Friday, 19 February 2010

Greece today, UK tomorrow plus assorted UKIP thoughts

As the snow is good I set off tomorrow to ski at Oberau and stay at the monastery where St Francis, the one who wrote Mrs Thatcher's 1979 victory speech, started life as a monk. So no more blogs for a week unless the monastery has WiFi and I get divine inspiration.

'Our debt set to be higher than that of Greece' is the page one headline in today's DT' The penny is starting to drop! When the news was released that the UK had to borrow from the market in January for the first time since records began A Darling went into Cpl Jones mode and had his Treasury minions phone around the major City institutions saying 'Don't panic, don't panic' Capt Mannering aka Merv King said nothing.

The corollary to this episode escaped the Telegraph hacks.The UK will get the same treatment from the Franco-Prussian EU empire as is now being meted out to the Greeks. The EU will take control of Greek tax and spend policies under article 126.9 of the Lisbon Treaty. An EU proconsul will be appointed to run Greece with a suitably anodyne title and ways will be found to make the Greeks work. Arbeit Makt Frei as the sign said.

Ah say the philes but we are not in the Euro. They should read what the Lisbon Treaty actually says not what they think it says. In or out of the Euro Lisbon made us a vassal province of the EU state!

And what is Farage and his Cabal doing with this God given opportunity? Not appearing on Question Time last night with no reason given. Deferring UKIP NEC elections. Reason, "With many of the likely candidates also involved in running as candidates in the general election it makes sense to postpone our internal poll. That way these people can concentrate their time and energy on achieving success for the party without the added burden of contesting NEC elections" says Zuckerman. To stand for the NEC you have to fill in one form and get 10 signatures. It says it all about UKIP NEC that this simple overwhelms them with work. Canvassing is banned in NEC elections unless approved by Farage.

The real reason for this unconstitutional act is so Farage can get his Pan European party agreed by his current nodding donkeys. I am amazed Zuckerman, a solicitor, can put his name to such an abuse of UKIP rules.

I was approached to stand as an anti EU Alliance candidate in the General Election. I declined for personal reasons but I think this party has much to recommend it. Its candidates will be independent of party control and need only agree on one policy, get us out of the EU. The party system does great harm to our country with the general populace's choice of candidates being restricted and manipulated by party machines. UKIP's MEP selection procedure is a good example. Let us have real Swiss style democracy with binding referendums and no career politicians.

Finally I recommend this week's Private Eye with lots of good Greek jokes along loss of marbles lines.

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