Monday, 16 November 2009

UKIP is now a Farage Cult, not a Political Party

I previously noted my unease at all 5 leadership candidates saying, if elected, they would keep Nigel Farage as UKIP's main spokesperson. After Farage's blatant rubbishing and denigration of four of these candidates on last Wednesday's Daily Politics I was horrified to watch the performance of two of these candidates, Nattrass and Sinclaire, on the BBC West Midlands lunchtime Politics Show yesterday. See for yourself by clicking the on link below and skipping to 44 mins into the programme,

Politics Show

Both candidates sought to defend Farage's improper and arrogant behaviour on this national TV Andrew Neil show despite being both trashed by Farage on that show and described by him as not credible leadership candidates! What can be the reason for this supine and craven behaviour by Nattrass and Sinclaire? The answer is that UKIP is no longer a political party but a Nigel Farage cult where the leader's word is law and the leader can do no wrong. Opposing the cult leader leads to villification and expulsion at the hands of the 'true believers' in the cult. A fate worse than death for our lickspittle MEPs

It was toe cringing to see them both describing Nigel as a 'very strong personality' a 'strong' campaigner. Nikki wrote to Farage that, ' we need you to spearhead our campaign in the UK as only you can'. Talk about sycophancy!

Nikki described the illegal Bown donation as 'an administrative error' , the Farage line ignoring the 67 warnings they got from Elco! Nattrass took the other Farage victim line, why us why not the LibDems. Not an answer to the charge, made worse by Nattrass's idiotic claim that Bown did not really break the rules. The court said otherwise and no serious politician would ever say a court judgement is wrong.

The interviewer then turned to the EFD grouping membership particularly allying with the Liga Norda whose leader describes the illegal African immigrants as Bingo Bongos who should be shot on arrival in the EU. Nigel has some friends that make Nick Griffin look like St Francis! How on earth can UKIP cope with the BNP highlighting, as they will, these remarks from Nigel's allies. Clearly Nattrass and Sinclaire are not happy about this but the justification Nikki came out with gave the game away, 'if we were not in a group Nigel would not be able to make these statements' in the EU parliament to nobody i.e. its all about giving Nigel an opportunity to grandstand!

Nattrass and Sinclaire are clearly quite happy to let Farage walk all over them to retain their places as UKIP MEPs. They saw what happened to me, David Abbott and Del Young at the hands of the faithful for opposing Farage's worst transgressions of UKIP rules and political idiocies.

The bottom line is that neither dared criticise the cult leader who has led them into an unholy alliance with racists, fascists and other weirdos. Farage is right about one thing, they are neither fit to be leader but then neither is Pearson.


hollie said...
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Greg L-W. said...


Before we continue lets face facts the next leader of EUkip is Farage:

Lead spokesman
Leader of the MEPs
Leader of The political Committee
Lead employer of the Press Staff
Leader in The EU
Lead Candidate in The General Election
Leader of the Pan EU Political Party (group) The EFD
Leader of the pro EU EFD
Leader of all employed staff
Leader of The Racist EFD
Leader of the anti Jewish EFD
Leader of the sexually intollerant EFD
Leader of the advocates of violence in the EFD

So What Is Left To Lead?

This clown is clearly completely out of control - he is beginning to make Dr. Strangelove look sane!

Greg L-W.

17 November 2009 21:35