first few. Major Harrogate has 3.5 months to note the ones I have missed out.

Big mistakes invariably occur right at the start of negotiations. May's first was to agree to the EU dictated timetable at the start.This comes from her wish that we should not leave the EU and if we agree to every thing they ask then when the tide of UK public opinion turns they will give us a smooth re-entry to her beloved place at the EU top table. This has always been  UK FCO's top priority. Place settings are very important to FCO types. Johnny Foreigner of course knows we rank way behind the US, China, Russia, Japan, India, Germany and France. The FCO however lives in ts own little Palmerstonian world obsessed  with its own importance but alas only the cat is left. 

So the EU was able to wind down the clock not discussing trade whilst Mrs May did her dance of the seven veils all over Europe's capitals wasting endless time and getting us absolutely nowhere. Guess what she now wants more time. What for? She won't win Strictly with Barnier as judge however long she has.

It remind me of the Congress of Vienna,1814-15. When a diplomat was   asked how its work was going he replied, in French of course. Le congress ne marche pas,  il danse. Better dancing  than Mrs May's. I hope.

Major Dundee did well in Dancing with Wolves but  Major Harrogate is just Mrs May.  with epaulettes. I hope he dances better.  Officers in Highland regiments had to get up half an hour early twice a week to practise their dancing under the eagle eye of the pipe major.The Black Watch  was renowned for its dancing. I will be sailing on a ship called the Black Watch so  I hope they put on a good show

May's second howler was of course to offer to pay the £39bn up front of any trade deal. This must come straight out of the FCO deal making for idiots manual.

Her third howler was to agree to this backstop deal without understanding what it was or asking advice from those who do understand its traps. Oily will tell Mrs May what she wants to hear but who will tell her what she needs to hear? Palmerston the cat perhaps?

Monday, 5 November 2018

Think Mrs May how Hitler came to power post 1918

I write as my wife goes off on a trip round WWI battlefields. For why I do not know. It was an avoidable  war our military political elite got us into. Ask how many politicians or Generals lost their lives in that conflict? Precious few compared to the million plus dead British squaddies and junior officers..

There was never a peace treaty signed. The German army was not a defeated force. The ordinary German soldiers felt they had been betrayed by their political and military leadership. Sound familiar? It does to me.

Post 1918 a German leader arose and harnessed the feelings of betrayal of the ordinary German people. He was helped by a French political desire to punish the evil Germans.. If you  replace the word Germans by Brits 2018 feels like a rerun of  1918.

An out of touch bullying Franco Prussian political class is not new. Hollywood made a great film about it in 1957, Paths of Glory,The story is summarised below

During World War I, commanding officer General Broulard (Adolphe Menjou) orders his subordinate, General Mireau (George Macready), to attack a German trench position, offering a promotion as an incentive. Though the mission is foolhardy to the point of suicide, Mireau commands his own subordinate, Colonel Dax (Kirk Douglas), to plan the attack. When it ends in disaster, General Mireau demands the court-martial of three random soldiers in order to save face.

It was a great anti war film and so critical  of the French military  elite it was banned from being shown in France for 25 years.The French have not changed as Barnier displays today..


Monday, 29 October 2018

Why are the elite having problems accepting the results of the June 2016 referendum?

This is the question the redoubtable  Gisela Stuart posed.If you go on will find the following list of our referendum results since 1973 as listed  by the electoral commission.

