Wednesday, 4 November 2009

UKIP fiddles while Britain is enslaved

It is a black day for our country following the ratification of the Lisbon Treaty followed soon after by the betrayal of the quisling Cameron and his Tory henchmen. But what did our noble UKIP MEPs do to oppose this Treaty? Nothing, they were to busy on the EU gravy train doing their committee work, giving the EU a legitimacy it does not deserve. You only have to read the ridiculous 800 postings on the Democracy Forum by Croucher, Septic and McTrough on the subject of John West's expenses of probably less than £500 to realise how far they are prepared to go to avoid discussion of the major issues affecting all of us. Its the politics of spin gone mad.

Will things change with a new leader? Possibly but noticeably none of the candidates have said if elected they will immediately replace Farage's placeman Nuttall as party chairman so I am not optimistic. I expect the UKIP masses to vote in Lord Pearson despite his crass blunders in the media this last week, his ignorance of how UKIP works and his hesitant and faltering speech delivery.

I am increasingly impressed by Nikki Sinclaire. She is well organised and puts her money where her mouth is unlike most UKIP MEPs. I am grateful to her for pointing out the code of conduct for UKIP MEPs, agreed in Jan 99 by UKIP NEC as a precondition for UKIP MEPs going to Brussels. I quote from this document by Michael Harvey and George Franklin-Ryan dated January 1999.

"The NEC has stated that MEPs will donate some or all of their salary to party funds.

1. The exact amount or percentage should be agreed with each individual prospective MEP before they are adopted.

2. It would also be sensible to agree at the outset how any substantial increase in MEP's salary is to be allocated.

3. All agreements shall be in writing.

4. Since personal income is a private matter, public disclosure of these arrangements should be subject to the express agreemnt of individual candidates, although an argument could be made for sisclosing the minimum amount/percentage of donations."

The general tenor of the above shows how far the moral standards of UKIP have sunk from its earlier days when it was a party for patriots to now, when it is a party at the top dominated by a Cabal of third rate political careerists. Bring back our old standards!

The trial of Tom Wise and his assistant continues and is scheduled to last 3 weeks! I gather Farage will be called as a prosecution witness. I hope Wise's defence team have done their research on Farage's numerous media statements on this subject thoroughly!

Meanwhile Griffin seems to have got himself on the right side of a court case for once something UKIP seem to have a problem doing.

I will attend the Exeter hustings tonight to listen to the leadership candidates in person.

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