Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Pearson resigns. Job done for the Tories

Having done his very best to help his Tory friends at the last General Election and at least deliver the boy David into Downing Street, Pearson has resigned as he is 'no good at party politics'. Well I think the Boy might take a different view and as Pearson is already in the Lords, reward Nigel with a peerage as well for services to the Conservative Party  if his back is up to sitting on the red leather.

At the last UKIP leadership election the members could have chosen a genuine UKIP candidate who had been in UKIP for many years and worked hard for the UKIP cause. But no, they followed Nigel's dictum and voted for a candidate, who had recently joined UKIP,  who according to Farage 'stood  head and shoulders above the rest'. What was not said is that this pre-eminence would be devoted to sabotaging the UKIP campaign and promoting the Tories, the party that took us in to the EU and has fixed us deeper in the EU at every opportunity and will continue to do so under the Broke Back LibCon coalition.

Compare the honourable and decent way Nikki and Alan Wood behaved with Pearson's support for the Tories. I hope the membership will have learned its lesson and when the leadership vote comes vote for a clean candidate of integrity who has had nothing to do with Nigel Farage.

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