I quote below from this report

Previous referendums in the UK

  • 8 March 1973: Northern Ireland  – Northern Ireland sovereignty referendum on whether Northern Ireland should remain part of the United Kingdom or join the Republic of Ireland (yes to remaining part of the UK)
  • 5 June 1975: UK – Membership of the European Community referendum on whether the UK should stay in the European Community (yes)
  • 1 March 1979: Scotland – Scottish devolution referendum on whether there should be a Scottish Assembly (40 per cent of the electorate had to vote yes in the referendum, although a small majority voted yes this was short of the 40 per cent threshold required to enact devolution)
  • 1 March 1979: Wales – Welsh devolution referendum on whether there should be a Welsh Assembly (no)
  • 11 September 1997: Scotland – Scottish devolution referendums on whether there should be a Scottish Parliament and whether the Scottish Parliament should have tax varying powers (both referendums received a yes vote)
  • 18 September 1997: Wales – Welsh devolution referendum on whether there should be a National Assembly for Wales (yes)
  • 7 May 1998: London – Greater London Authority referendum on whether there should be a Mayor of London and Greater London Authority (yes)
  • 22 May 1998: Northern Ireland – Northern Ireland Belfast Agreement referendum on the Good Friday Agreement (yes)
  • 3 March 2011: Wales - Welsh devolution referendum on whether the National Assembly for Wales should gain the power to legislate on a wider range of matters (yes)
  • 5 May 2011: UK – referendum on whether to change the voting system for electing MPs to the House of Commons from first past the post to the alternative vote (no, first past the post will continue to be used to elect MPs to the House of Commons)
  • 18 September 2014: Scotland – referendum on whether Scotland should become an independent country (no, the electorate voted 55 per cent to 45 per cent in favour of Scotland remaining within the UK.
The 1975 one came shortly after Parliament had voted us in and was anyway well and truely fixed by Harold Wilson so we stayed in . Cameron never had Wilson's brains and  his pathetic attempts to fix the 2016 referendum failed abysmally followed by his ignominious retreat.. What would his fellow Old  Etonian Wellington have made of his cack handed Bullingdon club effort?

 More interesting  and still relevant to us today is how Heath got the second reading of the ECA
taking us into the Common Market.

On 17 February 1972, the House of Commons voted narrowly by 309-301 in favour of the Bill at its second reading, after three days of intense debate.

Now that was a narrow result! but there were no calls then for a peoples vote. Heath had repeatedly dismissed such referendum calls in the run up to 17th Feb vote..

Michael Crick tweeted on 25th Oct

If the Government only gets Withdrawal Deal through Commons with some Labour votes and abstentions, there’s a nice twist. Heath Govt only got 2nd reading vote on Oct 1971 of act to join EEC with 69 Lab votes & 29 Lab abstentions

May is obviously trying to repeat Heath''s trick. Heath was helped by crypto metropolitan elite LibDems Jenkins and Williams  while May now has Chuka and his chums also of the London elite. 

So why no previous referendum problems? Other than the London mayor vote which clearly benefited the London elite's bank balances the other votes were in  places the elite had no financial interest in, Wales, NI and Scotland

The 1972 Hansard division list is below

The House divided: Ayes 309, Noes 301.

