Saturday, 31 October 2009

Farage does not get it.

The UK Lib/Lab/Con political elite have now got the message that they cannot continue to employ their close relatives on public money. Mr Conway's little scam has brought the whole edifice crashing down. Its rough justice for some but jobs paid for out of the public purse have got to be advertised and seen to go to properly qualified applicants. I have seen what jobs for the relatives does in Islamic countries. It is the root cause why these countries are without exception mired in family based corruption.

Nigel Farage seems to think this principle does not apply to him. I can assure him, in the new political climate of transparency, the LibLabCons will make sure it does. Farage and UKIP will pay a heavy price for failing to conform.

When Mottram appeared at the fateful Nov 08 UKIP NEC meeting his opening gambit had nothing to do with the BNP! Mottram asked Farage why he was continuing to employ his wife on EU money when he had promised to put an end to this practice. Farage's reply was something about he had a special dispensation from the rules. So he hid behind the rules as did our sordid MPs like Jacqui Smith and McNulty. It was not acceptable as an excuse for our MPs sordid behaviour so why should it be accepted from Nigel Farage?

It is a similar story on publishing details of expenditure financed by MEP expenses and allowances. Farage's oft repeated claim that details of this expenditure by him is available on the Web is not true. No one has been able to find any such details for the 10 years Farage has been an MEP. When things hot up in the General Election the LibLabCons especially Bercow in Buckingham will shaft Farage on this. The pity is UKIP will go down with him.

Farage simply does not get it but undoubtedly UKIP will get in the neck next May/June. What a waste of £500 deposits there will be, a total of £250k wasted to add to the Elcom £500k. Some leader! In business he would be sacked and in the military court martialled for incompetence. Why can UKIP members not see how disastrous this man has been for our cause?

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