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Why is Croucher attacking Piers Merchant

On the Democracy Forum, Mark Croucher is again trying to smear Piers Merchant with his juvenile attempts at entrapment. It seems Croucher and his friends concocted a spoof email, contents unknown, that was supposedly sent to little Arnott at some undisclosed date and time relating to a coming North West poster campaign targetted against the BNP. Spoof emails are a standard Croucher ploy which Bannerman tried to copy when I was on the NEC to entrap David Abbott. It was and is transparent. Bannerman had to retreat and claim he was conducting some sort of unspecified, unauthorised security check that seems to give him the right to set traps for people he works with. Not surprising as it was Farage's ploy as well with Martin Haslam and the Independent jounalist. Farage's UKIP specialises in entrapment but they don't do it very well!

Junius on 1st May wrote in his blog that, "It is said that Croucher is to be the brains - and I use this word very loosely - behind UKIP’s anti-BNP campaign in the North West." This single statement in Crouchers dubious logic makes Piers the source of Junius's information. Note Croucher does not give the content of his spoof email or its date or its time so we have no way of making even the most basic checks on the veracity of Croucher's claims!

It was common knowledge that Nuttall and his chums including Croucher, worried about the BNP for the good reasons Junius gives below, were trying to concoct some campaign to use against the BNP. All I can say is Nuttall better have something to counter the BNP in Lancashire or he will be signing on soon at Bootle Job Centre!

So by Croucher's perverse logic what was common knowledge was proof of a leak!

Much more important is what lies behind Croucher trying to smear a UKIP stalwart who masterminded the election success of 2004. A man with more political ability in his little finger than Croucher has in his whole body. Never mind that Piers is very ill just at present, the sick get no quarter from Croucher it seems. Sorry Croucher it won't stand up. You have taken your pitcher to often to the spoof email well as it says in the Bible.

The reason behind this unwarranted attack on Piers is I think Farage is preparing for a possible UKIP meltdown on 4th June 2009 when UKIP could end up with 3 MEPs or less. Someone will have to take the blame for this. Obviously it cannot be the great leader so what better than some suitable 'traitor' to be cast in advance as a spy in league with the arch enemy the BNP. This would conveniently explain a UKIP failure and a BNP success. What you might call a lose - lose scenario.

Junius post of 1st May at 3:08 pm

Mark Croucher now working for UKIP?
My various sources have told me that Mark Croucher is now working for UKIP in a paid capacity.

This follows the demise of his latest business venture which he blames on the recession. For more on this see GLW's blog.

Some have rather unkindly said that Croucher’s previous business failures would suggest that blaming the current recession for the closure of his pub is rather convenient!

It is said that Croucher is to be the brains - and I use this word very loosely - behind UKIP’s anti-BNP campaign in the North West.

This has been done at the behest of Nuttall who is very worried that the BNP will end his dreams of getting his snout in the trough.

Nuttall also sees himself as UKIP’s future leader - don’t tell Bannerman - and is confident that becoming an MEP will boost his chances of taking over from Farage in June.

Opinion polls suggest that the BNP will win an MEP seat in the North West. This will clearly be at the expense of UKIP.

Oh Dear!

Nuttall colludes with Farage to remove Gregg Beaman as lead UKIP MEP candidate in the North West.

He then has to face the humiliation of watching the BNP steal his coveted prize!

Poetic justice!

Croucher post 1/5/09 at9:34 pm

'Junius' makes further mistake
In another thread posted here, 'Junius' accuses me of being the 'brains' behind UKIPs anti-BNP campaign in the North West.

The reason 'Junius' knows this is because Piers received a series of e-mails relating to the launch of a poster campaign. The e-mails covered the design, timing, regional spread and other associated details relating to the campaign, including launch media.

The e-mails involved myself, Paul Nuttall, Jonathan Arnott, Clive Page and Damian Wilson. Jonathans, of course, were copied to Piers.

