Sunday, 30 August 2009

Off for a bit of Culture

Having survived my younger son's 21st party I have decided to recharge my cultural batteries by visiting Edinburgh, the city of my birth, for the end of the Festival. I won't be posting for a week to give McTrough, Septic and all the other Caballeros a well earned break from their thankless task of defending the unspeakable as darling Oscar might have put it.

I will not be attending UKIP's Southport conference as I am unhappy about the security arrangements. No doubt it will be a triumphal event to rival the annual Nuremberg Rally.

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Greg L-W. said...


having taught at Liverpool Uni. for some time will you be recharging that part of your culture later!

Culture is such a wonderful thing - I note many aspects that claim 'culture' like sport, arts and parades for perverts are so very reeeefeeiineeed that they require subsidy by Government!

Clearly such aspects of culture as manners, prudence, work, integrity, morality, probity, tollerance and responsibility are no longer a part of our culture as they do not receive the same level of subsidy as running around, jumping up and down, ball kicking, hitting people, bat and ball and the likes ALL to be revered at huge subsidy as part of our culture in 2012!!

Anyway enjoy the culture - we expect to see reports of your arrest for binge drinking in Prince's Street and no doubt urinating on Holyrood!

Greg L-W.