Sunday, 8 February 2009

Swindon Meeting 7th Feb

Driving conditions were dreadful getting to Swindon and deep frozen snow made the car park very difficult. There were 63 attendees which given the weather I felt was a decent attendance. Mainly UKIP but a fair few former UKIP members.

The location, the Swindon GWR railway museum was excellent. Its well worth a visit, Mr Bannerman. Well done Bruce for finding it

A diverse range of views were expressed both from all sides of the UKIP debate in a very civilised and proper manner. This cast considerable light on UKIP issues from different strands of opinion.

John Petley made an excellent speech on the UKIP Brussels operation from the inside. Del Young gave a rousing appeal for democracy and integrity and how we should always put our country before any narrow party interest. Bruce Lawson gave a brilliant set of his personal manifesto proposals. Robin Page gave an entertaining and accurate account of his MEP non-selection process. Martin Haslam detailed how he was set up with a journalist from the Independent.

Unfortunately the Last King of Swindon, Bob FM, did not attend. A pity, he could have taken down some genuine witness statements and questioned the witnesses himself. I thought that's what good police work was all about?

The meeting finished promptly to give people a chance to get home in part in day light.


Greg L-W. said...


congratulations - when you consider one EU Election launch - aimed at being the main launch - or so it was 'puffed' - at ??? St. Mary had 12 attendees.

The next attempt had 28 and the EUkip regional organiser ended up being reported to the police for common assault of which there are witness statements already lodged. This was the famous meeting where the foul mouthed Ms. Rowe, a protigee of Farage's held forth.

Then there was the next attempt to which Titford as a key speaker didn't attend, Farage and other self seekers did and I understand that 40-50 attended of whom many were speakers and staff, this was held in Peterborough and I am told by the ordaniser was hard work and a bit of a disapointment - 20,000 leaflets were delivered and although it was scheduled to run from 10 or 10.30 till 15.00hrs they cut it to 13.00hrs to 17.00hrs. and of the few public who attended I gather 7 were BNP.

Farage does seem to have overly regular association with the BNP but since his father who was as far as I can ascertain a Lt. in the TA and a professional gambler (stockbroker!!) that he was I am told National Front member or supporter explains much about Farage's insecurity and behaviour.

Such a shame because there is no doubt he could have achieved so much as a showman and platform speaker for UKIP had they been able to find a leader - he managed mainly on his abilities to grow UKIP to 30,000 members.

Clearly he lacks any leadership qualities and the collapse has been inevitable as he has in fear gathered around him the weak, the inadequate, failures the dishonest and the beholden - this he shines like a plugged Nickel on a dung heap!

Hardly surprising that the hapless Angela McManus despite her local connections (schools, kids etc.)and local issues managed to get trounced getting 33 votes yet the BNP obtained well over 800 - a portent of things to come for EUkip I fear.

EUkip led by Farage has been a catastrophy - as predicted.

The Swindon meeting achieved almost exactly as I expected, when you consider the advertising was so poor that the local Faragista Fan Club barker hadn't even heard of it one knows where the weakness was IN THE ORGANISING. Again sadly as predicted.

I had expected between 100 & 140 but to quote Monty Python 'No one expects The Spanish Inquisition' and the National broadcasts were endlessly famine, plague oh and bad weather too!

Hardly surprising that the expectations were cut in half.

Yes it was possible as proven by Lawson who managed to get there from his mountain Principality (woops NO Wales is no longer a Principality it is now a Mickey Mouse region of the EU with delusions of grandure as its politicians give praise to control of the rubber stamp as the new religion!). Kingscott managed to arrive from 'up the junction' in his signal box in Long Eaton.

Del arrived from his local railway platform and escaped the tanoy for a day at Hinkley. The Wests managed from Suffolk joining with The Barton Peasant from the round up in the flat lands.

Even the good Doctor slid in from some of the worste snow and ice storms for a generation in his Southern fastness.

A delegation even managed to make it all the way from Canada (granted they live in Lewes) representing a large body of opinion.

So it was possible to get there but the weather was bloody awfull and one can understand only 50% turning up.