Division No. 59.]AYES[10.0 p.m.
Adley, RobertDixon, Piers,Howe, Hn. Sir Geoffrey (Reigate)
Alison, Michael (Barkston Ash)Dodds-Parker, DouglasHowell, David (Guildford)
Allason, James (Hemel Hempstead)Douglas-Home, Rt. Hn. Sir AlecHowell, Ralph (Norfolk, N.)
Amery, Rt. Hn. JulianDrayson, G. B.Hunt, John
Archer, Jeffrey (Louth)du Cann, Rt. Hn. EdwardIremonger, T. L.
Astor, JohnDykes, HughIrvine, Bryant Godman (Rye)
Atkins, HumphreyEden, Sir JohnJames, David
Awdry, DanielEdwards, Nicholas (Pembroke)Jenkin, Patrick (Woodford)
Baker, Kenneth (St. Marylebone)Elliot, Capt. Walter (Carshalton)Jessel, Toby
Baker, W. H. K. (Banff)Elliott, R. W. (N'c'tle-upon-Tyne, N.)Johnson Smith, G. (E. Grinstead)
Balniel, Rt. Hn. LordEmery, PeterJohnston, Russell (Inverness)
Barber, Rt. Hn. AnthonyFarr, JohnJones, Arthur (Northants, S.)
Batsford, BrianFenner, Mrs. PeggyJopling, Michael
Beamish, Col. Sir TuftonFidler, MichaelJoseph, Rt. Hn. Sir Keith
Bennett, Sir Frederic (Torquay)Finsberg, Geoffrey (Hampstead)Kaberry, Sir Donald
Bennett, Dr. Reginald (Gosport)Fisher, Nigel (Surbiton)Kellett-Bowman, Mrs. Elaine
Benyon, W.Fletcher-Cooke, CharlesKershaw, Anthony
Berry, Hn. AnthonyFookes, Miss JanetKimball, Marcus
Biggs-Davison, JohnFortescue, TimKing, Evelyn (Dorset, S.)
Blaker, PeterFoster, Sir JohnKing, Tom (Bridgwater)
Boardman, Tom (Leicester, S.W.)Fowler, NormanKinsey, J. R.
Boscawen, RobertFox, MarcusKirk, Peter
Bossom, Sir CliveFry, PeterKitson, Timothy
Bowden, AndrewGalbraith, Hn. T. G.Knight, Mrs. Jill
Boyd-Carpenter, Rt. Hn. JohnGardner, EdwardKnox, David
Braine, Sir BernardGibson-Watt, DavidLambton, Lord
Bray, RonaldGilmour, Ian (Norfolk, C.)Lane, David
Brewis, JohnGilmour, Sir John (Fife, E.)Langford-Holt, Sir John
Brinton, Sir TattonGlyn, Dr. AlanLegge-Bourke, Sir Harry
Brocklebank-Fowler, ChristopherGodber, Rt. Hn. J. B.Le Marchant, Spencer
Brown, Sir Edward (Bath)Goodhart, PhilipLewis, Kenneth (Rutland)
Bruce-Gardyne, J.Goodhew, VictorLloyd, Rt. Hn. Geoffrey (Sut 'nC' dfield)
Bryan, PaulGorst, JohnLloyd, Ian (P'tsm'th, Langstone)
Buchanan-Smith, Alick (Angus, N&M)Gower, RaymondLongden, Sir Gilbert
Buck, AntonyGrant, Anthony (Harrow, C.)Loveridge, John
Bullus, Sir EricGray, HamishLuce, R. N.
Burden, F. A.Green, AlanMcAdden, Sir Stephen
Butler, Adam (Bosworth)Grieve, PercyMacArthur, Ian
Campbell, Rt. Hn. G. (Moray & Nairn)Griffiths, Eldon (Bury St. Edmunds)McCrindle, R. A.
Carlisle, MarkGrimond, Rt. Hn. J.McLaren, Martin
Carr, Rt. Hn. RobertGrylls, MichaelMaclean, Sir Fitzroy
Cary, Sir RobertGummer, J. SelwynMcMaster, Stanley
Channon, PaulGurden, HaroldMacmillan, Rt. Hn. Maurice (Farnham)
Chapman, SydneyHall, Miss Joan (Keighley)McNair-Wilson, Michael
Chataway, Rt. Hn. ChristopherHall, John (Wycombe)McNair-Wilson, Patrick (New Forest)
Chichester-Clark, R.Hall-Davis, A. G. F.Maddan, Martin
Churchill, W. S.Hamilton, Michael (Salisbury)Madel, David
Clark, William (Surrey, E.)Hannam, John (Exeter)Marples, Rt. Hn. Ernest
Clarke, Kenneth (Rushcliffe)Harrison, Brian (Maldon)Mather, Carol
Clegg, WalterHarrison, Col. Sir Harwood (Eye)Maudling, Rt. Hn. Reginald
Cockeram, EricHaselhurst, AlanMawby, Ray
Cooke, RobertHastings, StephenMaxwell-Hyslop, R. J.
