Friday, 16 March 2018

How did this lethal nerve agent get to Salisbury ?

The closest place this chemical could have come from is HMG's Porton Down research establishment, 6 miles from Salisbury which and known to hold stocks of the stuff used to try and develop an antidote. I do hope plod have examined the records of stock in, out and used and the movements and records of all the staff who had access to this agent.

Has Mrs May asked this question? If not why not?

Then we have the front page story in today's DT that the agent was planted in the daughter's luggage before she left Moscow. This is easily the most likely explanation but who planted it in the luggage, at Moscow the Russian state or the Russian Mafia? The DT claims that a gift, an item of clothing or cosmetics  could  have been contaminated with this agent. The item would have to have been touched by the daughter or the father or both. These substances generally need skin contact to work but is then easily spread by fingers hence the contamination of the cafe chairs and table and the unfortunate DS. The package must have been opened to work but the only two people who can shed any light on this are unconscious and may not recover.

The aspect of this scenario that worries me most  and I am sure worries Mrs May most is if the luggage containing this stuff had opened in the UK airport terminal there would have been mass slaughter. I think of the rigmarole of going thru airport security taking off your belt shoes etc all rendered useless by the simple expedient of planting a small amount of odourless powder in a suitcase. Sniffer dogs detect drugs but can they detect nerve agents or like canaries in mines die in the line of duty.

I am quite sure airport security will be tightened after but how effective will it be? Mainly cosmetic is my view. We will never know who planted the agent. Again the terrorist are one step ahead and we are fighting the last war ie terrorists blowing up airliners. These nerve agents could shut destroy a whole airport but don't worry Jezza will negotiate whilst Rome burns.

Wednesday, 14 March 2018

Why were chemical nerve agents used in the UK at this time?

The Russians have seen how easily the EU has bullied us and how weak our response has been. Putin is a bully and bullies like to kick people when they are down.. The problem is we just lie down and allow Barnier, Juncker and now the arch bully Selmayr to kick us. Selmayr's grandfather was one of Hitler's generals, sentenced to 15 years for war crimes in 1950 and mysteriously pardoned. Why?

This is  the price we are paying for Soubry and her ilk undermining T May, the weak and wobbly one. Putin has chosen to attack the EU at is weakest spot. Are we in the EU? Well we are certainly not out of it and if Soubry and Hammond have their way we will never leave the EU and will continue to be Putin's softest target.

Putin is a very good chess player and clearly sees us as the weak spot in the NATO defence of Western Europe so that is   why we are being attacked. I have played chess against enough Russians to know how they think. Putin's tactics are spot on for Russia to further its aims and his people will be right behind him. You cannot say that about our weak and divided nation. To achieve national unity we  need to leave the EU on 30th March next year. Asking for a 'transition'period as May has done is a huge strategic mistake showing our weakness and internal divisions . Putin the chess player sees this all too clearly. Our BBC led political elite are  blind to this danger and driven by their financial self interest linked to wealthy London based Russsians with children at English public schools. Kidnapping next?

Monday, 12 March 2018

May is a weak and silly woman

Today May made a statement in the HoC saying it was likely Putin/Russia was behind the Salisbury nerve agent attack  . She produced no evidence to support her assertion other than this chemical is made in Russia. Putin's rebuttal came from his expert who pointed out this stuff was made in around 10 other countries. This may or may not be true but it certainly shows May as ill informed. Worse May managed to make Corbyn look  statesmanlike something that was unthinkable a year ago.

I listened to Farage's LBC  phone in on this topic this evening. The clear view as NF pointed out was that no one now believed anything the UK political elite said on the topic. This shows how successful Soubry and her chums have been in undermining the Brexit negotiating position and credibility of our government. They are probably congratulating themselves on their great political victory but its like the boy who cried wolf.  We will need at some point to trust and back our political leaders but when faith in the leadership has been eroded it is impossible  to get it back and will suffer and have to pay the price. for Soubry's selfish and self indulgent behaviour since Cameron sacked her. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned

Sunday, 11 March 2018

Lib Dem Cable plays racist and ageist cards

The Lib Dems wallow in the gutter of  racism and ageism in their pathetic attempts to get votes   by misrepresenting the views of ordinary decent people expressed in our Referendum vote last June. Click above to read the BBC report of the geriatric Cable's crude  attempts to make political capital out of these two disgusting isms which are not  true.

