Friday, 31 July 2009

Tories will win, but don't expect a Conservative government

This was roughly the title of Simon Heffer's piece in the Telegraph on Wednesday pointing out the moral vacuum at the top of Cameron's Tories whose only principle is say whatever will get us elected and don't say anything that will damage this amoral position. Heffer notes the 'teenagers around Mr Cameron' who are afraid of being identified with what used to be the Tories core vote which Heffer thinks may go to UKIP candidates if they are standing in the constituency. This is good news but I think Mr Heffer is being a little naive on two fronts.

First, the Cameron Tories are well of this danger and UKIP will find they are faced with a hostile media at the General Election compared with the benign media treatment they got at the Europeans and it wont matter how much Farage shouts BNP, BNP!

Second, by election time, the penny may well have dropped with the electorate that voting for UKIP does not produce an effective Eurosceptic party in Brussels! UKIP have got themselves allied to some very nasty, racist, Fasscist parties in Brussels to form an EU sanctioned group and hence get more EU lolly, bigger offices, limos etc so Farage's BNP chant not only wont work but will raise questions about his new found friends in Europe like the Liga Nord.

The other weakness the Tories will exploit in the UKIP eurosceptic credentials is the position of Marta Andreasen. She is in fact the embodiment of Monnet's dream of a European nation and represents an avowedly withdrawalist party! A woman of cosmopolitan descent, living in Spain, representing a UK region on record as being an EU reformist! Further, the lady's interests seem to lie in Brussels committees and not in the UK. In Heffer's phrase talking about the Heath government, we are watching 'an orgy of managerialism' by UKIP and we all know where that ended for the Tories.

All in all things may be getting more difficult for Nigel. General elections matter to the electorate whereas Euroelections send the electorate to sleep!

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Independence News

Independence News is always a riveting read and I turned with some personal interest to the article entitled "NEC: a wealth of skills and experience" by one Phil Griffiths, NWRC. Mr Griffiths was obviously impressed by the great minds he met on UKIP NEC and 'had much to digest as I prepared for my meeting having heard the rumours, misinformation and downright lies that had been circulating in the media and on the Internet that had been circulating in the media and on the Internet by those with their own agendas'.

When on the NEC I did explain, with agreement from David Abbott and Del Young that I had but one agenda and that was to get the UK out of the EU in my lifetime. I am sorry therefore to read that some of those left unexpelled on the NEC appear still to have a different agenda.

Mr Griffiths also remarks on how friendly and convivial was the atmosphere. He should watch out. Appearances can be deceptive. At the Nov 3rd 2008 NEC meeting Mr Farage admitted he had set up a plot with a journalist from the Independent newspaper to entrap poor Martin Haslam into talking to said journalist without Mr Farage's permission. Strange indeed as Mr Farage had himself arranged for the same journalist to call Mr Haslam to 'test his loyalty' as Mr Farage quaintly put it. Beware Mr Griffiths for you never know how your loyalty may be tested and when the call might come.

At another NEC meeting I attended Mr Bannerman admitted sending out spoof emails to his fellow NEC members as a 'security check'. Strange indeed as the NEC had never even discussed let alone approved such checks. It was also a strange security check as it was targeted at one person, David Abbott, whom Mr Bannerman clearly thought was the security risk. How disappointed he must have been when 8 months later it emerged that the 'leak' was not from anyone on the NEC but an administrative bungle by UKIP's computer mailing system. But again beware Mr Griffiths, some emails from your fellow NEC members may not be what they seem.

I hope Mr Griffiths enjoys his time on, 'a very effective and capable NEC'. Unfortunately the above evidence shows the opposite is the case. The UKIP NEC is in fact ineffective and incapable.

Finally, a word of advice to Mr Bannerman, if you are going to run a security check on a committee get it approved first and then check everyone on the committee otherwise people rightly get upset when they find out that they alone have been being singled out for Mr Bannerman's attentions.

