Wednesday, 25 March 2009

Farage & Hannan's Attacks on Brown in EU Assembly

I am grateful to those on the forum who posted the links to these two speeches. It is not easy to fit such speeches into the 3 minutes allowed as there is so much one could say about Brown's incompetence and manipulation. There were clear differences in tone and substance between the two speeches.

Farage's speech was a grandstanding rant that concentrated on Brown's past errors, selling the gold, removing tax benefits to private pension schemes and ratifying the EU constitutional treaty without the referendum promised in the 2005 Labour manifesto. The later was an own goal by Farage as he and his fellow MEPs failed to mount any sort of opposition in the UK to the passage of the Lisbon Treaty bill. Instead it was left to the Tories to oppose it in the UK and they gleefully grabbed our issue and ran away with it. Farage jumped onto the Ganley Irish campaign after Ganley had done the hard work setting it up and funding it but what good was that to the UK. Farage's speech was a case of shutting the stable door after the horse had gone. A week is a long time in politics and Nigel Farage has to realise issues have to be addressed when they are current and dominating the media if one is to have any effect on the outcome or benefit in the ballot box.

Hannnan on the other hand concentrated on what Brown was doing now and the current mess we are in. It was a much more measured, witty, thoughtful speech with a good joke thrown in about Brown being pathologically unable to apologise for anything. Hannan started by pointing out how Brown was saying as, all politicians in the EU do, one thing in Brussels and a different thing domestically with no mention of British jobs for British workers to the EU! He spoke on the current dire British fiscal position and pointed out how much debt, £20000, that Brown had saddled every British child with. He pointed out relative to GDP we were more in debt than Hungary and Pakistan, countries the IMF had already been called into to sort out. He spoke on the loss of private sector productive jobs compare to the growth of public sector jobs. He linked Brown to the catastrophic fall in sterling and finished with the telling phrase about Brown, "you are the devalued Prime Monister of a devalued Government.

In short Hannan spoke on current issues and linked them to the things that matter for ordinary people, jobs and their children's future. Farage delivered a historical rant. He does rant very well but it was Hannan's speech that will resonate with the voters and win votes.

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