Sunday, 4 April 2010

UKIP Cabals incompetence exposed.

No economics news over the holiday so as its the silly season I write on UKIP, now well ensconced as the rivalling the Monster Raving Loonies for stupidity. It beggars belief that two weeks after Byers, Hoon, Hewitt and Butterfill were caught in a Sunday Times sting UKIP's Pearson and Agnew were caught in the same trap. As Andrew Neil pointed out one week ago at the start of his Thursday night programme, speaking very slowly he warned politicians if an attractive young woman approaches you offering third party money its a Sunday Times sting. They have used it around a dozen times and it never fails to reel in some dim witted, self seeking, greedy politicians.

The run up to a General Election is high season for this sting. Its the time our third rate politicians are at their greediest and is as predictable as a salmon run to use a simile Pearson might understand. The damage it has done to UKIP is immense. Its a god send for the BBC's Paxman and Humphrys. Every time UKIP wheel out Farage it will come up. As if UKIP was not in enough trouble with the Electoral Commission, their leader and an MEP are filmed advising on how to get round electoral law on declaration of the source of political donations. It makes Farage's claim that UKIP is the clean party publicly laughable. Previously only those of us who have had to try and work with Farage's Cabal knew the full extent of their self seeking idiocy but now it is plain for the world to see. Bercow will rightly crucify Farage with this in Bucks.

David, Del and I argued long and hard on the UKIP NEC for sticking to the rules and the law of the land. We were vilified for this by the Cabal who were mostly interested in feathering their own nest and portrayed the three of us to ordinary UKIP members as traitors to UKIP's cause. This was the exact opposite of the truth. We three cared, and still care deeply for UKIP's cause and knew it would be best served by being squeeky clean and sticking scrupulously to the rules to make us clearly different to the LibLabCon. However, all Farage was interested in was shouting BNP, BNP, BNP like a demented parrot. Well, Pearson and Agnew's actions will certainly give the BNP plenty of ammo!

As a result of the ST sting UKIP will now find itself in trouble with the EU for self admitted blatant mis-use of EU funds and I would imagine an OLAF investigation is bound to follow. I fear what has been revealed is only the tip of the iceberg.

David, Del and I were not dewy eyed idealists. Del in particular has a very acute political sense. The Junius story that the Farage controlled UKIP NEC contemptuously refused an offer to join the Alliance for Democracy group of English Democrats, The Jury Team, George Hargreaves' Christian party and Veritas to avoid splitting the anti-EU vote shows what political idiots comprise the current UKIP NEC. The only chance we have of getting out of the EU is to unite the Eurosceptic vote. This is the last thing Farage and Pearson want. They are both Tory sympathisers and want to help the Tories as much as possible. Pearson because he is a dyed in the wool Tory. Farage because he believes he will get favour and preferment from Cameron. UKIP members are being conned.

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