Friday, 31 January 2014

Godders hits back at Farage's attack on ordinary UKIP members


to read this riposte to Farage. Its a good piece. I am warming to Godders since his split from Farage:

Godfrey Bloom warns Ukip could be turning into an imitation of the Tory party

Farage is riding for a fall. Click on link to call Clegg to see how the Lib Dems are profiting from Farage's stupidity.

The relevant call is about 10 minutes into the tape. Clegg was able to brush off a UKIP supporter by simply refering him to Farage's denouncing of the 2010 manifesto and decent honest hard working UKIP members.

The FT has pointed out that many of UKIP's candidates have previous as UKIP  political bum lickers something the fruit cakes will not do. Click below to read:

Oh Mr Farage your on the hoof errors are catching up with you! Pity the poor UKIP footsoldiers who will pay the price. It will be 1914 all over again with Nigel stariing as General Hogmanay Melchett. Memo to Nigel, it was Baldrick who got his bum on the red leather.


ALAN WOOD said...

Now that he has enjoyed a good life as an MEP at the expense of voters and UKIP activists, and with little prospect of re-election, he starts chucking the sods.

He was always an educated, clever, but lazy, MEP who did nothing to unseat Farage and put something better in its place whilst he was collecting the dosh.

He is as guilty as the rest of the ex-UKIP activists, myself included, who failed to set up a better anti-EU party long ago.

Now we have the scenario where Farage's UKIP is on the verge of a shudderingly good European election victory which will give 95 Tory MP's and not a few others the "willies".

I will hold my nose and vote for UKIP until something better comes along.

Eric Edmond said...


Sorry I lost your comment re Carney. Please repost it.

Whenever I tick your posts and Alan's for publication the blog software seems to lose one.

I have listened to several central bank bosses in my time, Eddie, King, Duisenberg, Trichet and Greenspan. Carney will regret getting involved in Scotland especialy as word is he carries an Irish passport.

Eric Edmond said...


I will do the same. Its the lesser of two weevils.

Greg_L-W. said...


I am surprised that either you or Alan are happy to vote for evil.

It is the very complacency of those who vote against others that leads to the level of dross we have elected to office in Britain.

Why not act responsibly and withdraw your mandate from such low grade4 people?

DO TURN UP TO VOTE but may I suggest you do NOT spoil your ballot paper by voting for the non entities on offer but make a positive statement and write clearly on it:

Your positive statement will be read by the returning officer, the tellers, the candidates and their agents - whereas a vote for any of the dross will just be counted & then ignored.

When sufficient people have the integrity to withold their vote it will be increasingly noticeable and do not forget the figures of those witholding their mandate are announced by the returning officer.

DO NOT let the likes of Farage, Wise, Bannerman, Andreasen, Nuttall, Holms etc get in by default!


M said...

Hi Eric,
the post is there thanks.

On this subject I had a giggle when my wife returned home from a Dorothy House fundraiser and brought me 2 fruit cakes!