Tuesday, 15 September 2009

Nikki or Pearson for Leader

The timing gave it away. Pearson only emerged after it was clear Nuttall & Bannerman were both hopeless and would lose to Nikki. Clearly there was some arm twisting by Farage as Pearson had said previously he did not want to job. Pearson believes in the UKIP cause but his blind spot is that he thinks Farage does as well. Farage has done what the Yanks call a snow job on Pearson. Pearson presumably got his peerage by donating large sums to Mrs T's Tories but he is not a politician. Real politicians see through Nigel Farage and distance themselves very quickly. Pearson has done a lot in the UK for the anti EU movement and deserves credit for this but he lacks real political nous.

He will clearly be a Farage placeman and power will still be exercised via Nigel's mobile working Nuttall's brain. Pearson is there as a stop Nikki candidate and maintain the Farage status quo. So the choice is clear. If you want to shake up UKIP and have the prospect of a real opposition party to the EU in the UK vote for Nikki. If you want more of Nigel's EUKIP vote Pearson.

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Junius said...

It has now been confirmed by Anthony Butcher - owner of the British Democracy Forum - that Croucher is the Common Man.

"Just to clarify, the Common Man is Mark Croucher”

Mr Butcher is an expert in IT. No doubt he was able to trace Croucher’s identity through his ISP.

So Croucher has now been exposed for all to see - a sordid liar, a Farage sycophant and a fool.

But we all knew that, didn’t we?