Monday, 1 March 2010

UKIP and the EU Greek crisis

Junius quotes an understandably unnamed UKIP MEP as recently saying of Farage, "Never underestimate his stupidity or his talent for self-promotion".

How true. Farage is a bubonic self publicist and political pygmy propped up by a self seeking Cabal only interested in getting on the EU gravy train. All his abusive personal attack on van Rumpuy and subsequent cringe making performance on QT in Cardiff achieved was to make UKIP look petty, nasty and stupid and every other person on the QT panel look decent, honourable and statesmanlike, even the odious Hain.

What UKIP should be doing is supporting the Greeks at every opportunity in the EU parliament as a small nation being trampled on by the Franco Prussian juggernaut. We went to war in 1914 over poor little Belgium. Can UKIP MEPs not stand up and defend poor little Greece in Brussels? It would make them some allies in Europe not only amongst the Greeks but also the other smaller nations. All Farage has achieved is to make enemies and ally UKIP with some of the nastiest European neo Nazi groups.

UKIP needs allies not enemies and definitely not Nigel's nasty Liga Nord neo Nazi friends who like him are on the EU gravy train for all its worth!

The Greek politicos themselves are already whipping up anti German sentiment by talking about the 300000 Greeks killed during the German Nazi occupation in 1939 to 1945 and calling Merkel and her government incompetent Nazis. Propping up the Greek economy could be seen as war reparations for the damage the Germans inflicted on Greece in the war.

On the UK home front UKIP should be pointing out our financial position is no better than Greece's and we can expect the same treatment from the EU that is being dished out to Greece. The Greeks today us tomorrow and link it to the appeasement of Hitler in 1938! Its the same scenario, German bullying of small countries. Now that might resonate with the UK public many of whom fought against German in the war.

There are General Election votes in this strategy for UKIP as it attacks the EU ruling power group, the Franco Prussian axis. UKIP should aim at the organ grinder not the monkey!


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Win-Win for Greece and Europe.

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