Thursday, 26 August 2010

UKIP's dirty tricks - an incomplete list

As it seems a UKIP leadership election will be called and as I am considering running I think it is time to list some of the dirty tricks that I have experienced of and their perpetrators. They are in no particular order.

In Autumn 08 at the request of  Ian Proctor, a SWCC member, I agreed to do a test run of their video capabilities for the forthcoming election. Doug Dawson did all the very good video, sound and editing. So I went down to Lexdrum and recorded three unscripted  talks, entitled, "Why should we vote UKIP", "Stay out of the Eurozone" and "The Government is running out of money". All three were posted up on YouTube and were accessible via the UKIPSW web site and were generally well received with around 1000 hits each which I was quite surprised at given my little talks were given no publicity at all especially from UKIP!

I went back to check them sometime later and found they had mysteriously disappeared after I had been deselected as a UKIP MEP candidate. Someone in the UKIP hierarchy had ordered their removal because they showed Eric Edmond was a very good communicator and a real asset to UKIP, the words of branch members not mine.

As I knew the dirty tricks UKIP uses I had taken a copy of these videos and have managed to get two back up on YouTube.

Click on below to see the videos, judge my presentation and how prescient my financial forecasting was:

Government Money



I put these up now a number of UKIPers have said I am selling myself short. I have never been given a UKIP platform or a chance to give a prepared speech to a UKIP conference or branch other than my own. I do not expect to be so invited so please forgive my self promotion in this matter! UKIP only promotes those in or favoured by the Cabal especially those with titles.

In late September 08 I received a phone call from Nuttall re the scheduled UKIP NEC meeting for Monday 6th October and that a UKIP member, Mr Mottram wished to attend and address the NEC, and what did I think about this. I replied I did not know Mr Mottram but my attitude would have been the same for any UKIP member who put themselves to the inconvenience of travelling up to London to address the NEC. We should see any member and listen to what they had to say but make clear it would be for a short fixed time of 10 minutes.

I heard nothing more from Nuttall until just before the 6th October when he phoned again to say he had cancelled the meeting as people could not make it. I pointed out to him that David Abbott had arranged to take time of his hospital work to fly back from Oregon to attend this meeting and urged him to reconsider. He refused and offered no further explanation to me Del Young or David Abbott. Given the trouble and expense David had been put to offering him recompenses for his airfare was the least UKIP should have done in my opinion.

I have made several attempts as a UKIP member to join the UKIP members forum but my application has never been approved. Rob McWhirter, current NEC candidate, who lives in Zurich. He contacted  Arnott who is nominally in charge of the UKIP forum who asked me to submit yet another application. I did so and again nothing happened. Rob took it up with Arnott who admitted he had been instructed by Nuttall not to approve my application as the forum was only for 'members of good standing'. in UKIP. I did not know about this. I was never notified of my lack of standing. The decision seems to have been made by Nuttall and it could happen to any member of UKIP. There is no appeal against Nuttall's decision.

So there you have it UKIPers. You are a member of a party with two classes of member those Nuttall approves of and those he does not and you have no appeal! If it sounds like a dictatorship that is exactly what it is.

These are is only some of the dirty tricks used against me but Del suffered to with Harling being used to oust him from Young Independence. David had to put up with Farage's inane parrot cry of BNP, BNP, BNP. All to sick making for words given the neo-Nazi racists Farage is now allied to in the EFD group. UKIP is not a fair or democratic party. It has been hijacked by a self seeking Cabal. Only a new leader, permanently working for UKIP in the UK, untainted by Brussels and the Cabal can rescue UKIP. If not we must seek another option to get us out of the EU..


Derek Smith said...

UKIP is a puppet organisation created to collect those who would have the UK leave the EU and to safely neuter them - this it has done with ease since its creation by ensuring it is controlled by seeming morons (they are not, they are clever people in the pay of the EU).

You will probably never be allowed to stand for the position of leader, and if you do, and win, then you will be surrounded by sufficient of those faithful to the cause of keeping us within the EU such as to make your leadership utterly meaningless.

The EU OWNS UKIP - it is their creation, their manikin, their glove puppet. If you are allowed to win, you will simply have the questionable pleasure of having the puppeteers finger shoved up your bum and be made to dance with the others.

Alone in the cabal you can do nothing unless the majority of the NEC can be convinced to 'get off the finger' and dance to their own tune.

Do you really thing the EU are going to allow that ? ? How big do you think you are? How big do you think the EU are? We have been carefully 'sold up the river', do you really think the EU are going to let this billion pound cash cow escape ??

You have principles - do you think the EU have principles?

Greg L-W. said...


it is not so much the lack of competence that concerns me, there have been many periods in our history when incompetence has been the order of the day - it is the superfluity of filth in UKIP's leadership - only rivaled by their EU chums!

The corruption, fraud, racism, homophobia, anti Judaism and drunken womanising, open perversion, money laundering, bullying, defaming, insecurity, dishonesty, cunning, lack of integrity, betrayal, self seeking and self serving disregard for the members and they tell me Farage isn't the only one!