Monday, 28 June 2010

Cost of LibDem hierarchy deceit shows in poll ratings. UKIP next?

I returned from a few days in South Brittany on Saturday to find nothing much has changed on the euro markets. Spreads to Bunds have changed little, Greek 9%, Portugal 3+%, Spain 2-%. From personal observation the French tourist trade is well down. There was plenty of accommodation and space on the car ferry and a massive increase in unsold properties in the holiday areas. It looked and felt very recessionary to me.

The first poll since the election shows LibDem support is down 16 points in the polls as their duplicity and willingness to abandon electoral pledges for seats in ministerial cars rightly upsets those who voted for them in May. They are now in Cameron's power. He can call an election any time he pleases. The LibDems binding agreement with the Cons for a four year parliament can be easily voided by non-ministerial LibDem MPs, yes there are a few, upsetting the stitch up and the disgruntled non-ministerial Tories, yes there are plenty of them, calling for more Tory policies. Even a few well timed toothaches a la John Major would do!

I wrote last Tuesday calling for UKIP MEPs to resign from this neo-Nazi EFD group. I was gratified to find out on my return that Mike Nattrass had done just that. Good for him! I hope other honourable UKIP MEPs will do likewise. To go into the next elections with Liga Nord and the other neo-Nazis hanging like a millstone round their necks is political suicide for UKIP. The LibDems will be in wholesale retreat in Westminster and will seek to have a triumph in the Europeans of 2014. Farage and his other self seeking political empties have handed it the LibDems a great opportunity to rightly paint UKIP as a neo Fascist party in Europe. I hope the gullible members will wake up to this before it is too late.

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