Monday, 27 July 2009

UKIP Newsletter

The doings, sayings and writings of our great leader and his Cabal are always a fruitful source of inspiration for a scribbler like me. Sunday's Telegraph reports that the recently elected Mr Agnew, turned up at St Pancras to travel to Brussels without his passport. Mr Agnew is obviously unused to foreign travel but 5 lucrative years as an MEP will cure that. He must however be careful not to travel by Bannerman railways as the lines, although due for electrification, were ripped up 30 years previously.

Mr Farage in his latest newsletter reports excitedly, "I had dinner with two Lithuanian MEPS, one the former President Rolandas Paskas". Wow that is really sticking it to the EU but I thought the pole dancer was Latvian. I could be wrong on this vital point.

Next comes the immortal quote, "We are in for a lively time and I am now the pantomime villain!". Well I am glad Nigel has the power to see himself as others see him and has found his true role in life.

Then he breathlessly tells us,

"To my astonishment, the seating plan for our group in the chamber is the shape of a camembert slice, putting me in seat 20 on the front bench.

My seat is next to Jose Manuel Barosso, that could be fun!"

'Camembert' shows how far Farage has gone to become a big EU cheese. What is wrong with good English Stilton?

He is such a pillar of the EU Assembly that he is now a front bench spokesman and sits on the right hand or is it left hand of the EU' s representative on Earth, Senor Barroso.

Farage is well and truely enmeshed in the EU net and so good is the EU con that Farage does not seem to realise he has been caught! As Henry Gandalf said in the Sting, "Its keeping the marks con after you have caught him". That is the skill of the ace con man and the crats have certainly caught Farage.

The whole EU Assembly system, de Hondt voting, requirement for groups to have members from at least 7 countries. lavish salaries, chauffeur driven limos, unaccountable expenses etc is solely designed to imbue MEPs with grateful allegiance to the EU and forget about their own country and countrymen. Its as simple as that as Farage likes to say.

P.S. Can we have the full seating plan please. I guess Farage at the front, Nuttall and Bannerman in the second row but then who? It will be a bit like studying the order of the Politburo on the May Day parade saluting platform in the good old days of the Soviet Union with Stalin in the middle to find out who is furthest away, out of favour, and next for the chop.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Henry Allingham & Harry Patch's Last Post

The deaths of these old servicemen, the last to serve in the Great War, remind us the price this country paid for being at the 'Heart of Europe' to satisfy political dreams and worthless aspirations. At the UKIP husting last year at Stroud I pointed out that there was a monument to the cost of us being involved with Europe in every town, village and hamlet in the land, the War Memorial for those who fell in the Great War.

This was a war that was clearly not in our interests in 1914 fought to defend 'poor little Belgium' a country that had been created by the London Treaty of 1831 as a buffer state between France and Prussian. Previously it had been part of the Austro Hungarian Empire and known as the Austrian Netherlands. Holland only accepted this arrangement under force majeure and recognised Belgium in 1839 under a second London Treaty with an international guarantee of Belgian neutrality underwritten by you have guessed it the UK and signed off by Lord Cupid himself, Palmerston.

The sick joke is that out of a population in 1914 of 7.5 million Belgium had 14000 men killed in the War! The British figure on the Western Front, Flanders was 585000 killed plus those from the Dominions that totalled over 100000 fatalities. Thus poor little Belgium lost roughly 0.2% of her population, the UK 1.6% of her population ie. 8 times more dead. The Dominions & Colonies relative loss would have been higher.

The lesson of this tale is that we have the same thing going on today in Afghanistan where it is the UK & US troops that are doing the fighting and dying whilst our EU partners are safely tucked up in their barracks. Our politicians Blair, Brown and useless Bob Ainsworth are coming out with the same irrelevant justification that Palmerston, Asquith and Lloyd George and every other UK politician uses of 'defending British interests'. Its Kipling all over again. We are all citizens of the EU but when it comes to fighting and dying for EU interests its step forward Mr Tommy Atkins. Kipling never recovered from the loss of his son in the Great War and neither will the now almost 200 British families who have had their sons and daughters killed in Afghanistan.

