Friday, 28 February 2014

UKIP conference kicks off with its usual cock up.

UKIP can never be accused of original thinking. Look at BNP election poster below circa 2010


Then look at UKIP's 2015 poster unveiled by Farage today at the Torquay conference

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If you can't beat them copy them springs to mind.  UKIP never do their homework! They are a bunch of hopeless amateurs.

It all reminds me of their last Bannerman written manifesto which was a rehash of the last 20 years of Tory manifestoes. Last time it was Godders biffing Crick with a UKIP document. This time its Crick being kept away from Hamilton. Deja vu all over again.


ALAN WOOD said...

The BBC ran him through over that little gaff.
And what was top "pot" Neil Hamilton doing calling the bureaucratic "kettles" black.
And did Farage really mean he would step down if UKIP did not get an MP in 2015 ?
5 more years in Brussels would be a nice consolation prize !

Greg_L-W. said...


so Farage has promised to stand down when his party fails to get MPS in 2015 - stand down as what? MEP? Leader? UKIP Central controller? Leader of UKIP in the EU? Leader of the vile racist EFD Group HE set up & runs? Step down as a UKIP member?

If he were to step down would it be as dishonest as the last time he put the puppet Lord Pearson in place?

Would he step down for such a short period?

That said what would happen to UKIP without the clique and the claque Farage controls?

Would UKIP survive or would the odious clique and claque he has built around him ALL reinvent themselves?

After all they are only there because Farage appointed them & pulls their strings!


Anonymous said...

Love Paedos