Thursday, 26 August 2010

UKIP needs a leader in the UK not a Brussels MEP

I might add to the title that members of the House of Lords or looney aristos will be no good either. They are too out of touch with the voters.! Apply these filters to the possible runners and riders and you are left with Tim Congdon and me!

Guido Fawkes ran an interesting piece yesterday on his blog entitled Nepotism, the oldest and most basic form of petty corruption. He then proceeds to list the 25 current MPs employing members of their own family on public funds. Its the same in UKIP with Farage employing his wife on EU funds and Bloom allegedly has a niece working for him.

Even more worrying are stories that both Farage and Bloom are quietly claiming lavish second EU pensions at a time when pensions in the UK for ordinary people are being cut and in some cases eliminated altogether. UKIP cannot be run by a group of MEPs that have a huge financial interest in supporting the EU to increase their income and benefits far in excess of that available to the ordinary UK voter.

The EU are carrying on raising their administrative budget. The DT today reports the EU is defying our PM, the boy Dave, and increasing its budget by 8% over the next three years Cuts? Not here in Brussels. Its not just the NHS budget thats ring fenced! And what has the Boy done? Err.. well nothing just like the Lisbon Treaty. In the same DT edition another headline relates how anger continues over MP's expenses.

UKIP needs a leader who will be resident in the UK and in touch with the UK electorate not the bars and restaurants of Brussels. The coming crisis in the EU which will affect us in the UK is the debt crisis. The spread over bunds of  Greek bonds is now 9.4%. Their interest rates are over five times the German rates. The tourist season has not been a great success and soon the major cities of Greece, Athens, Salonika, etc will be full of young people back from the island holiday resorts with a lot less money than last year. There will be huge trouble this Autumn and it will spread to the rest of Club Med.

Given this is a huge financial crisis how can UKIP exploit it to help get us out of the EU, Well as a start elect a leader who knows and understands monetary economics. None of our MEPs have any expertise in this field only Tim Congdon and I know the difference between an EONIA swap and a SONIA swap. We are the only two credible candidates and  neither of us are financially beholden to the EU in any way so we will always put our country before our non-existent EU pension.

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Derek Smith said...

If UKIP were using its MEPs to 'dish the dirt' on the EU and if UKIP were using the MEP incomes to finance the objective of getting the truth to the public, then fine - keep them there, but as this is not the case, then UKIP should ditch its MEPs - sack them and take back the moral high ground - get out of the paymasters pocket...