Sunday, 6 September 2009

A week is a long time in politics

When I returned from the Athens of the North where they were preoccupied with things Libyan I found the UKIP landscape dramatically changed. The great leader was stepping down but not from his lucrative EU positions, only the unpaid domestic job which needed a lot of effort and hard work as well. I have tried to find copies of the non-Farage Southport speeches on the web but without success.

Mr F however to keep up his domestic profile has decided he will be the UKIP PPC for Buckingham and oppose the slimy Tory Bercow, Speaker of the our Parliament. This is an excellent move by Farage and he should get a good result as Bercow is detested by the entire Conservative party and was of course was the Lab/Lib choice as speaker. Of the existing UKIP BuckinghamPPC nothing was said.

I expect the BNP and Greens may also put up a candidate so Mr F may not have it all to himself. Also, he should ponder on the fate of a previous Buckingham MP, Cap'n Bob Maxwell and be careful when having a pee on board yachts.

I switched on the A Marr show this morning and there was Mr F talking about his decision to oppose the Speaker. Andy Pandy delivered his usual patsy interview questions and Mr F did very well I thought. Its what he is good at, no opposition or nasty interviewer like Paxo to put awkward questions. Anyway it was good for UKIP.

Bercow or Farage? The unspeakable or the uneatable? The voters of Buckingham have a tough choice.

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