Saturday, 7 August 2010

UKIP's Double Standards

The EU bureaucrats deliberately frame their regulations and laws in an ambiguous way so to leave power in the hands of the official who issues the EU edict or decision. Thus the EU interprets rules for its friends and applies them to its enemies. Thus it is with UKIP also. Our MEPs have at least learned something from their boozing, troughing and whoring in Brussels. Remarkable what you can pick up from a hot boar's head as Dr Spooner remarked one night in Balliol.

Del was thrown out of UKIP by Nuttall under a completely false allegation that he was a member of UK First. He was no such thing and anyway how many UKIP members are also members of the Conservative party? Should they not also be ejected? Well No, judging from the recently acquired Euro standards of Mr Nuttall  who interprets UKIP rules differently for different people.

David was thrown out for having made a donation while in the US to an American organisation, as Obama might say, that subsequently turned out to have links to the BNP. What is worse Farage knew about this when David was elected to the UKIP NEC and interpreted UKIP rules in David's favour. Later when NF found out that David could think for himself, unlike most of the NEC, Farage decided to apply the rules to David and out he went.

Thus it was also with La Andreasen who when she was put on the UKIP MEP slate in two regions while not even a UKIP member. A helpful associate membership status was found for her and other awkward rules waived for her by the ever helpful, absent Mr Gill.

Martin Haslam was ejected for speaking to a journalist Farge had set him up with!

I was ejected for agreeing to go along with a wide held members view and proposal that given Ganley's successful campaign in Ireland against the Lisbon Treaty and Farage and the Cabal's complete lack of effort to oppose Lisbon in the UK it might be worthwhile looking at some sort of electoral alliance with Gabley's Libertas. But Ganley is an EU reformist squealed the Cabal! You are a traitor not following UKIP policy! Well Andreasen was also on record as being a reformist and she was waived through.

When Farage and the rest of the UKIP MEPs got to Brussels who did NF ally himself and UKIP with but the racist Liga Nord for money. Strange I thought UKIP was a non-racist party and David had been kicked out for unknowingly once getting associated with a US racist party!

Worst of all Farage's chosen leader Pearson was sent out to the TV studios and hustings urging some UKIP Parliamentary candidates to stand down in favour of Pearson's Tory friends. Admitting he did not know what was in the UKIP manifesto ie he did not know UKIP policy in some areas. He went out canvassing for the Tories in some areas and also managed to alienate almost every Moslem in the UK. Well with a leader like that is it any surprise UKIP bombed at the election despite the still huge anger over MP's expenses.

No, there is only one rule in UKIP, do what Nigel says irrespective of UKIP policy and any other scruples you may have. Otherwise you will be smeared by the UKIP attack dogs and kicked out.

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