Sunday, 20 September 2009

Torygraph plays Cameron's long Con game

The Torygraph is the newspaper of choice for the majority of UKIP voters and sympathisers. Few can have failed to notice the large amount of anti-EU coverage that has appeared in its pages recently. This mornings little front page effort in the Sunday edition is headlined, "Voters demand a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty if Cameron becomes PM". Sounds great and is sourced on an ICM telephone poll of 1018 adults conducted on 16-17th Sept with correct statistical weightings applied. The relevant questions were:

Should a Tory government hold a referendum on the Lisbon Treaty: Yes 70%, No 19%

Do you think the interests of Britain are best served staying in the EU, 55%, Leaving the EU 40%

Who gets the best deal from the EU? UK 10%, France 43%, Germany 25%, Italy 8%

Do you think in the future more decisions should be taken:

By Member states such as UK rather than the EU 58%
By the EU 14%
No change on where decisions are currently made 24%

and the bizarre question that I, and I think most of the sample, could not understand

If the post of the President of the European Council is created do you think the EU will or will not need a president?

Will need 44%, Will not need 47%

The key answer is that 55% think we should stay in the EU.

What the Torygraph/Tories are doing is creating the impression with UKIP voters that Cameron will have a referendum on Lisbon and so persuade them to revert to their tribal Conservatism and vote for Cameron. Its a good tactic and unless UKIP gets its act together it will work especially with the majority of our MEPs in Brussels and intent on doing their bit for the EU by diligently doing their EU committee work.

It is of course a complete con by a Conservative con man made from the same mould as Edward Heath who also conned the British people.

Where is our great soon to be ex-leader and what is he doing to oppose this tactic? Answers on a post card to Lord Pearson, House of Lords, Westminster


Gregg Beaman's Blog said...

Sadly Eric the great Brituish poblic fall for it time after time. It's actually very worrying.

Gregg Beaman's Blog said...

Apologies "poblic" should be "public". Fat finger syndrome!