It was interesting to note how similar were many of the views to mine as a dedicated and some may claim relentless supporter of UKIP.

It is so sad to see UKIP destroyed by the corrupt the dishonest, the self seekers and the ignorant who worship the collapse as EUkip and like Satanism which worships the fall of an excellent idea they work with venom and bellow the belt methods of dishonesty and personalised abuse to achieve the destruction rallying to the tune of a mallevollent performing monkey as The Faragista Fan Club.

We heard all too clearly of the aims of EUkip and those who have seized control on the NEC from the last honest and decent member Del Young the rest being without exception, liars, cheats, bullies, idiots and corrupt YES without exception.

We then heard from John Petley the similarity of gross abuse and irresponsibilty that is in the EU.

Clearly in view of the opinions voiced and the outcome there is absolutely no morality in campaigning for the corruption of UKIP that is EUkip and therefore

Since there is clearly no political party of repute, advocating or campaigning for withdrawal of these United Kingdoms from the EU and restoration of our independent sovereign, democracy, with Justice & the right to self determination in a free country.

Deny the self seeking & meaningless wanabe MEPs the Mythical Mandate for which they clamour.

Diktat is imposed from The EU but Law should be made at Westminster, for our Country & our Peoples.

Write Upon Your Ballot Paper:


Greg L-W.

JoshONyons said...

Why have you edited the attendees numbers from 63 to 45 ? thats a big difference. So what was the reason...

Bob Feal-martinez said...

My source tends to suggest the figure was actual 39/40 if you take out the speakers.

Not having seen the original total, I am not in a position to comment.

More importantly weren't we once again told this was a harmonisation of anti EU groups but only UKIP ex pats were there. Seems exactly the same con as the Western SM Meeting.

Sorry Eric I couldn't make it as it happens I watched an awful rugby match. Perhaps that's why no one was there.

Eric Edmond said...

I counted at the start 45, Peter Cole counted 63 at lunch time

JoshONyons said...

So why did you edit the Blog ? lol

Greg L-W. said...


as a dedicated supporter of UKIP over very many years may I congratulate Dr. Eric Edmond on correcting the figure he had guessed at based on the start of the meeting.

I have been informed of figures from the low of 59 to a high of 69 but I believe, based apparently, on those who actually signed in that the figure was 63.

May I also congratulate the dedicated UKIP supporters who organised the meeting for getting as many of the people who attended, from all spectrum in the discussion, onto the platform to give their viewpoint and opinions, factual data and personal experiences.

I totally reject the style of the liars and the bemused who have formed The Faragista Fan Club and have adopted the methods of intimidating members, smearing their names, false witness, distortion, using extortion and bully boy tactics which they have advanced from the BNP to the fascist centralisation of power of their new so called Constitutional changes.

Many will not have noticed the new changes will set up a company @ to members of £5,000+vat presumably in to an 'executive' pocket (the price of setting up UK Renewal was under £150!).

Presumably in the hope that EUkip can dodge its liabilities! We know they are that dishonest read their own reports!

Further the new fascist style powers are based upon lies and seek power to out any who do not worship at the Faragista alter.

That the ill informed, naive and downright dishonest can be relied upon to vote in these changes + however many fiddles are required to present a majority is not in question Farage and his cronies have presided after a whole series of dishonest and corrupt votes - Proven beyond ANY doubt.

You will note the powers permit Farage, through his funded puppets, to remove ANY member based on false witness complaint - 'extra audi alteram partem' without consideration of the other corner stone of Justice 'nemo judex in causa sua'.

Clearly the scum has risen to the top in Farage's party - leaving honest, decent and betrayed UKIP members increasingly aware that Farage and his clique are usefull idiots for the EU and in their dishonesty more contemptible than the EU itself.

For further details and absolute provenance of the facts see:

If you have ANY doubt of a material fact there contact me as we aim to provide the truth and it is checked daily for material veracity by lawyers.

Nigel Farage acting as the performing monkey for lack lustre leaders built UKIP to 30,000 members and dishonestly and corruptly gained leadership since which time the party has shrunk to some 4-7,000 active members, he has made not a single reported donation to his new EUkip party - over £1Million would seem to be unaccounted for, he has paid his wife £25,000 a year+, he has had absolutely no media coverage of substance, has developed a serious drink problem, has absolutely no control of the rabble of MEPs and staff, need I go on!!!

