Monday, 15 February 2010

Greek bond crisis worsens and Farage's UKIP does nothing

I was astounded to read no less than 4 articles in today's DT on the Greek bond crisis plus a major piece by Liam Halligan in the Sunday Telegraph. It is flattering that the major news media are now giving this story the attention it deserves. I have been running it on this blog for a year! I remember when I first joined UKIP over 3 years ago pointing it out to M Wood, SW RO and long time Farage supporter that this was the Euro and therefore the EU's Achille's heel.

LH puts it well in the ST, "The single currency is a triumph of European hubris and political vanity over economic logic". Diane Abbott said on the late night Andrew Neil show last week that when she was on the Treasury select committee in the 90s when the Euro was discussed she quickly realised it had nothing to do with economics and was all about EU political ambition. But after hubris comes nemesis as the classical scholars will remember.

AEP piece in today's DT is headlined, "Greece and its debt have exposed the original sin of monetary union. Edmund Connery's piece is headlined 'German poll anger on Greek bail-out' and Roger Bootle's piece is headlined 'The current Greek crisis is merely act one of a much wider tragedy' BoJo's centre piece spread in the main DT is headlined 'The Greeks must be rueing the day they whacked the drachma'

Its what you call an open goal but what has UKIP and Farage done about it? Nothing but visit pubs in Brussels, Strasbourg and Buckingham. The truth is they don't have an economic spokesman capable of putting the ball in the net. The mediocre Farage sycophants hounded them out of UKIP years ago.

I copy below an email I was sent today from a well placed source who wishes to remain anonymous that clearly details the current waiving of UKIP rules to mislead the membership.

'The NEC elections have been postponed until after the general election. The purpose for their postponement is that Farage wants to foist membership in a Pan-European Party on UKIP. He cannot do so before the general election, as this would cause all sorts of problems with party unity in the runup to the election. The proposal is thought to be so unpopular that Farage feels that he needs to keep certain uber-loyal NEC members (who are up for election) on the NEC until the vote to join a Pan-European Party is passed. Apparently he is concerned that some current NEC members will baulk at it.

UKIP activists are beginning to notice the delay in the NEC elections. The story that will be spread about is that it was a decision taken by the NEC. However, my source has had an opportunity to peruse all of the NEC meeting minutes of the past year and nowhere has this issue been discussed. These events raise certain questions:

1. Their terms on the NEC having expired - are those NEC members who were up for re-election able to attend and vote at NEC meetings until new elections are held? Would their doing so invalidate any decisions taken?

2. If the answer to the first question is No, are decisions taken by the rump NEC without those members present valid?

3. Is it even possible under the UKIP constitution to postpone elections in this manner.'

That says it all. More abuse of the UKIP rules and procedure to serve the Cabal's sordid selfish ends.


Junius said...

We have also published details about this on our Junius blog:

It may interest you to know that another NEC election is due in February.

The last issue of Independence News was due in November. So what happened to it? Members never received it. And nothing has arrived since.

Requests for nominations are published in the magazine. Those interested in standing send in their forms and election statements. These are then published with members later voting for their desired candidate.

So what happened?

No one has had the chance to put themselves forward for the vacant posts - all 4 of them. Clearly a February election is now out of the question.

It has always been the job of the Secretary to make sure that this process runs smoothly but then again when did anything run smoothly under Zuckerman? Just look at the way Nikki Sinclaire has been treated by the NEC!

Looks like Farage likes his NEC just the way it is.

Our Nigel can't take the chance that any dissidents get elected. And by dissidents we mean all those who refuse to worship at the feet of the Great Nigel Farage.

The last time that happened he had to set up a kangaroo court to remove them - Eric Edmond, David Abbott and Martin Haslam. John West was another one. But rather than bother with a kangaroo court Nigel simply refused to allow him to take his seat.

It appears that the "powers that be" will use the time used up by the leadership election as the excuse for this latest breach of the rules. And as the General Election is due why not put back the NEC elections until later in the year?

Good thinking Nigel! That will give you time to rig something to ensure you get just the 'right' sort of compliant candidates.

But what will the members say? Failing to hold elections makes a mockery of the current NEC and invalidates everything done in their name.

Junius said...

Here is the link:

We list your site on our blog. How about doing the same for us on here?

Keep up the good work

Junius Team

Eric Edmond said...

Thx Junius. Yes I knew NEC elections were due in Feb. My source asked me to put it on my blog so I did. I knew you were also running the story but I dont think it does any harm to have it replicated.

I just wish the ordinary members would waken up to how UKIP NEC is being manipulated by the Cabal to emasculate our efforts to get out of the EU for the benefit of their bank balances and egos.

Eric Edmond said...

Update & Correction: Independence news just delivered and I read Tim Congdon has rejoined UKIP and is their economics spokesman. Tim is a fine economist but political judgement is not his forte

Junius said...