All of those involved, with the exception of Piers, knew that no such campaign was actually planned, and it was merely a ruse to see whether 'Junius' would mention an anti-BNP campaign before it was launched - such a mention would, of course, damage the campaign and forewarn the BNP. It would also indicate that Piers was prepared to pass on information which would be strategically damaging to UKIP.

Unfortunately, they have spun this information in the wrong direction. In attempting to suggest that I am on UKIPs payroll, they have instead once again proved that they will leak potentially damaging information regardless of the consequences, both for UKIP and for our nation.

You can really be proud of yourself, Piers and/or Junius.




Greg L-W. said...
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Greg L-W. said...


your readers may well be interested in even more factual data, links, provenance and eviceration of the posturing of the clearly untrustworthy Faragista Fan Club and the various discrreditted individuals surrounding Mark Croucher, who we know to be a serial failure, liar and cheat.

You may recall Croucher, who is an American citizen with dual nationality, yet who having blamed an early series of personal failures on Margaret Thatcher now HATES the Tories! He was I gather a Labour Party member and has in the past boasted of connections with extreme and clandestine political groups which include Searchlight!

Then colluding in his childish scam he has gained access to EUkip's data it seems and in breech of The DPA has made public confidential material including a very serious OFFICIAL WARNING to EUkip from the DPA - he compounds this folly by publishing the fact that he has colluded with other who ARE in EUkip to tamper with 'e'Mails (similar to the involvement of Jeffrey Titford & Gulleford's hacking into and downloading the private 'e'Mails of Petrina Holdsworth when she was Chairman and those of Geoffrey Kingscott!).

You will note that Croucher, who has shown there is no gutter in which he feels out of place if paid, has alligned himself with a convicted benefit fraudster who runs EUkip's press office, Farage's unelected puppet chairman Nuttall, who has been conclusively proven to be a liar, a bully and a cheat and others of no clear merit to engage in a morally reprihensible and utterly farcical attempt at entrapment which has ended up proving nothing save Crtoucher and his cronies are corrupt.

We note Croucher declared on a public Forum that in flagrant disregard of The Data Protection Act and the serious warning EUkip has received, EUkip has been 'e'Mailing around unencrypted versions of their entire data base - I have in the last 'recent' period received 2 separate CDs containing EUkip's entire eMail member data base (by the way it is about 10% out of date!).

As with all the many earlier data bases I have been provided with - please be assured of a couple of points:

1. I have been supplied with them by people who know they can trust me to act in U.K.I.P.'s and Britain's best interests as a patriot.

2. that I am totally dedicated to leaving the EU.

3. that I am a dedicated supporter of the 'PRINCIPLES & VALUES' of U.K.I.P.

4. that I have stated for over a dozen years that Farage would be a catastrophy as a leader and he could count on my implacable opposition if he ever became leader.

5. that as in the past I will only use the POLITICAL LIST/DATA for political purposes.

6. that I refuse to become embroilled in anything that, even in the wildest dreams of imbecilles like Denny, could be considered dishonest or criminal.

I note from Political Gossip Blog: early today that EUkip are looking for someone to make their computer systems more reliable - proof against tampering with by known liars like Croucher, Nuttall and others who give as much regard to the Data Protection Act as cheats like Andrew Smith, Nigel Farage, David Lott, John Wittacker and others give to electoral law! Hence their guilty verdict when prosecuted on behalf of The Electoral Commission.

EUkip in its present leaderless, rudderless state is clearly unfit for ANY vote to public office, clearly having been hijacked as a self enrichment scam by a bunch of low lifes.

I believe we ALL owe Junius, who can be read at: our thanks for making many facts known to warn people not to vote for dishonesty, corruption and evil.

There are those who claim, without detailed understanding, that a vote for EUkip is the lesser of two evils - they overlook the irrefutable fact that they are upholding and supporting Evil.

Greg L-W.
MORE FACTUAL DATA CAN BE FOUND with links and provenance at:
or phone me.

Re Posted - sorry I typed a link wrong on the earlier version.

