Sunday, 8 November 2009

UKIP Leadership Vote

Having thought about the candidates I think the most important single criteria is who can one trust to keep faith with our, the ordinary members, aspirations and hopes for our country or to put it another way who is least likely to be seduced by EU Euros or bulldozed by Farage in pursuit of his personal, egocentric, agenda. Only Nikki and Alan pass that test.

Alan is a fine campaigner and a good friend of mine but I think since 4th June Nikki has really made an impact. She has built up a good team of around 6 people and clearly knows her Onions as she has got Clive Page on board as media adviser. Her web site is good, she gives a large chunk of her salary to UKIP, and she has said she will go to Afghanistan to see our troops there something that will endear her to the British public. Remember the picture of Mrs Thatcher in the tank at Bovington! Conjures up images of Boudicca, Queen of the Iceni, who led us against an EU invasion 2000 years ago. Nikki had to fight very hard to stay in UKIP when the forces of darkness in UKIP tried to expel her. She has the Boudicca spirit!

Nikki's downside is obvious, no one is perfect but she will keep faith with the grass roots and put herself about in the UK for all our sakes.

I would therefore like to see Nikki as leader with Alan Wood as NEC chairman.

The more one reads the more certain I am that Pearson would be a complete disaster. He gives th impression of a man who does not really want the job. He would make an excellent chairman of the fund raising committee Gerard's views are sound but he has wobbled much to often for my liking. Natrass obviously cannot be bothered.

The Tom Wise case got a big write up in today's Sunday Times, click below to read the story:

Tom Wise

The clear implication is that other pre June 09 UKIP MEPs may be investigated and who knows what will be the result. UKIP will come under intense scrutiny by the Tory press in the run up to next years election. The Tories are really desperate and are going on the line we must get Brown out so do not split the anti Brown vote. UKIP must of course combat this but must also be prepared for further revelations true or fictitious about pre 09 MEPs. The best defence is to have a leader and chairman who are 'clean skins' with no possible taint of corruption. Nikki and Alan both fit this bill. We have had Ashley Mote, now Tom Wise. As Warren Buffet says, "There is never just one cockroach in the kitchen" so in UKIP's case it would be prudent to find some fresh cooks.

Pearson and to a lesser extent Gerard's anti-Islamic views will be a god send to the media especially when they get picked up, as has already happened, by the BNP. This will naturally lead on to intense scrutiny of Nigel's new far right friends in the EU. Farage got a free ride from the media especially the BBC in June. It will be viciously reversed next May. UKIP must distance itself right now from this and that means ditching Farage as spokesman asap. Nikki is far more likely to do this than Alan. She has already shown she can act decisively with Jill Seymour.

As a student I was taught by the same lady, Dorothy Hodgkin, who taught Mrs Thatcher, then Maragaret Hilda Roberts. Unlike most men I therefore have no problems about working with and respecting able women in positions of power. Some of the things said about Mrs Thatcher were medieval.

Cometh the hour, cometh the woman, Nikki Sinclaire!

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