Saturday 14 December 2019

BoJo vists Sedgefield to rub Tony's nose in it

It is the act of the consummate politician BoJo is to visit the scene of his great Northern victory. He visited Sedgefield first to show Tony that he, BOJO, is now top dog and Tony is history. I hope John Major andHezza also get the message that they are has-beens that no one is in the slightest interested in their carping views.

I hope he pours money into the North and leaves Islington to fend for itself. under Corbyn A bit of money spent up North will produce far greater benefit for the UK than London centred vanity projects like HS2 and will secure us afar more balanced and prosperous country.

When the Palace of Westminster is deemed no longer habitable by our political elite I hope he transfers the seat of Government to somewhere central like Harrogate. That really would unite the nation and might even please Geoffrey Boycott's mother.

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