EUkip in their latest Bye election despite a perfectly decent local candidate Angela McManus, based on EUkip's well earned reputation garnered 33 votes meanwhile scum like the BNP obtained over 800.

Farage and his 'chums' have been the greatest gift the BNP has ever had, as a recruiting agent!

for literally 100s of similar FACTS.

There are so few active members left that people like little Onyons uses multiple names and identities and RSS feeds to pretend he is an army of supporters!

EUkip is as Declan Ganley said 'A busted flush'. It is hard to tell which is the most fundamentally dishonest Ganley or Farage, as Ganley espouses his implausible 'change' the EU message!

Time Farage & his cronies were fired or charged - consider how many are under investigation by the Police & or OLAF!

Then the huge army of UKIP supporters can get back to the patriotic duty fo liberating Britain from vassal status in the EU.

You will note Farage and his followers are talking of 'change' with liars and cheats like Bannerman, Anreasen, Towler, NuttAll and their ilk as MEP candidates.

Greg L-W.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

What a gem of a post once again from GLW, his opening gambit:

'as a dedicated supporter of UKIP over very many years may I congratulate Dr. Eric Edmond on correcting the figure he had guessed at based on the start of the meeting.'Did Eric guess, why no:

'I counted at the start 45, Peter Cole counted 63 at lunch time'

The why did Cole not tell him?. Also interesting that Cole should be involved, when surely this meeting was about honesty, openness and transparency, now isn't everyone including GLW convinced Wise is a crook.

So we have Cole, Haslam with links to the BNP, Lawson who GLW believes is complicit in the 'apparent' loss of funds in Wales all involved in a conference to clean up UKIP.

And why is GLW defending the numbers attending by reference to other events. No one has criticised the numbers attending.

As GLW now takes to attacking Nigel's father, perhaps we could ask, what name GLW used when in MI5, or the South African Secret Service, or whatever other cloak and dagger organisation he fantasises about. Was he ashamed of his God given name, that he had to elevate his status to LW.

These are all important elements of what makes GLW such a bitter and twisted computer recluse.

Junius said...

I see Josh is posting under his own name for a change.

On the Democracy Forum he uses at least seven different names!

Bob Feal-martinez said...

Good grief, I almost choked when I read junius's post. He/she has more front than Sainsbury's criticising someone else for posting using an alias. So junius as you find what Josh does so unacceptable perhaps you could tell us who you are.

Noting the day, I guess you couldn't into the office today. I hope your pay is being stopped, can't have UKIP funds being misappropriated can we.

Junius said...

Oh Bob, you are a wit! How would Nigel survive without you!

Bob Feal-martinez said...

My sources very close to EE tell me that he has been advised by those who he considers friends that his actions can only destroy him politically.

There are those quite senior within UKIP SW who whilst sympathising with what Eric sees as being wronged nevertheless believe his current wave of actions are inexcusable in an election year.

He is I am told rapidly losing the support of those same people politically, although in fairness (and rightly) not their friendship.

I do wish he would just step back and consider the damage he is doing to our region and UKIP in general.

Junius said...

Wrong again BOB!

Dr Edmond has the support of a great many SW members. Compare this with Mr Towler who was told to stand down as an MEP candidate by the SW committee.

And do you REALLY want to support a man who is quite happy to have a picture of his penis posted on the net?

Bob Feal-martinez said...

junius pathetic even for you. As for Eric's support. He may well have SW members friend but when it comes to support over his current actions, that couldn't be farther from the truth.

I was speaking to one such friend a couple of nights ago, and no I have no intention of revealing their identity, except to say he is a very active member of the region.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

So it seems that support junius when tested proved to have no substance. I understand the vote to remove Eric from the candidate list was 100% supported, by the South West Regional Committee.

The proposal also received unanimous support from the NEC meeting Friday. I was asked not to reveal this for 24 hours in deference to Eric, however Geoffrey Collier posted at 2.30pm today on the BDF about the expulsion.