Wednesday, 3 December 2008

NEC 1st December

On Monday, 1st Dec, the UKIP NEC met at the Farmer's club without me or David Abbott. We believe we had been illegally voted off at the 3rd Nov meeting. We both left in disgust at Farage's brazen admission that he had set up Martin Haslam with a journalist from the Independent to entrap him. Neither of us saw Farage as a fit and proper person to be judging our behaviour given his admission re Martin Haslam.

The UKIP constitution requires the NEC to be people of good standing in the party. Does Derek Clarke MEP, allegedly under investigation by OLAF fit this description? Does Michael Zuckerman who accused John West and me of having Tourette's syndrome fit this description? We neither of us have this mental condition. It was a grotesque slander on both of us and worse deeply insulting to those unfortunate people who through no fault of their own suffer from this condition.

The charges against me were fabricated by David Bannerman, an EU employee, aided by Douglas Denny whose petulant attitudes to non-admirers of Farage can be read by all on the threads of Democracy Forum. Charges against David Abbott were trumped up at less than 36 hours notice by Rachel Oxley. Both Bannerman, Denny and Oxley were prosecutor, judge and jury in their own cases against us. What hope did we, or indeed does any UKIP member have, of receiving a fair hearing at the hands of these people. British traditions built up over hundreds of years of impartial justice and fair play obviously mean nothing to Bannerman, Denny and Oxley.

Who voted for Nuttall to be chairman? When I asked this question at the Nov 3rd NEC no one put their hand up. What authority does he have then to chair any sort of hearing? None.

Why was the UKIP press notice announcing David had been expelled from the NEC tacked on the end of a UKIP press notice mentioning the BNP? Obviously so readers would link the two which it seems they have done.

Just as Blair justified new draconian security measures in the name of fighting terrorism so will fictitious BNP infiltration be invoked by Farage to justify him, via his nominee Nuttall, acquiring powers to summarily expel any member who disagrees with him or even annoys him just as the police used Blair's new security laws to silence an 80 year old heckler at the Labour conference. Both David and I as elected representatives would have opposed these measures nodded through on 1st Dec but democracy is now suppressed in UKIP with greater ruthlessness than even the EU or new Labour use.

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