The Lib Dems are such slimy  hypocrites. The ordinary decent people of the UK of all ages are not racist but to further their unscrupulous pursuit of votes at any price the Lib Dems are trying to portray them as such. Worse, for the same reason, they are trying to set young against old. People of my generation voted in the Referendum  not for selfish reasons but to try and make it a better country for our children. To suggest otherwise is a despicable calumny on a whole generation who rebuilt our country after WWII.

Friday, 9 March 2018

Putin explains real politik to our useless political elite

I admit to some amusement about how easily Putin ties HMG in knots. The huff and puff performance of  the hopeless  Amber Rudd woman  makes our country a laughing stock. Putin is laughing at her. He knows she is powerless in this matter so she should shut up and stop proving what an idiot she is.

The alleged attack in Salisbury was a criminal offence and therefore if it ever came to a UK trial would be subject to a beyond reasonable doubt standard of proof. A  Rudd has to recognise this or waste yet more public money on a losing cause to enrich lawyers

Chairman Mao said political power grows out of the barrel of a gun something Putin is once more pointing out to our bien pensant Guardianistas who dominate our media from their perch in cloud cuckoo land.

At the same time our former DPP, Keir Hardy Starmer is conspiring with a foreign power, the EU, to undermine our democratic its EU negotiations. I was brought up in a Scottish Labour household. The original Keir Hardy was a patriotic Scottish Labour MP. Sir Starmer is not. He has gone North London native and shows how far Labour has moved from its original roots and values.

Tuesday, 6 March 2018

Thank goodness for the DUP

The DUP have as the current buzzword is, clarity. The difference between them and the other politicians is they really want clarity. The others are a bit like St Augustine wanting chastity but not yet.. The DUP is our best chance of getting a proper Brexit. They can and will hold May's feet to the fire. They do not do fudge. They are the hard men and women we need at this time. We have plenty of useless FCO public schoolboys. Time to get in the hard men.

The EU negotiating aims are quite clear. They cannot give us any sort of deal worth having as their other vassal states will want the same. Mrs May doing her dance of the seven veils on the head of a pin is a useless waste of time and unlikely to win Strictly in the next 100 years. Take Yanis's advice,. do not try and negotiate with the EU and end up shafted like the|Greeks.

Just tell the EU we will go to WTO rules next March and start immediately putting our procedures in place to do so. Its so simple.

Its a political battle. Get our priorities right and forget about the many economic red herrings that our political swallow whole. It would also help to have a PM who believes in our cause and will listen to the ordinary people.

Saturday, 3 March 2018

More weasel words and fudge from Mrs May aka Lady Heywood

It is clear May's speech was written by Sir Jeremy and Sir Olly to look after their EU corporate friends pocket books.  There are two types of ministers, those that run their departments and those that are run  by their department. Mrs May is firmly in the latter group.

Mrs May's big weakness is that she wants to be liked and does not want to upset anyone. PMs do not have to be liked, they must however be respected and feared by their civil servants and ministers. Mrs May is neither. MrsThatcher was both. Mrs Thatcher was a great PM.Mrs May is a waste of space.

Her worst cave is like Heath selling out or fisherman.Here is May's weasel words on this subject

We are also leaving the Common Fisheries Policy.
The UK will regain control over our domestic fisheries management rules and access to our waters.
But as part of our economic partnership we will want to continue to work together to manage shared stocks in a sustainable way and to agree reciprocal access to waters and a fairer allocation of fishing opportunities for the UK fishing industry.
And we will also want to ensure open markets for each other’s products.

You can read the entire surrender document by clicking the link below