What is really scary is that now we are ruled by the Franco-Prussian axis we have no say in where our young men and women will next be required to sacrifice their lives in wars which are not in our interests.

I would like to think UKIP might change this but in my heart I know that while Farage and his Cabal control UKIP they will continue to take the EU's Euro, live in Brussels and run UKIP from Brussels and in turn be run by the EU. We have some good independent UKIP MEPs who I hope one day will help restore UKIP to its original aspirations and democractic ideals for all our sakes.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Norwich By-Election & UKIP's lack of political will

I write before the count has started. Yesterday on Newsnight one of the BBC's numerous political correspondents reported that Cameron had made 6 visits to Norwich to support their candidate! Farage has I believe made 2 visits. Cameron and Osbourne had been out in Norwich at dawn yesterday, voting day, leafleting for the Tories. At least 40 Tory MPs including most of the shadow cabinet had visited Norwich in the last two weeks to work, canvass and generally support their candidate! THE UKIP hierarchy's performance in support of their candidate is woeful compared to this Tory effort.

The support for UKIP is there as this morning's excellent local council results in Ramsey, Cambridgeshire show but UKIP hierarchy must get out of Brussels and back to the UK at these critical Westminster elections and get their support out and into the polling booths.

We can only get out of the EU by a vote repealing the 72/73 European Act in the House of Commons. Not only is serving on EU committees a distraction and waste of time but it simply ties UKIP into support for the whole EU project. We will end up with another situation as ocurred in Romnania with Derek Clark, a UKIP MEP, signing us up to a subsiduarity agreement although it is UKIP policy to oppose subsiduarity root and branch.

Well the results are now in, a Tory victory as expected. I give the full results below.

The UKIP share of the vote at 12% is around the average we were getting in District Council elections but given this was a high profile Westminster by-election it is an OK performance for which the candidate, Mr Tingle deserves credit. However let us forget all the rubbish that we beat the Greens, trounced the BNP. The fact is we did not disturb the 3 party dominance of Westminster elections.

How much better could it have been if Mr Tingle had received from the UKIP hierarchy the sort of support Ms Smith got from the Tory high command? UKIP will wait a long time to have as good an opportunity as this for the reasons I discussed previously. The drop in the turnout from 62% to 45% will be mainly Labour votes which I estimate at roughly 10000 i.e. more than enough to wipe out Ms Smith's majority. One fifth of these votes, roughly 2000, would have been enough to put UKIP into second place which would have been a real success. These were votes that UKIP should have been targeting with their big guns. The Tories could never hope to get these votes but UKIP could. Why did UKIP not succeed? Because their big guns were not there for the fight. They were only concerned with getting their noses into the EU gravy train in Brussels, securing places on 'important' committees etc. Campaigning hard in the UK for Westminster seats as the Tory hierarchy did is simply not important to the Farage Cabal now their future at Brussels is secure for 5 years.

That is UKIP's weakness and I weep for our cause. Can you see Andreasen doing what Cameron and Osbourne did yesterday, up at the crack of dawn, leafleting for their candidate in Norwich. I cannot! Ms Andreasen has got what she wants out of UKIP, an MEP seat. She sees her interests and her future in Brussels. It will be interesting to see how long Mr Farage or UKIP figures in her plans.

Thursday, 23 July 2009

What UKIP should be doing in the Norwich By-election

The Norwich election coming so close after UKIP's triumph on the 4th of June provided a never to be repeated opportunity for UKIP to establish itself as a a serious player in Westminster Elections. If UKIP's leadership really believed they had made an electoral breakthrough they should be doing everything they could to capitalise on their European result. Can you imagine the impact it would have if UKIP could finish second in a proper, first past the post, Westminster election where the electorate voted for real candidates not party lists?