Junius said...


They don't know who I am.

They will never know who I am.

I will continue to expose corruption in UKIP until Farage and his clique are history!

Greg L-W. said...


You will note I post in my own name as I am NOT on the staff of EUkip.

Astonishingly the EUkip scum that have floated to the top seem not to notice the more underhand, dishonest and corrupt they are in attacking their members who dare to have an opinion or seek to request openess and transparency of accounts or criticise the venal leadership - the greater the enemy they make.

The more an individual is lied about, defamed and attacked the more they will work to destroy the corruption that is EUkip.

The damage EUkip has done itself and EUroSceptic Movement is staggering - they have made implacable enemies of those who tried to support them.

Would Your Blog, my Blogs, Junius' Blogs, Political Gossip UK, John West, EUreferendum, Robin Page, EU Election, UKFirst etc. etc. ALL of whom were or still are EUkip staff or members, all of whom are political activists opposed to membership of The EU and all of whom are exposing EUkip's corruption and dishonesty.

All of us had worked for UKIP and had high hopes of UKIP yet all of us have been betrayed and to varying degrees attacked and lied about by the pond life and filth who are now EUkip.

A measure of EUkip's stupidity is its refusal to seek reconciliation or a via media nor a willingness to compromise and control their dishonesty and self seeking greed founded on lies.

EUkip is all too willing to employ liars, low lifes, cheats and extortionists and give them encouragement meanwhile attacking the very people who built the party and those with connections and determination.

Even EUkip would have to admit there is more news and more facts about EUkip and the EU on either Dr. Richard North's Blog or mine than on their own for which they can not even find a web master! We note that they are now so desparate they are trying to persuade poor Rob McWhirtter who they treated like dirt to return and help them despite the fact he publicly resigned in disgust at EUkip's incompetence and behaviour.

Since EUkip clearly and provably has no morality, ethics or integrity why not give the job to Mark Croucher, he has displayed his talents for dragging EUkip in the gutter over many years and lets face it he and the liar, cheat, bully and unelected puppet Nuttall make great partners!

May I congratulate Junius on the amount of material they have made public exposing EUkip's dishonesty in a spirit of relentless Patriotism.

It is surprising that Croucher and his corrupt buddies have colluded to try to blame Piers Merchant, why do they fear him? Their assertions are so implausible it acts as absolutely no cover for their obvious dishonesty and regular leaking of information.

I am happy to attest that Piers Merchant has about as much clue as to who the Junius team are and how they work as Dippy Denny, the vile serial failure and liar Croucher and the whole NEC put together.

Croucher, Denny and their mates have made balistic asses of themselves - but they didn't have to try very hard (Is The BFM giving master classes in idiocy?).

You have my word to which I am happy to attest that Junius is known to Croucher, Denny, Nuttall, Farage, and most of the leadership on a regular and varied basis. To the best of my knowledge Merchant has only had sparse contact with them.

I know EXACTLY who Junius is and how they work - I will be happy to attest Merchant is not Junius, nor has he a clue. IF Crouchers claims are true that EUkip set up a link account for Merchant and possibly others I am sure that Merchant did not leak a word to anyone bar those he held in trust in EUkip as part of his job as EUkip staff.

I know the sources on almost every story put together by Junius and published and not a single story has been passed by Merchant though many have by Nuttall, Farage, Bannerman, Batten, Reeve, myself etc.

How could Merchant leak to someone he does not know? Further I will never again comment to deny or confirm the FACT that I have never met Roger Knapman's Pole Dancing Consultant The Peering Merchant!

I have NEVER wittingly met Piers Merchant and it was only in the last few weeks I found a photo of him or I could have passed him in the street unknown.

Good luck Junius and I fully understand the anonimity of your collective name. Keep up the good work Patrioticly exposing the dishonesty of EUkip to help get Britain OUT of the EU - a task EUkip will NEVER achieve and are currently harming.

Greg L-W.

