Monday, 2 November 2009

UKIP's Leadership Contenders

I watched the video clips Roddy kindly put up of 4 of the leadership hopefuls. Nattrass was not there ad wont be there at Exeter I gather. All four are patently honest and sincere which makes a welcome change. All raised some good points and all have clear weaknesses.

Pearson was the most disappointing. He speaks poorly and hesitantly. He clearly has little inclination to build from the grassroots but worse he uses intemperate language on sensitive issues. The media already have enough from his own mouth to crucify him. He carries a lot of baggage as a Thatcher appointee so he has huge downside risk.

Batten spoke well but lacks passion. He has a bad record of caving in under Farage pressure.

Alan Wood also spoke quite well. He wants to build from the grassroots and recognises the need for an urgent UKIP policy rethink. Bannerman has really made a complete dog's dinner of UKIP policy. Alan will stand up to Farage and the Cabal.

Nikki also spoke well. She is clearly prepared to do what is needed to build a grassroots organisation. Her expenses are published and she gives a lot of her salary to UKIP and quite rightly so! She also will not take any nonsense from Farage and his Cabal.

The most disappointing aspect was they all want to continue with Farage as UKIP's main spokesman. This is worrying. Farage is not a great media performer by other party standards and he comes across a bit like a used car salesman. All four of these candidates are devaluing themselves in this respect. Their strong point is their patent honesty and sincerity that I think will resonate well with a UK public sick of professional politicians.

Personally I would prefer Alan Wood or Nikki.

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