Friday, 6 November 2009

Kilroy on Question Time & Nuttall

I have always had a certain affinity with RKS. Like me he lectured at Liverpool University leaving just before I started there. His performance on QT was a tour de force from the Farage seat on the far right of Dimblebore. He was head and shoulders above the other pygmies particularly Hain & PC Blair.

He started on the evils of the EU with a 5 minute monologue of dense argument that Dimblebore abetted by the odious Hain could not halt. On Afghanistan he was supremely well informed and silenced Hain by asking him to name one UK Islamic terrorist born in Afghanistan. On immigration he was lucid, rational and very convincing.

What a pity he no longer represents UKIP. He ubdoubtedly has a huge ego but then so does Farage. The difference is Farage does not have 10% of Kilroy's debating ability.

I cannot understand why Nuttall did not announce his resignation at the Exeter hustings to make it clear to the members there would be a new chairman as well as leader? It would have been good manners to do so. I have no idea what lies behind it. We will have to wait some time for the real reasons to emerge. It clarifies things for me. In an election year Alan Wood or Nikki would make excellent NEC chairman of what would be effectively be a campaign committee. Both are good organisers and campaigners. Pearson's role is to get the money.


Greg L-W. said...


will Pearson be collecting from multi millionaire steel barons in the house of lords based on their ethnicity or superstition?

Will Pearson be as lax with his accounting of monies collected as he is about his breeding habits which would leave Muslims with 20 children each though I note he has had the requisite 3 wives a Muslim may have!

Pearson is a liability who can afford his own stupidity but can EUkip afford another high profile ill informed fool?

Is EUkip to be TheBNP in Ermine?

I note neither Batten nor Nattrass spoke out to prevent the orchestrated and dishonest attempts to cover-up Tom Wise's criminality whilst in office to expose such crimes.

I note neither Nattrass nor Batten scted in ANY way to try to stop Farage & cronies talking up a minor clerical error into a Guilty verdict and £3/4Million debt.

I note Batten & Nattrass are happy to see EUkip associated with Greater Subsidiarity to the EU - working with EU committees to strengthen their control over vassal states and neither have spoken out against membership pf a Pan EU Political Party group that is PRO EU together with racists, xenophobes, sexually intollerant anti Jewish violent extremists.

Both men are moral degenerates unfit to lead whilst Pearson is clearly deeply challenged in terms of judgement.

Alan Wood is a nice old man ideal argueing his corner on a parish council - his latest stupidity is promoting the utterly discreditted liar and cheat Marta Andreasen!!!

Sinclaire is far from ideal but there is no one on offer who can hold a candle to her.

So you believe Pearson can raise money - do you claim he cares so little he would like Farage ONLY do it for himself? What an indictment on Farage's new puppet!

Greg L-W.

Greg L-W.

Tim said...

Batten is the best. Forget the rest. VOTE BATTEN!