A TV journalist this morning said everywhere you go in Norwich you find Tory MPs out campaigning for their candidate, the fragrant Chloe. That is a measure of the importance the Tories attach to this election. They know a good result for them will signal the end of Brown's government. I wish the UKIP cabal could realise how crucial Norwich is for the UKIP rank and file who yearn to see a real impact by UKIP at Westminster.

How many UKIP MEP's have been in Norwich for the last week campaigning hard for the UKIP candidate? How many of their army of EU paid political/research assistants have been there? UKIP has 13 MEPs and if we credit them with 3 assistants each plus an RO based in the UK that makes 65 highly informed well motivated UKIP professionals who could have been thrown into this campaign. I doubt if more than 5 man weeks of such effort has been put in by UKIP at Norwich. (My blog is always open for comments and corrections and I would be delighted if anyone can supply the number of these people and the times they have been in Norwich.)

All I read is that Andreasen is jockeying for position on the EU finance committee, Bannerman bemoaning that no other Eastern region MEPs turned up at the EU defence committee and Farage is cutting deals with every unsavoury right wing EU party he can find none of whom want to leave the EU. Shame on you UKIP MEPs! The battle is here, today in Norwich not in the useless EU committees of Brussels.

There are thousands of Labour votes out there in Norwich for the taking! These are voters who will never vote Tory in a month of Sundays but will vote UKIP if they thought UKIP cared about them and if any of the UKIP MEPs showed the slightest interest in them. But I fear the chance has been squandered for a mess of EU potage as Esau squandered his birthright so the Farage cabal has squandered ours.

I want UKIP to succeed at Norwich but success against a demoralised, hated Labour party and LibDem and Tory parties still mired in the expenses scandal means second place in the poll. Anything worse is failure. I pray for success for our country and our children.

Posted at 14:34 22nd July

Monday, 20 July 2009

How to Do Politics

About a year ago John West's UKIP media test interview was posted on YouTube with the derogatory title "How not to do Politics". No one ever owned up to putting this supposedly confidential interview on a public web site for all to see. Ms Fuller had a copy of the interview on her laptop which she claims was left in the back of a taxi and returned to her anonymously a few days later. A trip to Morocco also figured in this tale somewhere. I was on the NEC when the matter came up and the then chairman John Whittaker closed down any possibly further investigation saying "I am not inclined to take the matter further"

Today I read in my Daily Telegraph, top of page 2, the banner headline "BNP to siphon off EU expenses". The initial paragraph states "The BNP intend to funnel tens of thousands of taxpayers money to its chosen causes to drum up support in the run-up to the general election." Reading on one finds this statement is more than a little misleading. It seems that the two BNP MEPs have agreed to give 10% of their annual £80000 pa salary plus their unused accommodation and travel allowances to a "community chest" to support "worthwhile local projects" like St George's Day celebrations.

This is brilliant as next year's St George's day is very likely to fall in the middle of the UK General Election campaign. Even better, the EU will try to block Griffin and Brons from using their allowances in this way! Its against the rules says the EU. This is a godsend to the BNP. Corrupt MPs obey rules to feather their nest, OK. BNP MEPs breaking the rules to promote local projects, not OK. Put it alongside the unelected Glennys Kinnock and the EU establishment discriminating against BNP democratically elected MEPs and the BNP will emerge as persecuted by the EU and will therefore garner much of the anti-EU vote and what is left of the MP expenses protest vote in the 2010 General Election.

In any free society Griffin and Brons can spend their salary how they like. Some MEPs choose to spend it in the bars, restaurants, gay bars and bordellos of Brussels and Strasbourg! When I stood as a UKIP MEP candidate I stated at all the hustings that I would give all my EU salary to UKIP, something which did not endear me to the UKIP party apparatchiks. I put this on my election website: where it still is and can be checked by anyone interested. At one husting I remember describing EU money as 'dirty money' that I personally would not touch. I am sure these sentiments played a big part in my expulsion from the UKIP NEC and my deselection from my democratically elected position on the South West MEP candidate list!