Write on your ballot paper:
Don't waste your vote on a Politician.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

It is mentioned that Piers is very ill at the moment.

This came as a bit of a surprise to someone who read this blog, and knows him well. This person apparently saw him in Brussels last week.

Perhaps Eric would like to comment on this miraculous recovery.

I have no reason to doubt this source, who I never previously discussed UKIP issues with.

Greg L-W. said...


since The BFM seems to lack the contacts to find out the factual truth - perhaps I can help.

I understand from my sources in EUkip, in the South West and in The EU that Piers Merchant IS more than somewhat impared medically.

As those who have followed his progress, know him or have good research contacts will be aware he is not the most physically robust of individuals.

I understand that he has had what seem to be spinal problems in the upper spine leading to periods of difficult to control pain for some time.

This can not have been aided by his recent bereavement having lost his elderly and infirm Mother who had lived alone - after a protracted period of hospital stays.

That he has held down his job for EUkip and when free thrashed up and down the motorways from near Barnstable to Nottingham I gather has not helped.

My informants tell me he has numerous visits with his Doctor, prolonged course of Physio and a series of scans - ALL of which, including Specialist visits and MRI scans have failed to identify the root cause, though for a period there were suspicions it was possibly bone cancer.

(how much did you need to know to find a way of being gratuitously and inaccurately unpleasant Bob?).

My informants tell me he has had his medication not only changed but stepped up to a different regimen of stronger anti inflamatory based pain killers - this I understand has given him some respite for a visit to Brussels - for which he paid in discomfort subsequently.

I gather he finds it hugely amusing that EUkip's low lifes think he is Junius! I gather he believes croucher would tell any lie to ingratiate himself and ensure crumbs for The Faragista Fan Club.

Like most of life's abject failures Croucher will sink to any level, just look at his lies in the leadership election scam,, his childishly amateur adulation of Farage, the incompetence of the production of The Independent and his association with extremist political low lifes like Searchlight.

It is hard to measure the damage done to EUkip's long term prospects by the lies and distortions of Croucher and the gullibility of Farage in dealing with him speaks volumes of Farage. Or is Farage being blackmailed as so many claim?

That Merchant is being set up is amusing as I gather he is retiring in June when his contract expires and even now he has little or no interest in EUkip being convinced after a lifetime in politics that EUkip is a busted flush.

Interestingly since I had dinner with Lee and Junius this evening (hence not much on my blogs). It was the first time I had met Junius or Junius had met either of us and the White Hart in Lyttleton is a pleasant venue for a meal and chat we didn't leave until gone 23.00hrs.

Junius was hugely amused that The Peering Merchant, who has for so long been Knappman's Pole Dancing consultant whilst Knapman tends the Poles in his attic and tries to finish of the renovations at Corriton, has been exposed as Junius!!!

What a coupe - EUkip has managed to expose Junius and a warehouse in little over a week - such achievement!

All on the very day they broadcaste that embarrassing 'done on the cheap' weak and amateur PPB! What idiocy to only have Farage (clearly few support his one man band) and that lisping, whinning self seeking and duplicitous political prostitute Andreassen to further undermine EUkip's credibility.

I wonder howmany people noted her comments recently when she complained she had for a short while had a job that paid £150,000 and wanted to get back into The EU with a similar job!!!

Some may even have noted the joke of promoting her as The Chief Accountant - when in fact for a very few weeks she held down a job as one of dozens of accountants and it seems that when she could not do the job she had been paid to do she jumped the gun and pretended to be whistle blowing! You will of course be aware Bob that she had been appointed to introduce a system of controls but failed to introduce ONE.

You will of course appreciate she had previously been fired by the OECD and suspended for 18 months without income. You will appreciate a part of the problem was she had been involved in some sort of racist allegations which we understand were played down by the OECD.

I believe she took the OECD to court and lost her case and had costs awarded against her.

She must have been fairly well off not to be bankrupted by such folly!

I am informed by my contacts that the EU could have summarily dismissed her had they wished as all of this was left out of her CV.

