Thursday, 12 November 2009

Can UKIP afford more Farage media disasters?

I was appalled at the arrogant incompetent performance Farage gave on yesterday's Daily Politics. The unbelieving look on the other participants faces, Ben Bradshaw, Labour and Michael Howard, Conservative as Farage waded deeper into the mire with his idiotic fixed grin. Farage obviously thought he was giving a virtuoso performance!

As Robert Burns put it,

Oh would some power the gift to gie us
To see ourselves as others see us

You can see this painful ten minutes by clicking on the link below,

Farage Interview

I can do no better than quote from Anthony Butcher on the forum,

Absolutely unbelievable. He has actually declared all other candidates as lacking credibility. They must be absolutely furious, and rightly so. Is this Nigel Farage's lack of professionalism sinking to an all time low? Has he lost all political judgement? The damage done if anyone else wins would be immense, not just in PR terms, but internally - how could any of them work with him in future?

NF: "Only one of them is a serious credible candidate, and that's Lord Pearson"

AN: "So if it's not Lord Pearson, you'll end up with an incredible leader?"

NF: "If it's not Lord Pearson, things will be tricky, yes."

So none of the three UKIP MEPs standing, Natrass, Batten and Nikki are credible leaders and nor is former District Councillor Alan Wood. They have all been elected to public office but acoording to Farage, Pearson who has never been elected to public office in his life, is overwhelmingly the best candidate to lead UKIP in a General Election. Farage is living in cloud cuckoo land. Pearson is and will be an electoral disaster. Look at his recent US interview, click on link below.

Pearson US interview

I would use the title the Cabal applied to John West's test video, "How not to do politics"

The News of the World picked this up. Click below to read their take on it and be sure to read the comments.

News of the World Story

I quote from some of these comments,

Womb shattering nonsense.

I can't take UKIP seriously with characters like this leading it.

The BNP now want Pearson as a member and many of the other comments on the above NoW piece have a BNP flavour.

And this man is a racing certainty to be UKIP's next leader. Poor old UKIP!

As Anthony Butcher puts it,

I think that Lord Pearson's first act as leader, if he wins, should be to remove Nigel Farage as leader of the MEPs in Brussels and send him on some management training courses. How can they possibly work effectively as a team when he has declared three of his supposed colleagues as lacking credibility and seriousness while they are in the middle of an election?

Put yourself in the shoes of Nattrass, Batten, Wood & Sinclaire and imagine how they are feeling right now.

Farage has to go and go soon.

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