Coombs, DerekHavers, MichaelMeyer, Sir Anthony
Cooper, A. E.Hawkins, PaulMills, Peter (Torrington)
Cordle, JohnHay, JohnMills, Stratton (Belfast, N.)
Corfield, Rt. Hn. FrederickHayhoe, BarneyMiscampbell, Norman
Cormack, PatrickHeath, Rt. Hn. EdwardMitchell, Lt-Col. C. (Aberdeenshire, W.)
Costain, A. P.Heseltine, MichaelMitchell, David (Basingstoke)
Critchley, JulianHicks, RobertMoney, Ernie
Crouch, DavidHiggins, Terence L.Monks, Mrs. Connie
Crowder, F. P.Hiley, JosephMonro, Hector
Curran, CharlesHill, John E. B. (Norfolk, S.)Montgomery, Fergus
Dalkeith, Earl ofHill, James (Southampton, Test)More, Jasper
Davies, Rt. Hn. John (Knutsford)Holland, PhilipMorgan, Geraint (Denbigh)
d'Avigdor-Goldsmid, Sir HenryHolt, Miss MaryMorgan-Giles, Rear-Adm.
d'Avigdor-Goldsmid, Maj. -Gen. JamesMorrison, Charles
Dean, PaulHordern, PeterMurton, Oscar
Deedes, Rt. Hn. W. F.Hornby, RichardNeave, Airey
Digby, Simon WingfieldHornsby-Smith, Rt. Hn. Dame PatriciaNoble, Rt. Hn. Michael
Normanton, TomRossi, Hugh (Hornsey)Thomas, John Stradling (Monmouth)
Noll, JohnRost, PeterThomas, Rt. Hn. Peter (Hendon, S.)
Onslow, CranleyRoyle, AnthonyThompson, Sir Richard (Croydon, S.)
Oppenheim, Mrs. SallySt. John-Stevas, NormanThorpe, Rt. Hn. Jeremy
Orr, Capt. L. P. S.Sandys, Rt. Hn. D.Tilney, John
Osborn, JohnScott, NicholasTrafford, Dr. Anthony
Owen, Idris (Stockport, N)Scott-Hopkins, JamesTrew, Peter
Page, Graham (Crosby)Sharpies, RichardTugendhat, Christopher
Page, John (Harrow, W.)Shaw, Michael (Sc'b'gh & Whitby)van Straubenzee, W. R.
Hardoe, JohnShelton, William (Clapham)Vaughan, Dr. Gerard
Parkinson, CecilSimeons, CharlesVickers, Dame Joan
Peel, JohnSinclair, Sir GeorgeWaddington, David
Percival, IanSkeet, T. H. H.Walder, David (Clitheroe)
Peyton, Rt. Hn. JohnSmith, Dudley (W'wick & L'mington)Walker, Rt. Hn. Peter (Worcester)
Pike, Miss MervynSoref, HaroldWall, Patrick
Pink, R. BonnerSpeed, KeithWalters, Dennis
Pounder, RadonSpence, JohnWard, Dame Irene
Price, David (Eastleigh)Sproat, IainWarren, Kenneth
Prior, Rt. Hn. J. M. L.Stainton, KeithWells, John (Maidstone)
Proudfoot, WilfredStanbrook, IvorWhite, Roger (Gravesend)
Pym, Rt. Hn. FrancisSteel, DavidWhitelaw, Rt. Hn. William
Ouennell, Miss J. M.Stewart-Smith, Geoffrey (Belper)Wiggin, Jerry
Raison, TimothyStodart, Anthony (Edinburgh, W.)Wilkinson, John
Ramsden, Rt. Hn. JamesStoddart-Scott, Col. Sir M.Winterton, Nicholas
Rawlinson, Rt. Hn. Sir PeterStokes, JohnWolrige-Gordon, Patrick
Redmond, RobertStuttaford, Dr. TomWood, Rt. Hn. Richard
Reed, Laurance (Bolton, E.)Sutcliffe, JohnWoodhouse, Hn. Christopher
Rees, Peter (Dover)Woodnutt, Mark
Rees-Davies, W. R.Tapsell, Peter
Renton, Rt. Hn Sir DavidTaylor, Sir Charles (Eastbourne)Worsley, Marcus
Rhys Williams, Sir BrandonTaylor, Edward M. (G'gow, Cathcart)Wylie, Rt. Hn. N. R.
Ridley, Hn. NicholasTaylor, Frank (Moss Side)Younger, Hn. George
Ridsdale, JulianTaylor, Robert (Croydon, N.W.)
Rippon, Rt. Hn. GeoffreyTELLERS FOR THE AYES:
Roberts, Michael (Cardiff, N.)Tebbit, NormanMr. Reginald Eyre and Mr. Bernard Weatherill.
Roberts, Wyn (Conway)Temple, John M.
Rodgers, Sir John (Sevenoaks)Thatcher, Rt. Hn. Mrs. Margaret