I believe I am in correct in saying she tried hard to sell her services as a political prostitute to various other parties but none would have her. It seems her views are VERY pro EU as she is interested in a job in the EU but will it seems settle for new views an an attempt to stand for MEP as EUkip.

What next when she fails (possibly dragging Farage down with her) will she aply to Bruce Lawson, Nick Griffin or Jerry Gable as clearly her principles are for sale!

I can I regret only provide the facts which I am given and I'm sure that someone with a proven track record of consequential dishonesty, bullying, abusing and lies as The BFM will be able to provide us with far more accurate SPIN being so close to Farage, Nuttall and the rest of the pond life leading EUkip.

I trust this helps those seeking after details.

Greg L-W.

Greg L-W. said...


I was amused to have this sent to me from an associate who reads Anthony Butcher's Forum on a regular basis:

Mark Croucher posted:


Originally Posted by douglas denny
Well done Mark! You scored heavily. They are attacking you and scraping the barrel whilst at it.


Absolutely, Doug.

It seems to have escaped Edmonds rather pedestrian brain that there is no specific campaign against the BNP, and the only place that it was (a) suggested and (b) involved me was in the e-mails which went to Piers via the gensec e-mail address.

Like Hockney and all the other anti-UKIP people before them, they make the mistake of believing their own propaganda.


Does Mark Croucher have such an ego problem he thinks he is someone else?

Perhaps he has not been told of the EUkip anti BNP advertising campaign see:
Sorry it takes an age to load but it speaks volumes of EUkip and the pond life and scum that have floated to the to.

My informants of EUkip anti TheBNP campaign were were in EUrope & I gave the benefit of the doubt on my Blog and said I did not believe even Croucher and the leadershit of EUkip would be that stupid - but it seems they are.

As for mailing lists I have absolutely no reason to believe either of the two recent CD's I have received came from Junius.

I think they were manufactured and distributed by Croucher or one of his chums to try to besmirch the honest.

You will note he has again been claiming that 'I and my BNP chums'! a measure of the dishonesty of the man that neither he nor his extremist political associates with whom he colludes in Searchlight have EVER managed to linlk me to a single solitary BNP member or action, nor identify me with a single solitary article that in any way condones or supports The BNP.

My position regarding the BNP and its forerunners and implacable and outspoken opposition to them goes back to when this vile little failure of a man was still in nappies.

For all Mark Croucher's lies and distortions endless repetition of his lies and self serving propaganda makes his claims no less dishonest.

Greg L-W.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

Classic GLW, his information is correct on Piers, because he says so (or his un-named sources say so ). But the person I was speaking with who counts Piers as a personal friend, apparently didn't know of his illness. I am of course not in a position to know obviously. I did not solicit this information in anyway. However I have no reason to doubt my source as the discussion was merely a passing observation from this person.

I also note GLW's hypocrisy, now supporting UKFP and yet still seems to dislike their leaders,

'What next when she fails (possibly dragging Farage down with her) will she aply to Bruce Lawson, Nick Griffin or Jerry Gable as clearly her principles are for sale!

Greg L-W. said...


I see the unfortunate BFM is back and unsurprisingly displaying his lack of comprehension of truth, logic, debate or reason.

In an attempt to help clarify his confussion, which is as ever ill mannered and abusive:

Bob Feal-martinez said...
Classic GLW, his information is correct on Piers,Yes - you are correct my information is accurate and cross checked - here is Malcolm Wood's telephone number: Home 01722 - 744 814, Mobile 07720 - 028 753 - although not a man normally to be trusted and with a track record of proven dishonesty I doubt he would bother to lie to you on so trivial a matter where he could so easily be proven wrong.
He would of course be able to provide you with Piers Merchant's phone numbers - according to the EUkip data base his 'e'Mail is:
Mr Piers Merchant Torridge & West Devon You will of course be aware that it may be wrong as it seems that just over 10% of their current data is wrong. I'm surprised they haven't supplied the data base to someone as important as you as they have been sending it around the internet unencrypted and in flagrant disregard of the serious warning they received recently - you may have seen the letter posted by Croucher and heavily redacted to remove the more embarrassing parts, one must assume.

