Monday, 9 August 2010

UKIP needs a dose of democracy

At my first UKIP NEC meeting I suggested that the policy of sending MEPs to Brussels was not delivering, and indeed had no possibility, of achieving UKIP's stated aim of the EU leaving the EU. This was howled down by the Fargistas Denny and Clarke MEP who was and still is on the gravy train. There was no debate as 'this had been settled a long time ago'. Well excuse me but if a policy is patently not delivering is it not time to revisit it and consider the alternatives?  Not in UKIP where there are many whose income now comes from the EU.

I found it incomprehensible for an avowedly EU withdrawal party to be based in Brussels, paid by the EU and toeing the EU rules to get EU money. Its the same sordid money grubbing reason why UKIP, an avowedly anti-racist party is now allied in the EFD to the racist Liga Nord, a party that was and is one of the prime supporters of the Lisbon treaty. What really concerns me is why debate on this issue has been shut down by the UKIP hierarchy.

The reason again goes  back to money to pay sycophants and party hacks. Farage rules UKIP through a set of placemen and women many of whom are paid on EU funds and those who aspire to an EU funded poat in Farage's gift. These funds are only available if UKIP obeys the EU rules. These rules are designed to break down nationalist parties and make them form pan European alliances and hence good Europeans whose loyalty is to their paymaster the EU and not to their country. Thus does Farage's control freakery harness UKIP to serve the EU's aims and betray those who vote for UKIP believing they are helping to get the UK out of the EU.

This is the British way of politics. Ask the LibDem footsoldiers who have seen their party manifesto policies dustbinned to put the bums of the Lib Dem hierarchy onto ministerial chairs. The Tories also feel betrayed by the Boy who now runs a government indistinguishable from Tony's, even down to its own Gord figure called Vince. As for the voters who Clegg admitted lying to, who cares. They can be safely ignored for the next 4 years until the next election.

One way out of this  undemocratic rule would be to restore democracy in UKIP. This could happen but not under Farage. The current UKIP ruling Cabal combines all the worst features  of LibLabCon with a leadership that is largely Tory party rejects. You cannot campaign against the undemocratic EU and at the same use these same EU practices in your own party to maintain your ruling clique in power..


Anonymous said...

Spot on as usual.
Our country is dying. The one party that could save it is drinking and partying itself to death in Brussels and Strasbourg.
Who can we turn to?


Eric Edmond said...


Watch this space. Some of us will try but its a tough struggle when the UKIP hierarchy is in the EU's pocket.We will fight on!

The Monger said...

Quite frankly, the number of decent UKIP Politicians that can be truly relied upon to fight the fight and not go sticking their snouts in the EU trough has diminished to such an insignificant number that one wonders if it wouldn't be better to just...start again. After all, even if it took another 2 Euro elections to get some decent MEPs in place we would be no worse off than we are with the present shoddy bunch of ne'er do wells.

Keep up the pressure, and keep up the writing!