If Farage's UKIP have any real intent to get us out of the EU then they better start fighting the battle on the right ground, the UK, this many sceptred isle, and not waste their time in Brussels and Strasbourg.

If UKIP don't the BNP will clearly move into the UK vacuum left by UKIP's obsession with EU money and its pointless, powerless talking shop, the EU assembly.

Wednesday, 15 July 2009

What do 4th June Results tell us

I took a look at the European Election results and some clear trends were evident. First the turnout steadily diminished in England as one went further North into Labour heartlands and was lowest of all in Scotland and Wales. I give the average figures below:


South (4 regions) 37.1%
Midlands (2 regions) 36.3%
North (3 regions) 31.7%
Wales 30.6%
Scotland 28.5%

Clearly the Labour vote did not turnout because of the MP expenses scandal and reflected in the overall change of -6.9% nationally in the Labour vote and loss of 6 MEPs compared with 2004.

If we look at the change in UKIP's share of the vote from 2004 by a North South split the figures are:

Change in share of UKIP vote 2009 minus 2004

South -0.7%
Midlands -2.5%
North 3.4%
Wales 2.3%
Scotland -1.5%

It is clear UKIP picked up some of the disaffected Labour vote in the North and Wales but in Scotland it went to the SNP, a much more professional and bigger party.

Change in share of all parties votes by region were:

2009 - 2004 Vote Percentage Change

The above results shows these effects in more detail. There are more Labour voters in the North of England, Wales, Scotland and the manufacturing heartland of the West Midlands to defect as well as not turn out. Voting Tory is too much for them to stomach so they voted Labour. The East Midlands result is distorted by the RKS effect.

I conclude the slight pick up in the UKIP vote came from Labour heartlands but in middle England, Tory heartland, UKIP lost a small percentage of votes. What does this imply for the the General Election. Tory voters who voted UKIP in the Europeans in the South will return to the Tory fold. Labour voters who voted UKIP in the North will vote Labour to keep the Tories out at the General Election. It will be a classic third party squeeze in which UKIP is bound to lose badly.

My strategy would be for UKIP to contest only those Westminster Seats where it has a strong District/County Concil vote and an able well known local candidate. Such constituencies are thin on the ground, certainly less than 10. The other reason for targetting is that Cameron will at best get a small overall majority in the General Election or more likely have to form a minority government. In either case there will be another General Election with 18 months just as happened with Wilson in 64 and 66. UKIP simple does not have the financial resources to fight two generla elections in such a short time in 500 constituencies. It would cost over one million pounds that UKIP does not have.

Sunday, 12 July 2009

Political Economy

In Scottish Universities there is no degree in Economics only degrees in Political Economy of which Adam Smith was the original professor. Oxford take this one step further and give degrees only in Politics, Philosophy & Economics. As the 2010 general election approaches the linkage between the two subjects becomes more obvious. All difficult, i.e. potentially vote losing, economic decisions are being postponed until after the last possible election date.

Thankfully some 'decisions' are outwith the control of our venal, self seeking politicians who put their re-election above all other issues. The markets know taxes have to go up and public spending cut to get us out of Gordon's self created national insolvency. This week McDonalds of Big Mac fame announced they were re-locating their European headquarters from London to Geneva saying "uncertainty over the tax regime was a decisve factor. They join other US multinationals like Proctor & Gamble, Yahoo, Google etc whose European head offices are in Switzerland. It is the tax treatment of intellectual property rights that is one of the main drivers in these moves affecting even home grown companies like WPP & Shire that have gone to Ireland for lower taxes.