I hope this helps you in the quest to prove I am right.

Bob Feal-martinez said...
because he says so (or his un-named sources say so ).I appreciate you would like the details of everyone I converse with but since it is none of your business do permit me to decline - similarly a concept you would have absolutely no understanding of, it would be dishonourable to disclose material provided confidentially, just as it is dishonourable to use personally damaging material which is unlawfull.

Bob Feal-martinez said...
But the person I was speaking with who counts Piers as a personal friend, apparently didn't know of his illness.Had it occurred to you that he may be telling you lies, as someone like Mark Croucher is quite delusional on many points and a proven liar to boot.

I very much doubt Merchant would consider someone as sordid and dishonest as Croucher a friend though it may suit croucher to indulge in dellusional social climbing by making such a claim as he did on Anthony Butcher's Forum.

Bob Feal-martinez said...
I am of course not in a position to know obviously.That is so very true of so very much on which you prognosticate, bellicosely, inarticulately and inaccurately.

Bob Feal-martinez said...
I did not solicit this information in anyway.Oh I appreciate that as it was freely given when Croucher was boasting of people way beyond him intellectually or socially on The Forum recently.

Bob Feal-martinez said...
However I have no reason to doubt my source as the discussion was merely a passing observation from this person.Oh - did Croucher repeat to you verbally what he had made public to everyone on The Forum - how very touching.

Bob Feal-martinez said...
I also note GLW's hypocrisy, now supporting UKFP and yet still seems to dislike their leaders,Wherein lies the hypocracy?

PLEASE do not attribute feelings to me as you have absolutely no idea whether I like Bruce Lawson or Peter Cole - you know only that I consider them beneath contempt, dishonest, corrupt and duplicitous.

Bob Feal-martinez said...
'What next when she fails (possibly dragging Farage down with her) will she aply to Bruce Lawson, Nick Griffin or Jerry Gable as clearly her principles are for sale!My word The BFM does find basic communication challenging, he has now introduced substantive and substansiated comments about Marta Andreassen - out of context and in a manner that shows he is struggling to keep up!

OK - what part of this do you still not understand Bob?

Greg L-W.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

GLW you have totally lost any sense of reality. Your ability to make fact out of pure fiction is a sign of a deep seated psychosis. You really ought to seek treatment if you haven't already done so.

Pray tell what has Malcolm Wood got to do with any of this, or indeed Mark Croucher. I have not discussed Piers with either, other than Malcolm as my regional organiser ringing me about the Merchant exposure, Malcolm personally saying how shocked and angry at he was that Piers could let all those who trusted him down. He did as it happens comment that Piers illness seemed to be quite mysterious, however it was not him who I was talking to.

And another example of the GLW psychosis,

Bob Feal-martinez said...
I also note GLW's hypocrisy, now supporting UKFP and yet still seems to dislike their leaders,Wherein lies the hypocracy?

"PLEASE do not attribute feelings to me as you have absolutely no idea whether I like Bruce Lawson or Peter Cole - you know only that I consider them beneath contempt, dishonest, corrupt and duplicitous."

So they may be beneath, contempt, dishonest, corrupt, and duplicitous, but GLW may still like them, the mind boggles. Or should I say his mind boggles.

Greg L-W. said...


I note, unable to understand much in my posting TheBFM jumps to conclusions and judgements that show him for what he is.

Clearly he is a man without integrity, morality or overly much deductive ability.

Nor I note does he, being a coward, dare to organise the meeting.

A fool - so very typical of the self seeking self serving utterly untrustworthy dregs left in EUkip.

Too great a coward to meet and substantiate his lies and too great a moral coward to appologise.

Having shown yourself for what you are Mr. Feel Martinis - let us hope for silence from you.

