Tuesday, 22 June 2010

A Political Cost Benefit analysis of UKIP's membership of the EFD group

The European Freedom and Democracy group (EFD) comprises UKIP, an avowedly non-racist, non sectarian UK party, Liga Nord a North Italy secessionist party plus motley collection of parties from mid European states. The total membership is now 31 following UKIP's Niki Sinclaire's resignation citing the racist and anti-semitic views of some of the non-UKIP members as unacceptable. Leading members of Liga Nord have made xenophobic anti-immigrant statements from time to time that make the BNP look moderate in comparison. For example, in a 2003 interview, party leader Umberto Bossi suggested opening fire on the boats of illegal immigrants from Africa.

One of the other members of EFD is the Slovak National Party the SNP which did very badly in recent elections. I quote from the Junius blog to illustrate the general tenor of this party's leaders views.

Jan Slota – leader of the SNS – had this to say about their defeat:
"Homosexuals and Hungarians will begin to rule in this state, so thank you very much.”

Mr Slota has described Slovak’s Hungarian minority as a a tumour on the body of the Slovak nation. All pretty extreme views but altogether typical of UKIP's allies in the EFD.

So what does UKIP gain from this ill judged alliance? A few more Euros that Mr Farage can use to employ his personal nominees plus an enhanced occasional speaking slot for Mr Farage at the EU talking shop which has no policy influence but gives Mr Farage a chance for a bit of grandstanding and populist posturing that he hopes will enhance his public persona in the UK. In summary there is a a lot in it for Mr Farage but absolutely no benefits to UKIP as a party.

The costs however are all UKIPs. It is a classic privatise the benefits and socialise the costs strategy. UKIP is now seen as a party that supports racists and xenophobes. This will be used to blow  UKIP out of the water at the next UK European elections. However by that time Mr Farage will I opine have jumped ship and at the next election, along with his Cabal, stand representing a pan-European party, the embodiment of Monnet's dream of a European nation. UKIP started on this path in 2009 with the Farage supported  selection and subsequent election of Marta Andreasen, an EU reformist, a non-UK national,  a non -UK resident who did not even meet UKIP's own criteria for MEP selection, as a UKIP MEP. At that point on the NEC Del, David and I knew the sell out was coming.

I am sure some UKIP MEPs are deeply unhappy about what is going on with the EFD. It is a complete betrayal of the ordinary members of UKIP who believe they are in a party that not only does not support the EU but is committed to getting us out of the EU. How much longer can these MEPs go along with this confidence trick? They should do the decent thing as Nikki did, join her, and put their principles and voters before supporting the EU for 30 pieces of silver.

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