The Irish have of course extracted a host of exemptions from the EU on Lisbon as a price for their second referendum that will ensure this outflow of jobs to Ireland from the UK continues. We poor saps in the UK have not even been given a first referendum. Our supposedly EU withdrawal party UKIP could not mount a campaign against the Lisbon Treaty in the UK. They chose to campaign in Ireland and have promised to fight the EU in the pubs, bordellos and restaurants of Brussels to the last Euro of their lavish expenses. Well it beats campaigning on cold wet days in Manchester, London, Newcastle etc.

This is nothing compared to what will happen when the EU takes over financial regulation of the City of London. The new regulations are driven by an unholy alliance of the French, Spanish and Italian Government and a large group of other countries left wing parties who see finance as an evil. Farage grandstands in Brusssels about opposing this. He must be joking! Nobody bothers about the EU talking shop and the EU crats just smile politely and titter at Farage's rants. Nigel Farage has to realise that the place to oppose these reforms is where he can get real support, in the City of London. He is supposed to be a City boy but he does not seem to be able to mobilise the City moneybags. He has no real City contacts and is not seen as one of them.

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

UKIP & UK Government Dance to the EU's tune

So the deal is done. UKIP has allied itself to the Italian fascists to secure more money, a bigger office and bragging rights for NF in the EU talking shop. I do not see how this advances by one iota our cause of getting our country back under our control. What will UKIP do with this extra money? They already have 13 extremely well paid MEPs with very large expense accounts!

NF seems to think that what he gets up to in Brussels will not be reported by the media in the UK. He has been right in this assumption so far but following the MP expenses scandal the British press have got the taste of elected representatives blood. They have savaged our MPs and next will come our MEPs who are a far less able but much greedier bunch. The alliance with the Nord Liga and their ilk will prove to be a spectaclar own goal by NF giving our media all the ammunition to portray UKIP MEPs as a bunch of hypocrites.

The EU rules requiring a group to comprise at least 25 members from 7 different countries is there to ensure we all behave like good Europeans, do the Commissions bidding and forget our country. All of this for a pitiful bribe that no self respecting Mafioso would get out of bed for! It has been the tactic used for the last 50 years to implement Monnet's dream of an European nation to rival the great Satan, the USA. By joining such a group UKIP embeds our country ever deeper in the EU mire. Worse they deny those who genuinely want to leave the EU the oxygen of media exposure to further our cause of withdrawal.

Ask yourself why the EU propaganda machine called the BBC gave so much time to Nigel Farage in the run up to 4th June. Simple, it furthers their aim of of turning our country into a European region. The UKIP grass roots who idolise Nigel Farage think he gets on the media so much because he is a wonderful media performer. Mr Farage of course encourages this view amongst the faithful and certainly believes it himself! He should remember the fate of Hollywood stars when they start to believe their own publicity!

The truth is the BBC gives UKIP and Farage so much exposure because it enables them to deprive the genuine withdrawalist parties who want nothing to do with the EU of media time. Farage's presence ensures they can claim their output is "balanced" but of course it is only balanced to the BBC agenda.

Today Alastair Darling announced his great new package on financial regulation. More power to the FSA. To cement this I predict the next Governor of the Bank of England will be Lord Turner, the current head of the FSA. HMG pretends to the UK public it still regulates UK financial services. But as the Daily Telegraph business section puts it today "the EU dog will not only bark but take a bite out of the City". The EU already has its financial regulatory system finalised based Spanish and French current practice. The voting on this will be done under rules that ensure the UK cannot block these new rules. As the Telegraph's front business page proclaims,

"EU reforms to take away UK voting powers"

No QMV allowed, so what on earth is the point of Darling's proposals. They are a gigantic expensive pointless exercise. Does HMG still not realise Brussels rules the UK from the day they ratified the EU superstate in the Lisbon Treaty?

