Monday, 5 April 2010

UKIP keep OLAF busy

Incompetence rules OK in UKIP. Pearson manages to out UKIP's secret donor Patrick Barbour by opening his big mouth but more significantly Agnew will generate another OLAF investigation into a UKIP MEP with Labour MEP Richard Howitt calling for a full investigation. Add this to Mote, Wise and current ongoing investigations into other UKIP MEPs and Farage's claims to be that UKIP is the clean party is shot to ribbons.

Mean while the UKIP Septic Croucher Denny etc spin machine is trying to pretend no one has noticed. Well nobody except the National Daily press and the local Eastern region press. They will start digging and there are lots of skeletons to find in the Eastern region. I also know Labour have some very damaging material on UKIP which they may now choose to use. My heart bleeds for the decent ordinary UKIP members let down by this incompetent, self seeking, bum licking leadership.

Nikki is kicked out for her principled stand against being associated with racist neo Nazis in Farage's EFD but Pearson and Agnew who both may have to face serious charges from the Electoral Commission for this public humiliation stay. I do not see how UKIP can run any sort of credible General Election campaign in these circumstances.


Junius said...

UKIP's leadership really think that this story is going to go away.

We doubt that OLAF and ELCOM will feel the same way!

Eric Edmond said...