Wednesday, 18 November 2009

No Pearson, No Nigel say cult faithful

The latest piece of puerile propaganda and arm twisting from the Faragista cult faithful is along the lines, if Pearson is not elected leader Nigel may leave us, followed by much wailing and gnashing of teeth. How gullible can you get! If the membership believe this then the moon is made of green cheese. Farage needs UKIP to get him his high profile media spots, to secure him his joint leadership of the EFD along with his far right racist Liga Norda friends. UKIP can survive and will indeed thrive without Farage and his dubious EU friends. Farage is nothing without UKIP.

It reminds me a bit of when Charles I had a spot of bother with the Scots, a notoriously troublesome nation, who refused to have bishops in their church and said in St Giles, Edinburgh the fatal line, "No bishops, no King". This was a bad mistake! Charles I ended up beheaded and the divine right of kings that he espoused could not save him. Farage is now taking the same line and although we do not behead people now he risks political decapitation if he persists in trying to force Pearson on UKIP as a proxy for himself.

I am becoming increasingly certain there is a long running plan behind all this. In 2004, Paul Sykes donated almost £1,500,000 to the United Kingdom Independence Party (UKIP) for advertising during the 2004 elections to the European Parliament, making him the primary source of funding for the party. Robert Kilroy Silk was then UKIP's major media star, a much better performer than Farage then and now, and wanted to become UKIP leader replacing ex-Tory MP Roger Knapman. Sykes immediately withdrew further funding for UKIP. Why? Petrina takes up the story on todays Forum;

"Sykes had his arm twisted re Kilroy by people outside UKIP when RKS made it clear that Kilroy wanted to take on the Tories and try to destroy them. Sykes liked Kilroy,at least to begin with but later found him too hot to handle."

Kilroy was absolutely right. For UKIP to succeed it must first destroy the Tories and replace them as the UK centre-right party. Farage, Pearson, Bannerman, Dartmouth and many others in the UKIP hierarchy are closet Tories who are happy to play at being Eurosceptics as long as it does not damage their first love, the Conservatives, where it really counts, in the ballot box. They have all except Pearson tried and failed to secure 'safe' Tory seats. The Tories obviously felt they had better candidates! Pearson was kept at Tory fund raising which given his recent inept political utterances was clearly the right decision.

As long as UKIP is in safe Tory sympathiser hands Cameron is secure on his right flank. He knows that the Tory line of, we must get Labour out at all costs, will keep all but the most committed Eurosceptics voting Tory. This was the line used in Norwich to see off the Conservative Turnip Taleban rebellion. It was very successful and brought the Tories to heel. Farage will huff and puff and I and David Cameron both hope he will unseat the odious Bercow in Buckingham. But in 18 months time or so there will be another election. The Conservatives will ditch Bercow for a true blue Tory and UKIP's MP will disappear.

But Nigel will pop up in the House of Lords as Lord F of Brussels for political services and worst of all this will eventually happen whether or not he wins Buckingham. Noel Coward had it right in his war film, In Which We Serve' after the UK warship sinks and the captain, also Noel Coward pops up alongside the dirty British sailor who remarks, "Scum Floats".


hollie said...
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Greg L-W. said...


I believe you under estimate the intent of The EU, now that they have consolidated their unholy alliance to form their committee dictatorship largely along the lines Altiero Spinelli, Jean Monnet and others intended - the post democratic governance that is openly discussed across the Continent but something of a secret here, though pronounced on by Peter Mandelson.

The EU has had use for EUkip as the useful idiots Marxists made known. EUkip has provided the fig leaf of democracy in The EU such that had they not existedThe EU would have had to invent them - many believe they did!

Now that the New Constitution under the nomenclature of The Treaty of Lisbon is enshrined imutably in Law - there is no longer a need for EUkip, in fact they are a damned nuisance!

EUkip will soon be illegal under the terms of The Constitution and EUkip can expect a fire storm of exposure and it is unlikely that Tom Wise will sit in prison alone for long.

I do not believe that EUkip have the slightest realisation of the perils they face in their arrogance and hubris we have watched them talk up a series of idiotic amateur (incompetent and irresponsible accountancy by Andrew Smith) errors to a Guilty verdict in Court and a debt of £3/4M.

Where EUkip will stand when their MEPs to date are ordered to repay the tax payer's money they stole to fund Regional Organisers will prove interesting!

Farage for instance could find himself subject to repayment of 10 years of Steve Harris' salary! Derek Clark has, I understand, serial abuses of tax payers' money largely in employment.

Until now The EU has had a use for EUkip!

Had EUkip done as they promised to get elected they would now be sitting in the clear!

Greg L-W.