Sunday, 8 August 2010

A good time to write on UKIP

I have been asked why I have started to write on UKIP again. There are a number of reasons. Principally there is a lack of news on Euroland economics, my favoured subject, caused by the Euro officials and politicos all being away for the whole of August, the grande vaccances as the EU calls it. In the UK its a similar story,the Edinburgh festival etc and as yet no one has been able to locate Mandy's holiday retreat! Its called the silly season when the media cast around for silly stories but I will surpass the mainstream media and write on UKIP.

UKIP's ruling Cabal illegally postponed the NEC elections that should have held in March and resulted in a new NEC for its early April  meeting for their own devious reasons, mainly I suspect to protect Pearson from well merited criticism of his appalling leadership and support of the Tories during the May General Election. So now we have NEC elections ongoing during the holiday season, another Cabal coup, with results due just as people return from holiday and just prior to UKIP's annual conference in Torquay.

My marking the NEC runners and riders card earlier this week seems to have triggered off some debate on the British Democracy Forum. This was my aim. Any debate that sheds even a little light into the murky inner workings of UKIP is a good thing. Denny, Septic and the rest of the Cabal spin machine will be obfuscating furiously and trying to block the day light from penetrating the inner sanctums of UKIP but hopefully it will still shine in through a few orifices for the illumination of the ordinary UKIP member.

I have been vastly amused to receive indignant responses from a number of the candidates along the lines, I am completely independent, I am my own man or Nigel Farage won't tell me what to do etc. Well as Mandy Rice Davies remarked about another political cabal, 'they would say that woudn't they!' Its all very predictable but it does betray an alarming naivete about how political power is exercised to control people like themselves.

Controlling ambitious people is child's play when you have in your gift what these wannabes want. In this case its being an MEP and/or getting on the EU gravy train. I pointed out the timing earlier of how these elections will fit into the next MEP selection cycle. In UKIP's case Farage controls the selection system  so he controls many of these ambitious UKIPers who are standing for the NEC.

As I have said I did not want to go on the NEC. Along with David, I was independent financially so Farage had no control over us and this annoyed him greatly! I did put my name forward for the MEP list but only to have one fewer ill qualified Faragista candidate on the list!

My father used to say you cannot con an honest man to which I add and you cannot control a man who wants nothing that is in your gift. So to all these UKIP NEC candidates I pose two questions.

Do you want to be a UKIP MEP?

Do you want to work for Farage's EU EFD group on an EU funded salary?

Both of these are in Farage's gift and puts you under his control for the next 4 years.

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