Abse, LeoCohen, StanleyFitch. Alan (Wigan)
Albu, AustenConcannon, J. D.Fitt, Gerard (Belfast, W.)
Allaun, Frank (Salford, E.)Conlan, BernardFletcher, Raymond (Ilkeston)
Allen, ScholefieldCox, Thomas (Wandsworth, C.)Fletcher. Ted (Darlington)
Archer, Peter (Rowley Regis)Crawshaw, RichardFoley, Maurice
Armstrong, ErnestCronin, JohnFoot, Michael
Ashley, JackCrosland, Rt. Hn. AnthonyFord, Ben
Ashton, JoeCunningham, G. (Islington, S.W.)Forrester, John
Atkinson, NormanCunningham, Dr. J. A. (Whitehaven)Fraser, John (Norwood)
Bagier, Gordon A. T.Dalyell, TamFreeson, Reginald
Barnett, Guy (Greenwich)Darling, Rt. Hn. GeorgeGalpern, Sir Myer
Barnett, Joel (Heywood and Royton)Davidson, ArthurGarrett, W. E.
Baxter, WilliamDavies, Denzil (Llanelly)Gilbert, Dr. John
Beaney, AlanDavies, G. Elfed (Rhondda, E.)Ginsburg, David (Dewsbury)
Bell, RonaldDavies, Ifor (Gower)Golding, John
Benn, Rt. Hn. Anthony WedgwoodDavies, S. O. (Merthyr Tydvil)Gordon Walker, Rt. Hn. P. C.
Bennett, James (Glasgow, Bridgeton)Davis, Clinton (Hackney, C.)Gourlay, Harry
Bidwell, SydneyDavis, Terry (Bromsgrove)Grant, George (Morpeth)
Biffen, JohnDeakins, EricGrant, John D. (Islington, E.)
Bishop, E. Freitas, Rt. Hn. Sir GeoffreyGriffiths, Eddie (Brightside)
Blenkinsop, ArthurDelargy, H. J.Griffiths, Will (Exchange)
Boardman, H. (Leigh)Dell, Rt. Hn. EdmundHamilton, James (Bothwell)
Body, RichardDempsey, JamesHamilton, William (Fife, W.)
Booth, AlbertDevlin, Miss BernadetteHamling, William
Bottomley, Rt. Hn. ArthurDoig, PeterHannan, William (G'gow, Maryhill)
Boyden, James (Bishop Auckland)Dormand, J. D.Hardy, Peter
Bradley, TomDouglas, Dick (Stirlingshire, E.)Harper, Joseph
Broughton, Sir AlfredDouglas-Mann, BruceHarrison, Walter (Wakefield)
Brown, Bob (N'c'tle-upon-Tyne, W.)Driberg, TomHart, Rt. Hn. Judith
Brown, Hugh D. (G'gow, Provan)Duffy, A. E. P.Hattersley, Roy
Brown, Ronald (Shoreditch & F'bury)Dunn, James A.Healey, Rt. Hn. Denis
Buchan, NormanDunnett, JackHeffer, Eric S.
Buchanan, Richard (G'gow, Sp'burn)Eadie, AlexHilton, W. S.
Butler, Mrs. Joyce (Wood Green)Edelman, MauriceHooson, Emlyn
Callaghan, Rt. Hn. JamesEdwards. Robert (Bilston)Horam, John
Campbell, I. (Dunbartonshire, W.)Edwards, William (Merioneth)Houghton, Rt. Hn. Douglas
Cant, R. B.Ellis, TomHowell, Denis (Small Heath)
Carmichael, NeilEnglish, MichaelHuckfield, Leslie
Carter, Ray (Birmingh'm, Northfield)Evans, FredHughes, Rt Hn. Cledwyn (Anglesey)
Carter-Jones, Lewis (Eccles)Ewing, HenryHughes, Mark (Durham)
Castle, Rt. Hn. BarbaraFaulds, AndrewHughes, Robert (Aberdeen, N.)
Clark, David (Colne Valley)Fell, AnthonyHughes, Roy (Newport)
Cocks, Michael (Bristol, S.)Fernyhough. Rt. Hn. E.Hunter, Adam
Fisher, Mrs. Doris (B'ham, Lady wood)Hutchison, Michael Clark
Irvine, Rt. Hn. Sir Arthur (Edge Hill)Mellish, Rt. Hn. RobertRoss, Rt. Hn. William (Kilmarnock)
Janner, GrevilleMendelson, JohnSandelson, Neville
Jay, Rt. Hn. DouglasMikardo, IanSheldon, Robert (Ashton-under-Lyne)
Jeger, Mrs. LenaMillan, BruceShore, Rt. Hn. Peter (Stepney)
Jenkins, Hugh (Putney)Miller, Dr. M. S.Short, Rt. Hn. Edward (N'c'tle-u-Tyne)
Jenkins, Rt. Hn. Roy (Stechford)Milne, EdwardShort, Mrs. Renée (W'hampton, N.E.)
