Tuesday, 22 December 2009

The EU is the new French Empire, London will fall soon

Today's DT reports Sarkozy, "will use Michel Barnier to advance French interests". Would that we had the same attitude but we put anti-UK non-entities into non-jobs. What proper jobs has this Cathy Ashton woman ever done. She is nothing but a third rate Quango Queen! The French train their ablest people in their Grandes Ecoles. They make sure they subsequently do proper jobs in Finance, Government and Industry. Their diplomatic service keeps French interests paramount in all things and when a big international job pops up they always have a good well qualified candidate. La Ashton's CV with a degree in Sociology from Bedford College hardly marks her out as academically distinguished and since then CND administrator and Labour fanatic married to Kellner another Labour luvie. The real politicians of the French diplomatic core will effortlessly control her without her even knowing it!

What staggers me is Charlie McCreevy, the Irish Trade Commissioner for financial services, soon to be replaced by Barnier,needs to remark that Sarkozy regards EU posts as vehicles to advance French national interests. That has always been French policy since De Gaulle and the Treaty of Rome setting up the Common Market. It amazes me how our political elite over the last 50 years have chosen to sacrifice UK interests for an EU mess of potage which the French rightly see only as a way to further their world wide ambitions.

This will happen first with the new French type banking regulation forcing jobs out of the City to where? Who has most practice at manipulating French banking regulation? Why the French of course. That is how they came to dominate the EU. Set up a system based on French governance and you have a huge and persistent advantage over the poor old idealistic Brits and others. It has worked well for France in the last 50 years. The lucrative finance business will be stripped out of London. Most will go to Zurich, Geneva or some other tax haven but a sizeable chunk will end up in Paris and the remainder in Frankfurt. London will end up bit like Vienna, a fading capital of a once great empire.

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