Greg L-W.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

GLW's rants could be shown to any Psychologist, or Psychiatrist and they would all form the same opinion.

And that would be, to use the Conservative leaders expression, 'he is a fruitcake.

Greg L-W. said...


What a very childish comment from a coward - like so many cowards abully!

Rather than bluster Mr. Feel Martinis just answer direct questions and organise the meeting - or run along and play where you will not be seen as a constant irritant and figure of fun.

If you are too cowardly to organise the meeting then please Shhhhh.

Greg L-W.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

Not as cowardly as sending out insulting material to Swindon Councillors. The matter is now in the hands of the police.

And whilst on the subject of illegal activity, please could you remove my photographs from your blog, as you do not have permission to use them. The charge for continued use will be £75/day for each, from today.

Greg L-W. said...


I see:

Bob Feal-martinez said...
Not as cowardly as sending out insulting material to Swindon Councillors. The matter is now in the hands of the police.Was this your idea or has Croucher been inventing comments and sending false 'e'Mails from a computer in your name as he has with EUkip's computer it seems.

Bob Feal-martinez said...
And whilst on the subject of illegal activity, please could you remove my photographs from your blog, as you do not have permission to use them. The charge for continued use will be £75/day for each, from today.Silly old man - I presume you are trying to impress your other brain cell and emmulate Croucher's underhand attempt at extortion of the BNP by abusing the Court procedures, or so it would seem.

Are you, like Croucher also tampering with EUkip's computer systems to try to implecate innocent people in your vile behaviour?

Why not register in my name on Storm Front and dream up some nonsense quotes!

I presume like Croucher you are also fund raising for extremist pro EU organisations.

Now run along and play you sordid old man.


Bob Feal-martinez said...

GLW can can invent accusations and allegations all you like but you and I both know what I am referring to.

You made the mistake of believing you are the master of deception, little realisation I have a number of friends who are local councillors, who kept the evidence, and with modern techniques, I am sure the police will be more than able to identify the sender especially if they have a criminal record.

Do I take it you are refusing to remove the unlawfully used photographs of me on your site.

Greg L-W. said...


It is interesting that yet again TheBFM lies and libels me.

A coward well aware that I am unlikely to sue him as the costs exceed the benefit.

Further The BFM is known and proven beyond all doubt to be a liar, the evidence is clear and in the public domain.

Trying to pretend he has evidence of some offence he and a chum may have rigged up is in fact a criminal offence.

Let us see if he is just a sordid little liar who hides his cowardice in the hope he won't be sued or if he is man enough to apologise for his serial lies and libels.

Fortunately no one of any callibre sees him as any better than such as Croucher and similar gutter life.


Junius said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Junius said...

And so BFM resurfaces!

And where did you get the £75 from? Your dishonest and grubby little friend Mark Croucher?

The man who openly supports a far-left and pro-EU organisation. The man who is trying to raise money for them by openly abusing the legal system.

And don’t worry about those Swindon councillors. I am sure that they are already well aware that you are a fool and a liar who was thrown off the BDF for your stupidity

Greg L-W. said...


Bob Feal-martinez said...
Not as cowardly as sending out insulting material to Swindon Councillors. The matter is now in the hands of the police.Since Town Councillors are rarely much more than unemployable parasites nowadays and the Police have proved all too often they are thick as bricks and less trustworth - how about giving them a clue.

The material they might have received could have been the Government leaflet on how to blow your nose or the vaguelly embarrassing EUkip election leaflet.

That might explain why they had something to dop with you.

You should have got Farage to put your picture on it - I'm sure he wouldn't have minded giving a donation of £75 to Searchlight for you Bob.

Greg L-W.

Bob Feal-martinez said...

More ramblings from the resident Muppets.

GLW the master criminal and inventor of facts,which Muppet junius now reposts as they have no other sources.

Mock all you like, and I note GLW now insults all local Councellors, my it must be difficult GLW being so perfect and not yet one of Gods 'sun beams'.