Jennings, J. C. (Burton)Mitchell, R. C. (S'hampton, Itchen)Silkin, Rt. Hn. John (Deptford)
John, BrynmorMoate, RogerSilkin, Hn. S. C. (Dulwich)
Johnson, James (K'ston-on-Hull, W.)Molloy, WilliamSillars, James
Johnson, Walter (Derby, S.)Molyneaux, JamesSilverman, Julius
Jones, Barry (Flint, E.)Morgan, Elystan (Cardiganshire)Skinner, Dennis
Jones, Dan (Burnley)Morris, Alfred (Wythenshawe)Small, William
Jones, Rt. Hn. Sir Elwyn (W.Ham, S.)Morris, Charles R. (Openshaw)Smith, John (Lanarkshire, N.)
Jones, Gwynoro (Carmarthen)Morris, Rt. Hn. John (Aberavon)Spearing, Nigel
Jones, T. Alec (Rhondda, W.)Moyle, RolandSpriggs, Leslie
Judd, FrankMudd, DavidStallard, A. W.
Kaufman, GeraldMulley, Rt. Hn. FrederickStewart, Donald (Western Isles)
Kelley, RichardMurray, Ronald KingStewart, Rt. Hn. Michael (Fulham)
Kerr, RussellNabarro, Sir GeraldStoddart, David (Swindon)
Kinnock, NellOakes, GordonStonehouse, Rt. Hn. John
Lambie, DavidOgden, EricStrang, Gavin
Lamond, JamesO'Halloran, MichaelStrauss, Rt. Hn. G. R.
Latham, ArthurO'Malley. BrianSummerskill, Hn. Dr. Shirley
Leadbitter, TedOram, BertSwain, Thomas
Lee, Rt. Hn. FrederickOrbach, MauriceTaverne, Dick
Leonard, DickOrme, StanleyThomas, Rt. Hn. George(Cardiff, W.)
Lestor, Miss JoanOswald, ThomasThomas, Jeffrey (Abertillery)
Lever, Rt. Hn. HaroldOwen, Dr. David (Plymouth, Sutton)Thomson, Rt. Hn. G. (Dundee, E.)
Lewis, Arthur (W. Ham, N.)Padley, WalterTinn, James
Lewis, Ron (Carlisle)Paget, R. T.Tomney, Frank
Lipton, MarcusPaisley, Rev. IanTorney, Tom
Lomas, KennethPalmer, ArthurTuck, Raphael
Loughlin, CharlesPannell, Rt. Hn. CharlesTurton, Rt. Hn. Sir Robin
Lyon, Alexander W. (York)Parker, John (Dagenham)Urwin, T. W.
Lyons, Edward (Bradford, E.)Parry, Robert (Liverpool, Exchange)Varley, Eric G.
Mabon, Dr. J. DicksonPavitt, LaurieWainwright, Edwin
McBride, NeilPeart, Rt. Hn. FredWalden, Brian (B'm'ham, All Saints)
McCann, JohnPendry, TomWalker, Harold (Doncaster)
McCartney, HughPentland, NormanWalker-Smith, Rt. Hn. Sir Derek
McElhone, FrankPerry, Ernest G.Wallace, George
McGuire, MichaelPowell, Rt. Hn. J. EnochWatkins, David
Mackenzie, GregorPrentice, Rt. Hn. Reg.Weitzman, David
Mackle, JohnPrescott, JohnWells, William (Walsall, N.)
Mackintosh, John P.Price, J. T. (Westhoughton)White, James (Glasgow, Pollok)
Maclennan, RobertPrice, William (Rugby)Whitehead, Phillip
McManus, FrankProbert, ArthurWhitlock, William
McMillan, Tom (Glasgow, C.)Rankin, JohnWilley, Rt. Hn. Frederick
McNamara, J. KevinReed, D. (Sedgefield)Williams, Alan (Swansea, W.)
Maginnis, John E.Rees, Merlyn (Leeds, S.)Williams, Mrs. Shirley (Hitchin)
Mahon, Simon (Bootle)Rhodes, GeoffreyWilliams, W. T. (Warrington)
Mallalieu, J. P. W. (Huddersfield, E.)Richard, IvorWilson, Alexander (Hamilton)
Marks, KennethRoberts, Albert (Normanton)Wilson, Rt. Hn. Harold (Huyton)
Marquand, DavidRoberts, Rt. Hn. Goronwy (Caernarvon)Wilson, William (Coventry, S.)
Marsden, F.Robertson, John (Paisley)Woof, Robert
Marshall, Dr. EdmundRoderick, Caerwyn E.(Br'c'n & R'dnor)
Marten, NeilRodgers, William (Stockton-on-Tees)TELLERS FOR THE NOES:
Mason, Rt. Hn. RoyRoper, JohnMr. Donald Coleman and Mr. James Wellbeloved.
Meacher, MichaelRose, Paul B.

Bill accordingly read a Second time