Wednesday, 3 March 2010

Nana Mouskouri offers her £14.7k EU MEP pension to Greece

This was reported in today's business DT as Ms Mouskouri's contribution to reduce Greek debt. It restores one's faith in human nature and shames the behaviour of our money grabbing MPs and MEPs. Britons used to make this sort of personal sacrifice out of noblesse oblige and it did much to enhance our worldwide image and reputation. Now most of the British political class is composed of self seeking, talentless non-entities. To twist Jack Kennedy's words, "Ask not what I can do for my country, ask what's in it for me."

Ms Mouskouri was upset by the way Greece had been portrayed around the world. Her action is reminiscent of the spirit in Britain during the Great War. Indeed the Greek prime minister Mr Papandreou has said Greece is now in a war situation. What did the world think of Farage's rude and ill informed attack on Belgium and its ex PM M van Rumpoy. It was a Belgian, d'Hondt, who invented the voting system used by the EU to elect Farage and his ilk. If it wasn't for Begium Farage would not be an MEP!

The Faragistas will no doubt point out Ms Mouskouri's wealth. She however made her own fortune by her own talent. UKIP MEPs like Dartmouth and Agnew are men of considerable wealth. When will they use their money to support the cause of getting our country back?

Farage's UKIP occupies itself by removing its only principled MEP who does give a large proprtion of her salary to UKIP and who does have the courage to stand up to Farage and his odious Cabal. I give Nikki's statement below:

"It is with great disappointment that I have today received a letter from the Party Secretary, Michael Zuckerman that removes me as a UKIP MEP. A decision that has lost UKIP it's status as the official opposition in the European Parliament and the UK's 2nd largest party.

There has been no disciplinary procedure and no right of reply. I find this course of action incredulous after 16 years of service. This decision has been made despite expression of absolute support for the Party and intention to continue as a UKIP MEP/Candidate. There was an agreed position between myself, Lord Pearson and fellow UKIP West MIdlands MEP, Mike Nattrass

With only eight weeks before a General Election I find it absolutely amazing that the Party decided to open a sore wound rather than fight the real enemy.

I reserve the right to defend my reputation, my political career and the aims of UKIP by all available means."

I know Nikki will fight this tooth and nail and I, David Abbott and Del Young who also supported UKIP 100% will support her in her struggle against the self seeking, money grabbing, Cabal who now control UKIP. There are no Nana Mouskouris on UKIPs NEC.

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