Monday, 1 December 2008

NEC 3rd November

I notice those coward's who hide behind 'the common man' nom de plume have again published libellous lies about me. Mr Mottram was a member of UKIP when he appeared at the 3rd Nov NEC. My attitude to him at that meeting was exactly the same as it had been for every other member who appeared in front of the NEC when I was on it. I tried to give all members a fair hearing and listen politely to their submissions. I do not believe in hysterical shouting down of ordinary UKIP members as practised by other members of the NEC.

I never said 'Lets hear the deal' once let alone twice. That is a lie.

The Common Man's blog of 3rd Nov, the day of the NEC links me to the BNP. This is a smear on my name and a lie. I have never been a member of the BNP or supported the BNP in any way whatsover. If the Common Man or Woman would like to put their name to their lies about me I will sue them for libel and I will expose their lies in open court for all to see what they are.

I challenge them to put their names to their lies.