Thursday, 2 July 2009

UKIP Erased my Video of Support

I have never belonged to any other political party other than UKIP. I joined because I wanted to get our country back for our children. From my time in the civil service I already knew how conventional political parties operated and how self seeking and venal our so called political leaders were. Me first, party next, country last, sums up their attitude and values. There is only thing politicians care about, getting re-elected and keeping their membership of the best club in London.

I joined UKIP in the hope it was free from the corruption and sleaze endemic in the main parties. At the local level I found it was. Members were there for our cause and were honest, decent and caring. I was asked by Trevor Colman after some comments I made at a meeting he addressed to come to the regional meetings and help organise opposition to post office closures in rural areas. At these meetings I met Alan Wood, a UKIP district councillor who sadly lost his seat on 4th June, and together we worked on parish polls and then moved on to help organising Westminster constituency wide polls against the Lisbon Treaty in both Jim Murphy's seat in East Renfrewshire and Gordon Brown's seat in Dunfermline. Trevor did brilliantly with his parish polls and our constituency wide polls idea was picked up by the Democracy Movement who financed and ran these polls in 10 key Westminster Seats. The results showed how overwhelming was the opposition to Lisbon in the UK and got a lot of publicity.

These were great grass roots campaigns but at the end of it I was left wondering where was Nigel Farage? I soon found out. I was asked to stand for the NEC by Malcolm Wood as the South West, the region with the largest UKIP membership in the country had no NEC representation. I offered to stand down in favour of David Bendall the other SW candidate but this was refused and no one was more surprised than me when I was elected. I attended my first NEC meeting on Monday 7th April 2008 where I met Nigel Farage and his ruling NEC cabal. It was immediately apparent the only independent NEC members were me, David Abbott and Del Young and that the remainder were just a rubber stamp for Farage. UKIP was just another typical UK political party owned by its leadership!

I even had Mr Gill tell me that Nigel Farage was UKIP's greatest asset, a view I told him I could not agree with.

UKIP's leadership were just like all other UK politicians, only interested in getting themselves re-elected. They had done nothing in the UK to oppose the Lisbon Treaty. I heard about all the wonderful committee work they had done in Brussels committees and in Ireland where they had jumped on the Ganley bandwagon but in the UK not one thing! It seemed to come as news to several NEC members that the Lisbon Treaty was going through a Lords committee stage!

I was shocked and disappointed to find UKIP no different from all the other UKP parties but I determined to soldier on. I and David Abbott were then subject to a series of smears and dirty tricks ending in our expulsion from the NEC. Like our corrupt MPs the cabal's defence was they have acted within the rules and who cares about the ethics or morality of expelling democratically elected representatives. The cabal does not do ethics or morality only self interest!

I went on supporting UKIP as best I could given the cabal's efforts to silence me. At the behest of Ian Proctor in early December I recorded 3 videos for use during the election campagn including one entitled "Why vote UKIP". These were done unscripted as test pieces and videoed excellently by Doug Dawson but were deemed good enough to be posted on the SW UKIP web site where they attracted around 700 hits. I went on to look at my efforts in early May and found my support for UKIP video had disappeared! No one I asked knew who had done this. It must have been the fairies and I could have a good guess at which fairy it was!

I had taken the precaution of copying from YouTube this video. The quality is not as good as the original but to any who say I did not support UKIP please click on the link below:

Why you should vote UKIP

This video exposes the lies and smears that have been told about me opposing UKIP. I only ever supported UKIP! Its removal shows how there are those in UKIP's ruling cabal who wish to erase and rewrite history as in Orwell's classics, 1984 and Animal Farm. I can only ascribe its removal to UKIP's cabal's blind hatred and petty spite. It was a video that could only have helped UKIP's cause. View it and judge for yourself!

I still stand for what I wrote in my election address last year:

Eric Edmond Election Address

I hope all UKIP MEPs will support my pledges but I doubt they will.

The other two videos I recorded in early Dec 08 on why the Euro will eventually fail and the UK government run out of money I post for the record.

Eurozone Problems

UK Govt is Running Out of Money