Wednesday, 15 April 2009

British Standards of Justice & Fair Play do not apply to UKIP NEC

Today I received a letter from Paul Nuttall saying the NEC on 6th April had rejected my appeal against my MEP deselection in my absence and that the matter was now closed. I do not accept this decision. Their procedure was illegal in every jurisdiction in the civilised world. An appeal cannot be heard by any of the same people who made the original decision. Worse, several of the NEC are on record as being completely prejudiced against me and yet Nuttall, knowing this prejudice, claimed I would get a fair hearing! Who can believe such a man?

The UKIP constitution states, "A de-selected candidate will have the right to an appeal according to rules that shall be made from time to time by the NEC." It does not state the appeal should be heard by the NEC. The authors of the UKIP constitution obviously believed the rules of natural justice and fair play would apply. Clearly this is a foreign concept to Farage and his cabal! They prefer the EU methods they have learned in Brussels. I suggested to Nuttall as it was a South West matter my appeal should be heard by our two South West MEPs who were not involved in the original decision. I am still content to do this.

Nuttall wrote on the 2nd March to two former UKIP Treasurers and one long-standing NEC member Delroy Young, that UKIP NEC, ie Farage's cabal, had decided to treat United Kingdom First members as PROSCRIBED, ie akin to BNP members. I believe Del is not even a member of UKF and even if he was what is wrong with supporting a withdrawalist party? Are similar letters being sent to those UKIPers who are also members of the Tory party. There are plenty of them and the Tories are of course are opposed to UKIP's core, withdrawal from the EU, policy.

The letter effectively asked Del and the ex-treasurers to leave the party after many years of work, service and financial donations. The fascist, undemocratic, nature of the UKIP NEC is clear for all to see.

It was the same Nuttall who in March tried to push through the constitutional change proposed to Rule 14 which would have given him ALONE the right to expel dissidents from the party without redress. Thank goodness this was defeated by 2,102 members voting against with 3,393 voting for. Nuttall therefore failed to obtain the necessary two-thirds majority. The Fascist intent however was again clear.

Nuttall was elected by no one. He has no democratic mandate. He is merely Farage's nominee and placeman confirmed by the Farage NEC Cabal. As Gordon Brown's judgement is now being called into doubt over some of the people he has surrounded himself with so eventually will Nigel Farage's judgement be questioned by the rank and file of UKIP.

I did find Junius' piece on Gawain Towler very interesting, showing how the prospect of getting one's snout in the trough can alter one's views dramatically. I give the link to it below:

Farage's judgement is again called into question by his support for Gawain Towler given that other political parties and jounalists are allegedly in possession of very damaging material about Mr Towler that could potentially derail the UKIP campaign not just in the South West but nationally. Leadership is about judgement and choice of people. Farage seems lacking in both.


Bob Feal-martinez said...

Do you honestly believe you deserve any justice given the way you have consistently challenged every single thing the party has tried to do. I have to say of the candidates at the Stroud Hustings your address was pathetic.

Quite how you got on the list in the first place heaven only knows, but I for one are glad you have gone.

Eric Edmond said...

I did not see you at Stroud and I got nothing but compliments about my address there from people inthe audience