Tuesday, 24 March 2009

UKIP leadership should not use pub language

I was appalled yesterday to hear Mr Farage on his radio interview say of party members who made criminal accusations, 'that in any other political party they would be chopped off at the legs before breakfast'. This is the language of gangster films not political debate and as Junius points out this was allowed to pass without question by a pretty hopeless BBC interviewer.

Mr Farage went on to talk off people in UKIP with different political agendas. This came up at an NEC I attended where Ms Duffy alleged I had a some hidden agenda. Mr Farage was there listening when I replied to Ms Duffy that I had only one agenda and that was to get the UK out of the EU in my lifetime. I presume and hope this is also Mr Farage's agenda.

Mr Farage however only hears what he wants to hear and sees what he wants to see. His completely unsubstantiated allegations that UKIP candidates on their blogs had been advising voting for other parties has to be seen in the light of his allowing his own press officer setting up a political party, Libertas UK. Now what is that all about I wonder?

As I noted in one of my first blog postings I fell out with Mr Farage at the first NEC meeting I attended when I ask to see the evidence to support a wild allegation Mr Farage made about a UKIP branch. I have to this day never seen this evidence. Double standards and hypocrisy are evident when you compare Mr Farage's statements one with another, and with his actions. Put this with discriminatory application or non-application of party MEP selection rules by NEC member Mr Gill and you have a recipe for chaos.

This use of gangster film language by Mr Farage comes on top of Mr Denny & Mr Zuckerman using mental illness descriptions as terms of abuse. UKIP leaders must use moderate and temperate language and ensure their statements and actions do not contradict if they wish the electorate to take them seriously.

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Junius said...

The person who ‘interviewed’ Farage on Westminster Hour was truly pathetic. Mr Norman Smith had obviously not done his homework and so a golden opportunity chance to put Farage’s ‘leadership’ under the spotlight was lost.

No mention was made of the well publicised resignations/defections from UKIP.

No mention was made of the OLAF investigations.

No mention was made of NEC expulsions.

Farage was not asked to justify his ridiculous claim that the BNP had infiltrated UKIP.

Farage was not questioned about Libertas UK - a political party that was set-up by his own Press Officer.

Farage was not questioned about the posting of a UKIP candidates MEP interview on YouTube.

And so on.

In the interview Farage made comments about UKIP members who had made ‘criminal accusations’ and therefore should be ‘chopped off at the legs’. This was clearly a reference to John West who had complained to the police about Jeffrey Titford. Unbelievably this statement was allowed to pass without comment from the interviewer!

Presumably the interviewer approves of a party leader making threats of violence against a member who did his civic duty and reported a crime to the Police!

Farage then went on to attack candidates who were alleged to have told people not to vote UKIP. Again, this comment was allowed to pass unchallenged.