Monday, 16 August 2010

EU students take good British students places at UK universities

'Thousands of straight-A students could miss out on university' is a front page headline in today's DT but no one is asking how many British tax payer financed non UK EU students are taking places at British Universities assisted as well by the student loans scheme. Loans to these non-UK students have a very poor repayment rate and things will worsen under the Cable's graduate tax scheme. Why? Because once these students have got what they want from the UK tax payer, their University education, they return to their home countries where the UK tax writ does not run.

Johnny Foreigner mainly applies to our best and oldest Universities. They are not interested in jumped up Technical colleges or teacher training colleges. Like many things connect to the EU there is a complete lack of transparency and obfuscation rules. I have tried to find out these figures at Oxford and got the response we don't keep separate figures for EU students they are lumped in with UK nationals who pay the minimum fees or in Scotland no fee at all unless English! It is indefensible but then so is much related to the EU. Its the true Euro Communist philosophy, what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine also and the UK government of all parties acquiesce.

We want the best students bleat the Universities but hold on they are British institutions funded by the UK tax payer to educate our children. Charity begins at home. Like many British sacred cow institutions, the police, schools and the GP system of poor but expensive health care it needs a good shake up.

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Anonymous said...

Dear Sir,
1/I do not believe you, that EU students do not pay for Universities in The UK.
English are too wise for that.
2/ When the best EU students are graduated from The UK University they do not go home. They stay and work in the UK. They are tax, benefits, pension payers.
It is simple brain drainage good for The UK not for the EU countries.
- Immigrant