Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Lord Pearson, UKIP's Marshal Petain

By now even Lord P. must have started to realise that UKIP is not a political party but a Nigel Farage cult. I have never doubted Lord P is a decent, honourable man if a little confused in his loyalties. He is an instinctive Tory and does not wish to damage the Tory party whilst he clearly hates the EU and sees it in the UK interest to withdraw from the EU. Is he prepared to kill the Tories to achieve EU withdrawal? Well that is the question Lord P has to answer. Nigel Farage's answer seems to be No!

Just as Petain, the hero of Verdun, saw it in France's interests to collaborate with the Germans post 1940 and run a pseudo independent Vichy state where all important decisions he made had to be ratified by Adolf Hitler on whose troops Petain's regime depended, so Lord P runs a so-called party staffed by Farage's place men and salary men whose loyalty and reporting line is to Farage, not Lord P.

Lord P was of course naive not to realise this in the first place. He could have run a clean up and clear out campaign like Gerard, Nikki and Alan Wood but chose instead to let himself be controlled and managed by Malcolm Wood, a leading sycophant of the Farage cult. The truth was Lord P had neither the knowledge of UKIP or the political skill needed to run a leadership campaign. He is also a very poor public speaker.

The UKIP Farage cult is reasonably easy to control. Most of the members are elderly, decent, honest, politically naive people who cannot imagine the low tricks that the Cabal regularly indulge in to keep their snouts in the trough. The younger more active and politically aware members have been purged from the party many without even a Stalinist show trial.

Farage even vets who from UKIP or ex-UKIP Lord P. can invite to his healing meals in the House of Lords. Farage decreed the proposed guest list were virtually all his enemies and should not be entertained. Well I have heard of control freakery but never to this extent. What on earth does Lord P. think he can do with Farage controlling his every move?

Lord P. has to clean the stables or resign. To be his own man he has to demand the resignation of the entire NEC and find sufficient funds to set up a UKIP press office and staff it with his own people who owe their loyalty to UKIP not Nigel Farage. He has to organise fresh NEC elections via the ERS. I hear the Faragistas cry we have not got time before the General Election. I don't think it matters as we do not seem to have a GE campaign anyway! We don't have a chairman, campaign manager, organisation or strategy and are dependent on a EFD press office.

Far better to go to the country as a transparently clean party. It may work as the idiotic MPs and Lords are guaranteed to keep the expenses scandal running. The media will inevitably look at MEP's abuses of the system that are many and varied. UKIP would do better with a clean campaign rather than risk answering questions about where Farage's expenses are published, why he still employs his wife etc. Who knows what might emerge?

Let Farage take on Bercow in Buckingham. I wish him well and in Mrs Bercow, Farage has an incredible asset.

As in Vichy France the real believers in the cause had to go underground and fight a guerilla war so will many UKIP activists do the same. We do not wish to be linked with Farage's Liga Nord, neo Nazi associates in the EFD party of which he is joint leader. Lord P. should remember the old saw, "A man is known by the company he keeps", and how Marshal Petain is now remembered, not for Verdun, but for the Vichy collaborationist regime he lead.

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